SXSW 2024 Preview – Friday

Thank god it's Friday at SXSW....

Austin’s massive South-by-Southwest returns, the Music portion running Monday-Saturday, March 11th-16th. Check out all the music, from official to unofficial, free to RSVP, and more, including recommended:

(official unless otherwise noted)

Thank god it’s Friday at SXSW.

The 13th Floor, 711 Red River St. (free)
Slane Irish Whiskey/Third Man Records/Creem
3:35pm – Nabihah Iqbal
2:45pm – Dust
Being Dead
The Infinity Ring

ABGB, 1305 W OLTORY ST. (free)
Yard Dog
2:00pm – Buttercup
3:00pm – Deano & Jo
4:00pm – Bright Shiners
5:00pm – Bob Schneider
6:00pm – William Harries Graham
7:00pm – Ocotillo
8:00pm – The Silos
9:00pm – Jon Langford & The Far Forlorn
10:00pm – Wild Seeds
11:00pm – Waco Brothers

Austin Visitor’s Center, 602 E 4th St. (free)
12:00pm – Lindsey Rose Black
2:00pm – shimmer island

The Ballroom, 2906 Fruth St. (unofficial)
Born Losers
5:00pm – Bloomsday
Good Looks
Mel Bryant
Merce Lemon
A.I. West
Subsonic Eye

Batch Craft Beer, 3220 Manor Rd. (unofficial)
First Date Touring/Keeled Scales
2:00pm – Susanna Lee
3:00pm – Avraham
4:00pm – Paul Klemperer
5:00pm – Aaron Elias
6:00pm – David Schaefer

British Music Embassy at Sheraton (Downright Austin) Backyard, 710 E 10th St.
2:40pm – James Smith
3:20pm – Eleni Drake
4:00pm – HighSchool
4:40pm – Until The Ribbon Breaks
5:20pm – Chartreuse

C-Boy’s Heart & Soul (Indoor Stage), 2008 S Congress Ave. (unofficial)
1:30pm – West Texas Exiles
2:45pm – Tommy Stinson
4:00pm – The Tender Things
5:15pm – Scrappy Jud Newcomb
6:30pm – Theo Lawrence

C-Boy’s Heart & Soul (Outdoor Stage), 2008 S Congress Ave. (unofficial)
1:00pm – Rosie Flores
2:15pm – Calder Allen
3:30pm – John Doe Folk Trio
4:45pm – CC Adcock & The Lafayette Marquis with very TBA Tommy McLain
6:15pm – Alejandro Escovedo

Central Machine Works, 4824 E Cesar Chavez St. (unofficial)
Spaceflight Records
Big Hill
SI Houser
Anastasia Hera
Otis Wilkins
Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band
Jank Sinatra

Cheer Up Charlie’s, 900 Red River St. (Stereogum Stage) (RSVP)
The Armed
4:30pm – Horse Jumper of Love
Kassa Overall
Tomato Flower
Dirt Buyer

Cheer Up Charlie’s, 900 Red River St. (Partisan Stage) (RSVP)
Partisan Records
Lip Critic
Body Heat
Angélica Garcia
YHWH Nailgun

The Cherrywood Coffeehouse, 1400 E 38 1/2 St. (free)
2:00pm – Willowspeak
3:00pm – Frail Talk
4:00pm – His His
5:00pm – Echo Kid
6:00pm – Elly Kace Duo
7:00pm – deegie
8:00pm – Heather Bishop Band

citizenM, 617 Colorado St.
6:00pm – Taija Kerr

Colton House Hotel, 2510 S. Congress Ave. (RSVP)
Meanwhile In Music
12:00pm – Creekbed Carter Hogan
1:00pm – Secret Emchy Society
2:00pm – Ever Most Nest
3:00pm – Paisley Fields
4:00pm – Jared Deck
5:00pm – Austin Lucas
6:30pm – TBA

