My Brightest Diamond : A Thousand Shark’s Teeth

<img src="" alt=" " />Shara Worden's second album under her alter-ego showcases some truly elegant, artistic chamber-pop.  ...
7.8 Asthmatic Kitty

A Thousand Shark’s Teeth has an aura of magnificence, as orchestral swoons and old world drama cover the album.  Mixing four-star rock, jazz, lounge sounds, My Brightest Diamond deliver an amazingly classy album. 

The album kicks off with the sleek electric guitar and string combo that leads Worden’s breathy, operatic voice into "Inside a Boy", which is actually little indication of the material come.  Beyond the quietly jazz-influenced sound that runs along A Thousand Shark’s Teeth spine is a velvet glove of creativity that puts the album on a higher plane. "The Ice & The Storm" is a tremendously cool future-lounge bounce, "Apples" is a shiny, pseudo-electronic shuffle, and the swaying "Black & Costaud" recalls WWII-era Europe.

Soft sophistication is the foundation of A Thousand Shark’s Teeth, and My Brightest Diamond give a highly stylish performance.  It shouldn’t be missed. 

MP3 Stream: "From The Top Of The World"

{audio}/mp3/files/My Brightest Diamond – From The Top Of The World.mp3{/audio}

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