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<img src="" alt="The Raveonettes : Observator" /><br /> Have we heard this before? The Raveonettes’ latest release Observator is nothing really to observe....
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The Raveonettes : ObservatorHave we heard this before?  The Raveonettes’ latest release Observator is nothing really to observe.  Now that is not to say that the album does not have great tracks on it, however the pop-fuzz ‘50s sound that the group has mastered seems to have kept the band confined within their own style.  Even though The Raveonettes are not pushing musical boundaries with Observator they easily create sad, heartfelt soundscapes that can at times be uncomfortable yet uplifting.

Lyrically, Observator continues to tell the same stories of pain, suffering and confusion caused by lost loves or bye-gone grievances.  The album opens with the distant “Young and Cold”, a song about being alone and searching for the perfect connection while simultaneously ruining any relationships that do happen to come along.  The tales of darkness continue with tracks like “Sinking In the Sun” and “Till the End”, which are all laced with Sune Rose Wanger’s dreamy, shoegazing instrumentation.

Wanger and Sharin Foo have not changed the formula nor have they added any flair.  Pretty In Black at least paid homage to their influences by inviting contributing artists Ronnie Spector and Maureen Tucker.  2009’s In and Out of Control was co-written and produced by Thomas Troelsen and explored a whole new side of writing for the fuzz-pop duo.  These missing extras have The Raveonettes writing their ‘back to the basics’ album.

The Raveonettes have mastered their sound and they can certainly write catchy pop songs.  “Observations” and “She Owns the Streets” were released as singles and one would go one further by adding “You Hit Me (I’m Down)” to the single release list.  The song contains all the elements that make The Raveonettes who they are: fuzz, catchy hooks, a trying lyrical story and a raw and emotional chorus.  Observator is not a sit down and enjoy album but there are a few gems to add to your heavy rotation list.

The Raveonettes – You Hit Me I'm Down

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