Community Concerts at Lady Bird Lake, Riverside Dr. & S 1st St. (official/free)
Funk Not Fight 4 Austin Take Over!
3:00pm – Riders Against the Storm
4:00pm – Zapp featuring Bootsy Collins (New Single Release)
5:50pm – Bootzilla Records

The Coral Snake, 1910 E Cesar Chavez St. (RSVP)
Paste Magazine
12:00pm – Britti
12:40pm – Fat Dog
1:20pm – Bar Brothers
2:00pm – Mamalarky
2:40pm – David Shaw
3:20pm – Dead Tooth
4:00pm – Luther Dickinson
4:40pm – City of the Sun
5:20pm – Georgia Gets By
6:00pm – Fust

Distribution Hall, 1500 E 4th St. (unofficial)
12:00pm – Sibling Rivalry
3:00pm – RedHanded
6:00pm – Bad Friends x The Basement Yard

Empire Control Room, 606 E 7th St.
3:00pm – Hinako Omori
4:00pm – Bubble Tea and Cigarettes
5:00pm – Mong Tong
6:00pm – HIEN

Empire Garage, 606 E 7th St.
2:30pm – Ako(a子)
3:30pm – Pony Girl
4:30pm – Lo Moon
5:30pm – Chih Siou

End of an Ear Records, 4304 Clawson Rd. (free)
4:00pm – Teethe

Fairmont, 101 Red River St.
5:00pm – Altameda
5:00pm – PEGGY
6:00pm – Hembree
6:00pm – IZARO

The Far Out Lounge, 8504 S Congress Ave. (free)
Henry Invisible
Dub Equis
Ben Buck
Chilldren of Indigo
Black Sheep Optimists
Kimono Reeves
College of Hip-Hop Knowledge
Mista Mozes
Olivia Komahcheet
Wook Wizard
Seth Celdran

Flamingo Cantina, 515 E 6th St.
Full Irish Breakfast
12:00pm – Conchúr White
12:35pm – Robert Grace
1:10pm – Mick Flannery
1:45pm – Gavin James
2:20pm – Soda Blonde
2:55pm – Cardinals
3:30pm – Chalk
4:05pm – Gurriers
4:40pm – NewDad
5:15pm – Sprints

SXSW may not occur on St. Patrick’s Day this year, but Full Irish Breakfast still has you covered.

Full Circle Bar, 1810 E 12th St. (free)
Craig Marshall
Sierra Vernon
Kristen Taylorb
The East and The Crow
The Cove
Ethun Hawk
Johnny Fury
Calmer Seas
Social Dissonance
Sean Barna
The Et Ceteras

Geraldine’s, 605 Davis St. (unofficial)
10:30am – Ethan Tasch
10:50am – Matilda Marigolds
11:10am – Tamera
11:30am – Benjamin Walker
11:50am – Ashley Kutcher
12:10pm – Choszn
12:30pm – Kylie Frey
12:50pm – Baby Fisher
1:10pm – Britti
1:30pm – Courtney Patton
1:50pm – Swamp Dogg
2:10pm – Jhariah

Hi-Hat Public House, 2121 E 6th St. (free)
Dd Dagger
Glue Trap
Dd Island

High Noon, 2000 E Cesar Chavez St. (RSVP)
Paste Magazine
12:00pm – Hinds
12:40pm – Shower Curtain
1:20pm – They Are Gutting a Body of Water
2:00pm – Allegra Krieger
2:40pm – TBA
3:20pm – Rose Hotel
4:00pm – Waterbaby
4:40pm – Bad Bad Hats
5:20pm – The Deslondes
6:00pm – Squirrel Flower
6:30pm – Cuffed Up

