The Presets : Apocalypso

<img src="" alt=" " />Semi-psychotic Aussie duo cranks up the fury on their electro-charged second album. ...
The Presets - Apocalypso
7.8 Modular

 Techno meets disco in an all-out clash as Apocalypso mixes pure dance energy with a fighting spirit, making it one of the wildest electronic releases of the year.  Aggression and intensity are the name of the game, and The Presets force-feed it like good DJs shoulds.

Hypnotic doses of hard-edged synths and fiery vocals provide Apocalypso with a rabid nature that’s not fit for just any old dance floor.  The opening "Kicking and Screaming" is built by a heavy, crunchy beat and jagged synth riffs underneath Julian Hamilton’s authoritative voice.  "My People" carries on the theme with a saw-blade synth while "A New Sky" adds an extra element of bounce. 

Highlights of Apocalypso, though, are when The Presets channel the energy best – including the smartly popped-out jam "This Boy’s in Love" and the clever stutter effects on the hyper-kinetic "Talk Like That".  "If I Know You" is the smoothest jam on the album, and comes across with the greatest of ease.

There’s a massive 80’s influence on the band and this album, but The Presets effortlessly  incorporate the 90’s rave and 00’s electro scenes with it.  Apocalypso is mostly rough to handle, but on the smooth edges, it really shines as an electronic pop success.

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