The Hives

<img src="" alt="The Hives : Live" />When ringleader/lead singer/amateur gymnast Pelle Almqvist asks you a question there's is only one answer - "The Hives!" ...
The Hives : Live
The Hives

Walking down West 56th Street towards Terminal 5 a crowd of young men rushed past like the wind singing “Wait a Minute” to each other, weaving in and out of other pedestrians, bouncing off guard rails, jumping over fire hydrants and other small obstacles, before disappearing into the venue.

Pelle Almqvist, not sitting

The three-tiered venue (QRO venue review) was full and buzzing with excitement.  Fortunately for fans in New York Terminal 5 has a bit more room than the intimate space – the Studio at Webster Hall (QRO venue review) – that they played at back in April for MTV.  Once the music started, the crowd did not stop moving until the ringleader/lead singer/amateur gymnast Pelle Almqvist told them to, “participate in an old heathen ritual called sitting down.”  When Almqvist tells you to sit, you sit, and when he asks you a question there’s is only one answer – “The Hives!”

The Hives

The HivesThe HivesTheir set list (QRO photo) ranged through their entire catalogue of albums including  “Come On!” “1000 Answers”, “Patrolling Days”, “Wait A Minute”, “Go Right Ahead”, and “My Time Is Coming” off their most recent release, Lex Hives (QRO review).  At this point in their career one must accept that you may never see all your old favorites live, but can still admit they are one of the best bands you’ve ever seen. 

Pelle AlmqvistAlthough their fifteen-song set seemed a bit short on The Hivespaper, it seems totally reasonable when the equation of spin kicks + beer + attire (full tuxedos with tails) is considered.  After their encore it was surprising that there wasn’t a proper wet t-shirt contest since everyone was soaked.  With that much fun, and adrenaline bouncing around at the speed of light everyone was lucky they only sweated and didn’t just explode.

The Hives

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