Earlimart : Hymn and Her

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/earlimarthymnandher.jpg" alt=" " />The uniquely down-hearted duo shows a (relatively) more action-packed side on their fourth album....
7.7 Shout! Factory

 Featuring more layers of effects and more intricate rhythms along with their classic acoustic/piano focus, Hymn and Her is as much a tribute to themselves as anything.  They've mastered their own little corner of melancholy and expand outwards in a 90-degree motion of energy.  

Earlimart take the step out of their shells by adding new instruments and creating an upward spiral of energy from their baseline low-key ballads.  "Face Down In The Right Town" has a splash of lively brass that drives the extended groove, while orchestral woodwinds highlight Ariana Murray's vocals and light stroll on "Before It Gets Better".  "For the Birds" is one of the band's most engaging duets to date, as Aaron Espinoza's delivery is pointed and agile over a velvety, throwback pop track.  "Cigarettes and Kerosene" has a lively, organic rhythm while "Time For Yourself" is splashed with a sunny 70's vibe.  The band slathers Hymn and Her with a coy, and upbeat-but-not energy as well as introducing a handful of new sounds.

Hymn and Her is probably the band's most complex album, and heavily rewards the listener.  Mixing their patented smooth, somber tone with a renewed sense of inventiveness, Earlimart also produce what might be their most attractive effort as well.

MP3 Stream: "Before It Gets Better"

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