Sarah Jaffe

Central Florida was unseasonably frigid, but things warmed up with Sarah Jaffe. ...

Sarah Jaffe

The seventh day of January brought to Central Florida unseasonably frigid temperatures dipping into the 30s.  However, cheap beer, flannel and the many beards in attendance were keeping things warm inside The Social in downtown Orlando.  After a very speedy sound check, Sarah Jaffe and her backing band launched into a thirty-minute set of carefully crafted folk songs, opening for Midlake.  Jaffe’s hushed vocals and sharp lyrics were nicely punctuated by her band’s multiple multi-instrumentalists, who would fit right in with the Elephant Six collective, as well as her own skills on the guitar and bass.  While the set wasn’t very long, it was hard not to feel completely embraced by Jaffe’s beautiful voice and the accompanying instrumentals.

The crowd was receptive and welcomed the band openly to the relatively full venue, which holds around 100 people.  This was, of course, with the exception of the one guy who thought it would be a good idea to make a phone call and speak loudly in between songs.  Jaffe’s banter was amusing, highlighted by mentioning that she would have loved to have gone to Walt Disney World while in town, but the eighty-dollar price tag kept her away, ‘Reading about the parks at a nearby rest stop would have to suffice.’   She left the stage to a warm ovation, in turn leaving a warm feeling in our freezing Floridian bones.

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