Hilton, 500 E 4th St.
5:00pm – Jaimee Harris
6:00pm – Ellis Bullard

Hotel San Jose, 1316 S Congress Ave. (free)
1:00pm – Wishy
2:00pm – Girl and Girl
3:00pm – The Belair Lip Bombs
4:00pm – Jobi Riccio
5:00pm – Lamont Landers
6:00pm – Madi Diaz
7:00pm – Sinkane
8:00pm – Golden Dawn Arkestra

Hotel Vegas, 1502 E 6th St. (RSVP)
Austin Chronicle
Cactus Lee
Grace Sorensen

Hyatt Regency, 208 Barton Springs Rd.
5:00pm – néomí
6:00pm – The Beatbox Collective

Icenhauer’s, 83 Rainey St. (free)
Gillian Jean Creative
12:00pm – Bathe Alone
1:00pm – Brie Stoner
2:00pm – Colatura
3:00pm – Guyville
4:00pm – Housewife
5:00pm – Chief Cleopatra
6:00pm – Tameca Jones
7:00pm – Remy Reilly
8:00pm – Noah Vonne
9:00pm – Ask Carol
10:00pm – SISI
11:00pm – Party Nails

International Day Stage, 611 E 6th St.
2:00pm – ASHY
3:00pm – IZARO
4:00pm – A’Rise (Sun-El Musician, Kay Faith, Kooldrink)
5:00pm – Boy With Apple
6:00pm – Hause Plants

KMFA Radio, 41 Navasota St.
Qobuz Sessions
12:00pm – Allegra Krieger
1:30pm – Cosmo Pyke
3:00pm – Sinkane
4:30pm – Maria Chiara Argirò

Lazarus Brewing Co., 1902 E 6th St. (free)
Music For Listeners
12:00pm – TBA
1:00pm – Bad Bad Hats
2:00pm – TBA
3:00pm – Lady Apple Tree
4:00pm – Noah & The Loners
5:00pm – The Cavves
6:00pm – Wet Dip

Love Wheel Records, 2105 Justin Ln. (free)
Jimi Calhoun
Casper Rawls
Chris Searles

Lucille Back Yard, 77 Rainey St.
BIGSOUND Brunch/Sounds Australia
11:15am – Alexander Biggs
12:00pm – Bones and Jones
12:45pm – Asha Jefferies
1:30pm – Yb.
2:15pm – Carla Geneve
3:00pm – Miss Kaninna
3:45pm – Forest Claudette
4:30pm – Folk Bitch Trio
5:15pm – Alice Ivy
6:00pm – Sycco

Lucille Front Yard, 77 Rainey St.
Sounds Australia
2:40pm – Elle Shimada
4:10pm – Ivoris
5:40pm – Flewnt & Inkabee

Meanwhile Brewing Co., 3901 Promontory Point Dr. (free)
Out by South East
3:00pm – Dead Leaf Echo
3:50pm – vvvooollluuummmeee
4:40pm – Swallow the Rat
5:30pm – Population II
6:20pm – Coach Party

Mohawk Indoor, 912 Red River St.
3:00pm – The South Hill Experiment
4:00pm – Gel

Mohawk Outdoor, 912 Red River St.
12:30pm – Gareth Donkin
1:30pm – SPRINTS
2:30pm – Fcukers
3:30pm – Provoker

Neon Grotto, 318 Colorado St. (free)
Good Taste
Bob Armstrong
Colton Cameron
Kai Castro

Parish, 501 Brushy St. (official or RSVP)
12:40pm – Cactus Lee
1:30pm – Pelvis Wrestley
2:20pm – cumgirl8
3:10pm – Kiwi Jr.
4:10pm – BALTHVS

Radio Day Stage in Ballroom A, 500 Cesar Chavez St.
12:00pm – Corridor
1:00pm – Dry Cleaning
2:00pm – Brittany Davis
3:00pm – Shannon and the Clams

Radio East, 3504 Montopolis Dr. (free)
1:00pm – Font
2:00pm – Faux Real
3:00pm – BODEGA
4:00pm – Hinds
4:30pm – Dry Cleaning

