Dawn Landes – The Liberated Woman’s Songbook

Everything from the past is coming back, in ways good & bad....
Dawn Landes : The Liberated Woman's Songbook
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Dawn Landes : The Liberated Woman's Songbook

Everything from the past is coming back, in ways good & bad. Country/folk is as contemporary as it was a century ago, but it can also feel like civil rights struggles long thought won are having to be fought again. In the wake of the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and more, Dawn Landes picked up 1971’s The Liberated Woman’s Songbook, which contains songs of struggle dating back to union days & the suffragette movement, turning it into her own, intimate collection of anthems.

Like the title tells you, this is an album of protest for exploited women, both a lament and a call to action. The lyrics are also decidedly of the past, advocating such things as a woman’s right to vote or not be put in her place by a man, which might seem a little obvious, but tie that into movements more relevant to today, for rights & unions. Indeed, one of the strongest pieces on Songbook is the union anthem “Which Side Are You On?”, while “One Hundred Years” is both powerful & prescient (if too optimistic back then). What’s more, Landes has fashioned these songs into timeless country/folk that makes them connect to today’s great country woman musical wave.

“Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it” is the old line, but shouldn’t be forgotten, for it is true, and Dawn Landes reminds of the age-old lessons on the album for yesterday & today, The Liberated Woman’s Songbook.

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