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In Cadeo: Making Our Graves What do you do when a new band puts out an album that sounds a lot like another, contemporary-but-established band that you really like?  Do you call them retreads, even though you like their songs?  Do you embrace it and just pretend the similarities aren’t there?  Or do you appreciate what you already like, but still look for something more?  Hopefully people will go with the last approach when they hear In Cadeo’s debut full-length, Making Our Graves.

The band that the New York-based In Cadeo harkens to is the also New York-based National (QRO live review).  The restrained, deep vocals from singer/guitarist Jared Scott (formerly of Demander) really feel like National singer Matt Berninger’s distinct baritone, and when a song on Making like “Communist Lecture”, “Ghosts”, or “Congregation” grows from sad swan to grand uplift, the parallels are unmistakable.  In Cadeo also didn’t help matters by bunching those three songs next to each other, right near the beginning of the album.

However, the first song on Making, “Lions”, has a relaxed, southern-sly rock attitude that comes to play again near the record’s end.  After a few miss-stabs in the middle, later pieces like “West” and closer “Missed the Point” marry the band’s near-National ways to that earlier rock styling, creating a way out of the comparisons with something new, while still retaining what you already like.

After the success of The National’s Boxer (QRO review), it’s kind of surprising that that sound hasn’t been heard more of, especially in New York (instead, for some reason, everyone wants to be the next MGMT – QRO live review – or No Age – QRO live review).  Moreover, similarities can easily be overplayed – you might never have even heard of The National when you first hear In Cadeo.  So enjoy what’s familiar about Making Our Graves while appreciating that it’s also pointing the way forward.

MP3 Stream: "West"

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