Shangri-La, 1016 E 6th St.
German Music @ SXSW BBQ
1:00pm – Meagre Martin
2:00pm – Willow Parlo
3:00pm – LIE NING
4:00pm – orbit
5:00pm – ÄTNA

Shiner’s Saloon, 422 Congress Ave. (unofficial)
3:00pm – Bathe Alone

The Side Bar, 602 E 7th St. (unofficial)
Jumpstart 16
12:10pm – Perennial
12:30pm – Cuffed Up
1:00pm – Proper.
1:30pm – Maura Weaver
2:00pm – Greg Freeman
2:30pm – Coach Party
3:00pm – Miranda & The Beat
3:30pm – Nite Music
4:00pm – Jad Fair
4:30pm – The Pretty Flowers
5:00pm – Themm!
5:40pm – TBA
6:10pm – Near Beer

Soho House, 217 E 6th St. (unofficial)
Diggin’ Thru the Crates
1:30pm – West 22nd
10:30pm – bad tuner

Soundspace at Captain Quack’s, 5326 Menchaca Rd. (unofficial)
Howdy Gals/Guayaki
About You
Hey Cowboy
Babe Corner
Shallow Alcove

Still Austin Whiskey Co., 440 E St Elmo Rd Suite F (free)
New West Records
2:00pm – Emily Nenni
2:30pm – Travis Roberts
3:00pm – Color Green
4:00pm – Jesse Daniel
5:00pm – Pedal Steel Noah
6:00pm – Matthew Caws of Nada Surf
7:00pm – Pink Stones
8:00pm – Spencer Thomas
8:30pm – Elijah Johnston
9:00pm – Molecular Steve

Tellers, 607 Trinity St. (unofficial)
Planehouse Co.
A.R. The Mermaid
Jay Fizzle
Bobby Jean
Trap Beckham
Young Bo
Calliope Bub
Tre Davinci
Topnotch Swave
Raven Kangee
Sweet Poison
Jesse Rennix

Valhalla, 710 Red River St. (free)
High Waisted
Hause Plants
Daisy Rickman
The New Eves

Waterloo Records, 600 Lamar Blvd. (free)
1:00pm – Corridor
3:00pm – Oh He Dead
5:00pm – Dylan LeBlanc

YETI Flagship Store, 220 S Congress Ave. (free)
12:00pm – Maddy Davis
1:00pm – Jobi Riccio
2:00pm – Wilt
3:00pm – Chance Emerson
4:00pm – Zach Person
5:00pm – Michigander

The 13th Floor, 711 Red River St.
Synásthesie Festival / Dedstrange
8:00pm – Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys
9:00pm – Pons
10:00pm – THUS LOVE
11:00pm – YHWH Nailgun
12:00am – Tempers
1:00am – cumgirl8

Antone’s, 305 E 5th St.
New West Records
8:00pm – Luther Dickinson
8:45pm – The Howdies
9:30pm – Color Green
11:00pm – The Deslondes
12:00am – Emily Nenni
1:00am – The Pink Stones

Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater, 310 Willie Nelson Blvd.
Rolling Stone Future of Music
6:00pm – Disko Cowboy
7:50pm – Scowl
8:40pm – Dylan Gossett
9:40pm – The Red Clay Strays
11:00pm – Faye Webster

British Music Embassy at Sheraton (Downright Austin) Backyard, 710 E 10th St.
BBC Introducing
7:30pm – BODUR
8:10pm – Crae Wolf
8:50pm – SANITY
9:30pm – Harvey Whyte
10:10pm – Jeshi
10:50pm – Tamera
11:30pm – Jaz Dhami

Central Presbyterian Church, 200 E 8th St.
Houndstooth / MUTEK
7:55pm – Jason Voltaire
8:00pm – Moritz Simon Geist
9:00pm – JFDR
10:00pm – Hinako Omori
11:00pm – Aïsha Devi

