Mercury Lounge

Mercury Lounge is located on 217 East Houston Street, Manhattan, on the corner of Avenue A and Houston.  Starting just before 2018, Mercury Lounge (and nearby Bowery Ballroom) separated...

Mercury Lounge

Astari Nite

Mercury Lounge is located on 217 East Houston Street, Manhattan, on the corner of Avenue A and Houston.  Starting just before 2018, Mercury Lounge (and nearby Bowery Ballroom) separated from Bowery Presents and formed ‘Mercury East Presents’ with other fellow Live Nation venues Gramercy Theatre, Irving Plaza, and Warsaw.  It lies within the circle of venues in the Bowery (roughly between Houston, A, Delancey Street, and Bowery), which includes Piano’s, Arlene’s Grocery, Rockwood Music Hall and others (as well as Bowery Ballroom).

Mercury Lounge has a long, tight squeeze of a bar at the front, with the stage and audience area in a separate room, past the bar.  The stage area is still larger than expected, and generally a step up in terms of ‘class’.  The cushioned booth-couches that line both walls are nice, and do mean that people aren’t pushed right up against the walls.

The headliners at Mercury Lounge are often a form of indie-something, and usually have an album or two under their belts.  Often, however, it can be hard to tell who the headliner is, as the scheduling tends much more to the ‘on the hour’ than ‘headliner-opener’, with each band given the same time and the acts not necessarily getting bigger as the night goes on.  This means the band you’re there to see might come on first, last, or anywhere in between.  This tendency is only exacerbated by the habit of labels to use a Mercury Lounge show as an almost SXSW-like ‘showcase’, where an act plays to a much more industry crowd, and, especially on work nights, they don’t want to wait until eleven PM or midnight.  You do get more bands than at many other venues, often four or five, though they might have little to do with one another.  Also, sometimes there are two separately ticketed shows, an early & late.  But, punching above its weight in acts – both in size and number – and below its weight in cost (including beer), Mercury Lounge gives strong value.

Capacity: 250



217 East Houston Street (On the Corner of A Avenue and Houston)

By Subway:

F train to 2nd Avenue – walk 2 blocks east on South side of Houston
F, J, M or Z trains to Delancey/Essex – walk 3 blocks north on West side of Essex

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Chris Collingwood

Mercury Lounge

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