Shearwater : Rook

<img src="" alt=" " />The band's fifth album is a journey down a lost highway thanks to haunted vocals and operatic riffs. ...
Shearwater - Rook
8.0 Matador

Movements ebb and flow at the drop of a dime as the band’s pastoral, yet overall powerful, blend of rock is hard to take an ear off.  Rook is yet another impressive addition to the band’s inspired collection.

The spectacular mood of the album is defined immediately from the first notes of Jonathan Meiburg’s serenade on "On The Death Of The Waters".  After it, the opening track, swoops through clouds and fog, the second track, "Rooks" displays a more even-keeled, but equally effective, groove.  "Leviathan, Bound" is a glistening, lightly percussioned ballad that blends elegant strings with homespun guitars and Meiburg’s soaring vocals.  "Home Life" is a melancholic anthem at over seven minutes, "Century Eyes" is a highly passionate romp, and "The Snow Leopard" evolves from a quiet piano track to a crashing epic.

With slow-moving, powerful rhythms and a near-perfect sense of drama, Rook is a dark, highly emotional album with no shortage of presence.  Through Jonathan Meiburg’s uniquely lush vocals and the band’s rich, orchestral sound, Shearwater present a deeply artistic collection of opera-rock.

MP3 Stream: "Rooks"

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