Cheer Up Charlie’s, 900 Red River St. (Stereogum Stage) (RSVP)
Narrow Head
10:30pm – Rocket

Cheer Up Charlie’s, 900 Red River St. (Topshelf Booking) (RSVP)
Topshelf Booking
Squirrel Flower
Ekko Astral
Greg Freeman

Chess Club, 617 Red River St.
Ramp Local
8:00pm – GOLD DIME
8:50pm – babybaby_explores
9:40pm – Kolb
10:30pm – Frances Chang
11:20pm – Sarah Morrison
12:15am – Tomato Flower
1:10am – Godcaster

Continental Club, 1315 S Congress Ave.
Atomic Music Group
8:00pm – Courtney Patton
9:00pm – J. Isaiah Evans & The Boss Tweed
10:00pm – Hooks & The Huckleberries
11:15pm – Wonder Women of Country
12:15am – Kin Faux

Cooper’s BBQ, 217 Congress Ave.
8:00pm – Moon Walker
9:00pm – Brie Stoner
10:00pm – Swamp Dogg
11:00pm – Pylon Reenactment Society
12:00am – Star Parks
1:00am – Brandon McCulloch Band

The Coral Snake, 1910 E Cesar Chavez St. (free)
Slurp the World
Desert Sharks
Fading Yellow
A Very Special Episode
Subpar Snatch
Mikky & the Doom
Frida Kills

The Creek and the Cave, 611 E 7th St.
9:10pm – wilt
10:10pm – Miso Extra
11:10pm – Birthday Girl
12:10am – William The Conqueror
1:10am – Robert Grace

The Creek and the Cave Backyard, 611 E 7th St.
Nettwerk x GRRRL Music Backyard Bash
8:00pm – PEGGY
8:35pm – Sarah Klang
9:15pm – Bleach Lab
10:00pm – Bathe Alone
10:50pm – Bay Ledges
11:40pm – Wic Whitney
12:30am – Abby Sage
1:10am – Presence

Elephant Room, 315 Congress Ave.
8:00pm – Nick Finzer
9:00pm – Andrew Gould
10:00pm – ChihiroYamazaki+ROUTE14band
11:00pm – Graham Reynolds & The Golden Arm Trio
12:00am – Joseph Jevanni and iNtensity
1:00am – Chelsea Carmichael

Elysium, 705 Red River St.
Friends From The East Festival
7:30pm – Reality Club
8:20pm – Ivoris
9:10pm – FAZI 法兹
10:10pm – Mayuan Poet
11:10pm – Kroi
12:10am – Yayoi Daimon
1:00am – Ako(a子)

Empire Control Room, 606 E 7th St.
8:20pm – MEYY
9:20pm – Araya
10:20pm – Chloe Tang
12:20am – Arexibo

Empire Garage, 606 E 7th St.
7:00pm – Gliiico
8:00pm – Raaginder
9:00pm – Bryn
10:00pm – Alice Longyu Gao
11:00pm – 1300
12:00am – Audrey Nuna
1:00am – Se So Neon

Esther’s Follies, 525 E 6th St.
LICKS Magazine x Crosstown Concerts
8:00pm – Gurriers
9:00pm – Fat Dog
10:00pm – Viji
11:00pm – Coach Party
12:00am – Talia Goddess
1:00am – Dumb Buoys Fishing Club

Flamingo Cantina, 515 E 6th St.
SXSW Afrobeats
8:30pm – DOM
9:00pm – Bisa Kdei
10:00pm – Yung D3mz
10:45pm – DeanKelly
11:15pm – BM Casso, Millian, J’ray
12:00am – Kelvyn Boy
1:00am – A’Rise (Sun-El Musician, Kay Faith, Kooldrink)

The Grackle, 1700 E 6th St.
EQ Austin
7:00pm – Kalu James
8:00pm – Midnight Navy
9:00pm – Como Las Movies
10:00pm – Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band

