Oh No! Oh My! : Between The Devil And The Sea EP

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/ohnoohmybetween.jpg" alt=" " />With a cheerful sense of humor that boils over, the young Austin band's new EP is an instant relaxer....
6.8 Dim Mak

Oh No! Oh My! may have one of the sillier names around, but they back up that good feeling with a lo-fi jamboree sound that bounces them beyond pop into their own world.  The four-piece seemingly has a million versions of pleasant.

Between The Devil And The Sea EP's opening track, "Oh Be One", is a sincere, tongue-in-cheek track that glimmers with acoustic interplay and playful percussion while vocal harmonies send chills.  It's somewhat dark but not without hope.  "Our Mouths Were Wet" has a subtle organ-driven melody with various vocals taking turns before a romping beat and loopy organ riff take over.  "The Party Punch" ramps up the postivity more with an energetic acoustic strum that gets joined by "woo hoo/hey hey"s, spritely guitars, and plenty of vocal harmony.   Then it finishes with an emphatic shout-out showing off singer Greg Barkley's sustainability.  "The Bike, Sir" is a stripped-down, staccatoed shanty, while "The Pirate's Anthem" finishes off the EP with cool class as an acoustic ballad unfolding as a rolling, shipdeck shout mixed with a clever piano that mellows out the edge.

It's nice to have bands that can lighten our collective loads, and Oh No! Oh My! are differently in that category.  The swing and flow throughout Between The Devil And The Sea have the ability to loosen ties and lower blood pressure.  Through an impressive acoustic friskiness and spirited vocals, they can't help but make you feel younger.

MP3 Stream: "Oh Be One"

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