White Lies : Death EP

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/whiteliesdeathep.jpg" alt=" " />In the run-up to their anticipated debut full-length, <i>To Lose My Life Or To Lose My Love</i>, U.K.’s White Lies release <i>Death EP</i>. ...
7.8 Geffen

White Lies : Death EPIn the run-up to their anticipated debut full-length, To Lose My Life Or To Lose My Love, U.K.’s White Lies release Death EP.  Formed when indie-pop band Fear of Flying changed their trajectory, White Lies has already garnered a lot of interest in their native Britain, as well as in America.  While they follow in the neo-New Wave vein of such twenty-first century acts as Editors (QRO album review) and Interpol (QRO album review), they’re also all their own.

Of the four tracks on Death, two are original pieces, the title track and “Black Song”, and both are strong.  “Death” is a dark, grand, New Wave epic that puts White Lies on the map, while “Black” takes that approach and adds in a little more emotion and expression.  The two songs are similar enough to lay the groundwork for the band, without playing as a one-trick pony.  The b-sides to Death are two remixes of the titular number by dance/electronica acts, one Crystal Castles, the other Haunts.  Both are fairly standardized remixes, but the Crystal Castles one stands out as clearly superior to the Haunts.

While signing to a major label like Geffen does mean that To Lose My Live Or To Lose My Love will get made (if Guns ‘n’ Roses can put out Chinese Democracy, anything is possible…).  But it also means we will have to wait to see the promise of Death fulfilled.

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