Hole In the Wall, 2538 Guadalupe St. (unofficial)
Shifting Sounds
Swallow the Rat
Gentlemen Rogues
Magnet School
Black Books

Hotel Vegas, 1502 E 6th St.
Space Agency + The Nothing Song
7:00pm – Caleb Landry Jones
8:00pm – Astragal
10:00pm – BOLERO!
11:00pm – Corridor
12:00am – Kiwi Jr.
1:00am – Programmique

Hotel Vegas at Volstead, 1502 E 6th St.
Space Agency + The Nothing Song
7:00pm – Arielle Soucy
7:50pm – Le Couleur
8:40pm – Kiss Bang
9:30pm – Colatura
10:20pm – Shower Curtain
11:10pm – Arches
12:00am – MØAA
12:50am – Totalement Sublime

Hotel Vegas Patio, 1502 E 6th St.
Space Agency + The Nothing Song
7:30pm – Tagua Tagua
8:00pm – Worn-Tin
8:45pm – Spoon Benders
9:30pm – Annie Taylor
10:15pm – Population II
11:45pm – LSD and the Search for God
1:00am – Glue Trip

The Iron Bear, 301 W 6th St.
Big Picture Media
8:00pm – Smooth Brain
9:00pm – FOXCULT
10:00pm – Winona Fighter
11:00pm – PRONOUN
12:00am – Luna Aura
1:00am – Cassadee Pope

Kenny Dorham’s Backyard, 1106 E 11th St. (RSVP)
Kei Cheney
Brandi & The Alexanders

La Factoria, 422 E 6th St.
De Los
8:00pm – Nohemy
9:00pm – The Tiarras
10:00pm – BODINE
11:00pm – Pink Pablo
12:00am – Los Aptos
1:00am – Polo Gonzalez

Lamberts, 401 W 2nd St.
Overrun Booking
8:00pm – Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!
9:00pm – VAPERROR
10:00pm – Carrying
11:00pm – Laveda
12:00am – Julien Chang
1:00am – Bill Baird

Las Perlas, 405 E 7th St.
End of the Trail
8:00pm – Ellie Bleach
9:00pm – Holiday Ghosts
10:00pm – The Peevie Wonders
11:00pm – Minas
12:00am – Hollows
1:00am – Friedberg

Lefty’s Brick Bar, 1813 E 6th St.
7:00pm – Chinese American Bear
7:50pm – Elle Shimada
8:40pm – Forest Claudette
9:30pm – Adaline
10:20pm – CHAII

Low Down Lounge, 1412 E 6th St.
7:00pm – Tearjerk
8:00pm – HMS Morris
9:00pm – Adriana McCassim
10:00pm – chokecherry
11:00pm – Neptune’s Core
12:00am – The Rare Occasions

Knomad Bar, 1213 Corona Dr. (free)
Austin Tree Experts/The Windsor Park Music Series
Digger of Dirt
Snack Supper
The Side Saddles
Dogs & Diamonds
The Grotesques
Shaving Ryan’s Privates
Pipes & The Lounge Punks

Marlow, 700 E 6th St.
RnB Forever
8:00pm – DJ Mal-Ski
8:30pm – Dom B
8:45pm – Ketu
9:05pm – Phil J
9:35pm – frex
9:55pm – Jack Freeman
10:15pm – Luck
10:35pm – Tempest
10:55pm – Carvena
11:20pm – Byron Juane
11:50pm – Jai’Len Josey
12:20am – Susan Carol
1:00am – DJ Mal-Ski

Mohawk Outdoor, 912 Red River St.
The Noise Company
7:40pm – LCLS
8:10pm – K.Williams
8:40pm – Connor McLaren
9:10pm – Modern Love Child
9:40pm – Bite Me Bambi
10:10pm – Me Nd Adam
10:40pm – Brendan Benson
11:10pm – Ben Kweller
12:10am – Ash
1:00am – Los Yesterdays

