While at New York City’s Electric Zoo, Butch Serianni, a.k.a. OddKidOut, talked with QRO about his new EP 'Weightless' and more....
OddKidOut : Q&A
OddKidOut : Q&A

While at New York City’s Electric Zoo (QRO recap), Butch Serianni, a.k.a. OddKidOut, talked with QRO about his new EP Weightless and more:

QRO: What is your favorite track of the Weightless EP and why? (It can be all of them)

Butch Serianni: It is hard to pick a favorite. They are great for different reasons.

“Thief”: I haven’t made anything that quite sounds like that track before or after, so it feels unique to me.

“Cloudy Stories”: I had the amazing opportunity of working with San Holo.

“Wish You Well”: It puts me in a happy mood.

“Apologize”: This one holds a special place as a departure from the bad things.

QRO: Are there any artists that you are looking to collaborate with?

BS: The list is long in terms of dream collaborators; I like to let things happen naturally but sharing knowledge with Pharrell would be cool, outside of music. 

QRO: Who gives you the energy to keep this production going?

BS: It is a combination of two things- this is what I do and it helps deal with the bad things in life.

In addition to that, making my parents proud is the goal. It is a necessity for survival and I am doing it for the people I love.

QRO: Ideal space(s) you enjoy playing in/creating music in?

BS:  Creating music at home gives a different feel in comparison to big studios and the bathroom breaks are a plus. I get surprised everywhere I go when playing live because people are there for the art and experience of the music.

QRO: What’s next for OddKidOut?

BS: More music, more shows, more collaborations, as well as continuing to be myself and interacting with anyone who comes my way.