Savoir Adore – Our Nature

<img src="" alt="Savoir Adore : Our Nature" /><br /> Savoir Adore make a nice stab at keeping their alt-country & indietronica marriage together, it doesn’t chime as pitch-perfectly, second...
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Savoir Adore : Our Nature


When Savoir Adore released their debut full-length, In the Wooded Forest (QRO review), in 2009, it was a welcome and refreshing combination of two hot alt-styles that needed some refreshing: alt-country and indietronica.  Since then, the two styles seem to have moved even further away from each – alt-country into stripped solo alt-folk, indietronica into bigger beats (and even dubstep).  And while Savoir Adore make a nice stab at keeping their marriage together, it doesn’t chime as pitch-perfectly, second time ‘round on Our Nature.

The sophomore LP does start out very well in opener “Dreamers” (which was released as a single in late 2011 on Neon Gold Records – QRO mp3 review), as the disco rhythm and sounds are bright and sweet like you want from bandleaders Deidre Munro (vocals/keys) and David Patrick-Molinari (vocals/guitar).  It and the following “Loveliest Creature” put charming naturalist spins on light ‘tronic tones & beats like had been found In the Wooded Forest.

However, from there Our Nature doesn’t deliver quite as well.  Pieces like “Imagination” and “Anywhere You Go” are nice, but not more than that.  The wash put atop “At the Same Time” isn’t terribly impressive.  And sometimes one of the twin elements is a bit off, such as the eighties synth tones to “Speed Bump” or grand vocals in closer “Sea of Gold”.  The record as a whole is also decidedly tilted more towards the electronic (“Regalia” is out-and-out disco), making it feel a little less special.

Savoir Adore are still an endearing band, and Our Nature is definitely still a likable record.  It’s just not quite as lovely a pairing as you’d once had.

Savoir Adore – Dreamers

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