Moody Amphitheater @ Waterloo Park, 500 E 12th St.
Billboard’s THE STAGE at SXSW
8:35pm – Estevie
9:40pm – Christian Nodal

Palm Door on Sixth, 508 E 6th St.
Figure It Out Agency Across The Board
7:40pm – Jennun
7:50pm – Rick From Texas
8:05pm – Diamante Perez
8:40pm – Los Bravos De La H
9:30pm – Danny Wolf
10:15pm – Vortxz
11:15pm – Bo Bundy (Host)
11:30pm – Giovannie & The Hired Guns
12:30am – 5.Slow

Palm Door on Sixth Patio, 508 E 6th St.
CareFreeBlackGirl Cookout
8:00pm – Amber Lang
8:30pm – Steph Ox
8:45pm – Jaxs
9:15pm – Ray$av
10:00pm – Lady Supreme
10:15pm – Baby Kahlo
10:45pm – JET THE 3RD
11:05pm – Chioke
11:45pm – FLWRSHRK
12:20am – MikMula
12:40am – QUANNA
1:15am – Ambre

Parish, 501 Brushy St.
8:00pm – Strange Joy
9:00pm – End It
10:00pm – Gel

Proper Hotel, 600 W 2nd St.
8:00pm – OSKA
11:00pm – breathe.

Revival Coffee, 1405 E 7th St.
7:00pm – Yung Ceo
7:15pm – 816Domo
7:45pm – T Wayne
8:00pm – Rizzoo Rizzoo
8:20pm – Splurge
9:00pm – Lil CJ KASINO
9:20pm – DJ XO (XO Think He Allat)
9:40pm – Sosamann
10:00pm – Erica Banks
10:20pm – Kirko Bangz
10:40pm – Propain
11:05pm – Sauce Walka
11:30pm – Z-Ro

Rozco’s, 1805 E 7th St.
Rhythm n Vibes
8:00pm – JEREL
8:05pm – ISSAMAU
8:25pm – Antonio Ramsey (Host)
9:00pm – Moody Bank$
9:30pm – Zay Johnny
10:00pm – Sophia Galaté
11:00pm – Jordyn Simone
11:30pm – Felix Ames
12:00am – Dee Gatti
12:30am – Dende
1:10am – Reggie Becton

Sahara Lounge, 1413 Webberville Rd. (unofficial)
Golden Dawn Arkestra
The Bright Light Social Hour
Walker Lukens
Sara Parigi

Saxon Pub, 1320 S Lamar Blvd.
8:00pm – Robert Cline Jr
9:00pm – Chuck Leah
10:00pm – Jon Dee Graham
11:00pm – Howler Honey
12:00am – Lizzie & The Makers
1:00am – Wolves of Glendale

Seven Grand, 405 E 7th St.
Fierce Panda x So Recordings
8:20pm – Wyldest
9:20pm – Noah And The Loners
10:20pm – Seasick Steve
11:20pm – The Manatees
1:20am – Gruff Rhys

Shangri-La, 1016 E 6th St.
Rocky Road Touring
7:00pm – Delores Galore
8:00pm – A Cloud of Ravens
9:00pm – Vision Video
10:00pm – Lorelei K
11:00pm – A Giant Dog
12:00am – Urban Heat

Shiner’s Saloon, 422 Congress Ave. (unofficial)
9:00pm – Spyres

Speakeasy, 412 Congress Ave.
-Pourri x Rolling Stone
7:00pm – Jimi Brass
7:50pm – Jada-Amina
8:40pm – Zach Person

Speakeasy Ballroom, 412 Congress Ave.
12:00am – Janelle Monáe aka DJ Johnny Jane
1:15am – RC Williams Jam Session featuring Durand Bernarr, Kam Franklin & Friends

