Jihae : Afterthought EP

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/jihaeafterthoughtep.jpg" alt=" " />Jihae delivers a soulful set of remixes on her more-than-an<em> Afterthought EP</em>....
7.2 Septem

 Jihae delivers a soulful set of remixes on her more-than-an Afterthought EP. The South Korean-born, U.K.-by-way-of-Nigeria & Sweden singer made a name for herself wherever she was with her debut album My Heart is an Elephant last year.  Now she packages four remixes from Elephant, along with a great new song, for the digitally released Afterthought EP.

The completely new “Simple Man” leads off the EP on a strong note, thanks to its techno-touch with a soul vibe that is familiar, yet new.  The same could be said for the four remixes, as each takes the original into a new atmosphere.  While “Do I Move Remix” goes perhaps too high into the heavens, the slow touch of “Faint Remix” and nice tech beat effects of “Black Pearl Remix” hold up well.  But best of the remixes has to be the finisher, “Cement Garden Remix”, thanks to its higher, almost indie-pop-tronic ways.

Having lived in so many places, it’s no surprise that Jihae has more than one take on things.  Afterthought EP is a nice, soulful, add-on to her body of work.

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