Groezrock 2013 Preview

It is April. It is not festival season you say? We beg to differ, and there is one festival that is out there to rock your sock...
Groezrock 2013 Preview

Groezrock 2013 Preview

It is April.  It is not festival season you say?  We beg to differ, and there is one festival that is out there to rock your sock off to kick start any festival season to a tee – GROEZROCK 2013, April 27th & 28th in Meerhout, Belgium.

Belgium’s Groezrock has managed to create the perfect kickass festival by uniting the very best in hardcore, punk rock, scream, ska, and emo in a massive celebration of the alternative scene.  But this isn’t just a collection of some teenage angst and overgrown fringes – Groezrock has a truly elite programme celebrating the best in alternative music.Rise Against

Groezrock was born out of the original idea of uniting local youth clubs to form a camping festival, and in its twenty-year history, Groezrock has grown to be one of the majorly recognized and celebrated festivals in Europe.  It’s clear to see that the reputation of the festival is outstanding by simply taking a glimpse at the extensive line up, with hardcore greats such as Black Flag and more recent celebrated artist Rise Against as headliners.  From artists who create history to those who laid the foundations as music as we know it, Groezrock is an essential part of ones musical education.

There is so much more to the festival than big names – sure, one could roll off and name drop artists such as TurbonegroPennywise, Hatebreed or Turbonegro to name a few, but Groezrock offers a platform for new artists on the Macbeth stage, ensuring the best new talent are able to showcase their talents, as well as extra special acoustic performances from Kristopher Row of The Ataris, Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits and Rival Schools fame, Rocky Votolato & Dave Home of The Loved Ones, and so much more.  Groezrock is diverse, unique, and bang on trend.  Whatever you are looking for, from veteran punk to hardcore kids, Groezrock offers it up.

From our experience, this isn’t a festival to be missed.  Groezrock not only has the very best artists of its genre, but also oozes a massively positive attitude, unparalleled by any other punk festival worldwide.  Kick start your festival season.  This isn’t to be missed.

Tickets are available on the official website for Groezrock Festival.


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