Ride – Interplay

Hewing more to the shoegaze standard this time, Ride's 'Interplay' rather shows how the style shines....
Ride : Interplay
7.9 Wichita
Ride : Interplay

Ride’s initial heyday was during the short-lived nineties shoegaze boom in Britain, but in this century/millennium they’ve had a great resurgence, with 2017’s Weather Diaries (QRO review), 2019’s This Is Not a Safe Place (QRO review), and now Interplay. Hewing more to the shoegaze standard this time, Interplay rather shows how the style shines.

While Safe Place went on some journeys away from ‘strict shoegaze’, Interplay instead pushes the style to new heights. That’s literally so with their airy, hopeful “Last Frontier”, which comes after the great shining album opener “Peace Sign”. While Ride is roughly better on their brighter songs such as those two, the bolder push “Monaco”, and dreamy “Last Night I Went Somewhere to Dream”, they also deliver some darkness on Interplay, from the cry out “I Came To See the Wreck”, stark “Stay Free”, and slyer “Midnight Rider”.

Even if Ride also indulge in some pieces that were distinctly longer than necessary (another hallmark of shoegaze – and many other rock genres), Interplay is a great showcase for the band and their genre, bringing their own rise to now.

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