Spokesman, 440 E St Elmo Rd. A2 (free)
7:00pm – Vorcha
8:00pm – At All Cost
9:00pm – Drip-Fed
10:00pm – Feed Your Body to the Void
11:00pm – DSGNS

St David’s Bethell Hall, 301 E 8th St.
The Luna Collective & Father/Daughter Records
7:00pm – Madeleine Mayi
7:50pm – Mia June
8:40pm – Asha Jefferies
9:30pm – mui zyu
10:20pm – Kaleah Lee
11:10pm – Limbo

St David’s Historic Sanctuary, 301 E 8th St.
7:00pm – Laura-Mary Carter
8:00pm – Holly Macve
9:00pm – Cecilia Castleman
10:00pm – TBA
11:00pm – Jack Harris

St. Elmo Brewing, 440 E St Elmo Rd. G-2 (free)
6:30pm – DGMA
7:30pm – Sudden Deaf
8:30pm – Full Contact
9:30pm – Band of Bastards
10:30pm – At All Cost

Stephen F’s Bar, 701 Congress Ave.
7:00pm – Cale Tyson
8:00pm – Native Harrow
9:00pm – Philip Labes
10:00pm – James Smith
11:00pm – Alexander Biggs

Stubb’s, 801 Red River St.
Easy Eye Sound
8:00pm – Jon Muq
8:45pm – Britti
9:30pm – Hermanos Gutierrez
11:00pm – Shannon and the Clams
12:30am – The Black Keys

Easy Eye Sound bring The Black Keys to Stubb’s for South-by-Southwest.

Swan Dive, 615 Red River St.
8:15pm – Arny Margret
9:15pm – Miss Kaninna
10:15pm – Lucky Lo
11:15pm – Alice Ivy
12:15am – Angélica Garcia
1:15am – Kassa Overall

Swan Dive Patio, 615 Red River St.
The Line of Best Fit
8:00pm – DBMK
9:00pm – waterbaby
10:00pm – Divorce
11:00pm – TBA
12:00am – HotWax
1:00am – Lip Critic

Valhalla, 710 Red River St.
Chicken Ranch Records
7:45pm – Justin Webb
8:20pm – Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5
9:15pm – JM Stevens
10:15pm – Broken Gold
11:15pm – Night Drive
12:15am – Caleb De Casper
1:15am – Peelander-Z

Vaquero Taquero, 603 Sabine St.
Dear Life Records
8:00pm – Little Mazarn
8:55pm – Jason Calhoun
9:50pm – Hour
10:45pm – Natalie Jane Hill
11:40pm – Styrofoam Winos
12:35am – Fust

The Velveeta Room, 521 E 6th St.
Selector Radio with Sian Eleri
8:00pm – Eleni Drake
9:00pm – Enola Gay
10:00pm – Chiedu Oraka
11:00pm – O.
12:00am – Nabihah Iqbal
1:00am – Porij

The Venue ATX, 516 E 6th St.
Beer n Tacos
10:45pm – BHM Pezzy
9:15pm – Getrichzay
10:00pm – Goldenboy Countup
10:15pm – E Chapo
10:30pm – Krispylife Kidd
8:30pm – lil.eaarl
9:45pm – Louie Ray
9:00pm – Runway Richy
8:45pm – Bubnyte
9:30pm – Bubby Red
11:00pm – 21 Lil Harold
12:00am – Trae Tha Truth
12:30am – Black Soprano Family

Victorian Room at The Driskill, 604 Brazos St.
Folk Alliance International
8:00pm – Paul McDonald
9:00pm – Alisa Amador
10:00pm – Crys Matthews
11:00pm – Anna Smyrk
12:00am – ISMAY
1:00am – Chance Emerson

Zilker Brewing, 1701 E 6th St.
7:00pm – Jade Marie Patek
8:00pm – Dale Hollow
9:00pm – Liam St. John
10:00pm – Joe King Carrasco

And a handy map of the participating venues: