Rockwood Music Hall

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Rockwood Music Hall

Drug Rug

Rockwood Music Hall is located on 184 Allen Street, Manhattan, between E Houston and Stanton Streets.  It lays within the circle of venues in the Bowery (roughly between Houston, A, Delancey Street, and Bowery), which includes Piano’s, the former Cake Shop, Arlene’s Grocery, Mercury Lounge, Bowery Ballroom and others.

Rockwood Music Hall used to be three spaces, right next to each other on Allen, but now is just the main Stage #1.  The entrance is a phone booth-sized foyer that opens to the left.  The concert space is small, with an even smaller stage to the right – and made smaller by the piano on it (if a band has a drummer, they may have to set up on the floor).  Surrounding the stage are small tables and chairs, tightly packed and a little haphazard, giving a ‘coffee house’ vibe.  There’s some space to stand behind them, though that’s also the route to walk in the place.  The bar lies along the wall to the opposite of the entrance, from the street to the small entrance from the other space, and past that is a one-person bathroom.

Rockwood Music Hall is one of a group of low-end venues in the Bowery – small, lesser facilities, cheap drinks, etc.  In fact, it’s lower & smaller than Cake Shop, Piano’s, or even Living Room, to the point where virtually all shows there are free (though there is a sometimes-enforced drink minimum).  The ‘coffee house’ vibe & space naturally lends itself to singer/songwriters, but ones you’ve never heard of (save during CMJ, and even then, only somewhat).  And if there is someone people have heard of, the place gets packed.  Location & price might be right, but all else isn’t.

Capacity: 70



184 Allen Street (Between E Houston and Stanton Streets)

By Subway:

F train to 2nd Avenue – walk 1 block east to First Avenue/Allen Street, cross, turn right
F, J, M or Z trains to Delancey/Essex – walk 3 blocks west on North side of Delancey, 2 & 1/2 blocks north on East side of Allen

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Au Revoir Simone

Rockwood Music Hall

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