Gold Panda : Miyamae EP

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Gold Panda : Miyamae EP
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Gold Panda : Miyamae EP

With a digital-only (Before EP) and 7″ release under his belt, Gold Panda finally gets a proper release: his Miyamae EP.  While only three songs, it’s a tantalizing affair and hints at many nice things to come.

Remnisicent of the glossiness found on Prefuse 73 releases (see The Forest of Oversensitivity EP), Gold Panda neatly blends icy electronica with headphone hip-hop. On Miyamae, the opener “Back Home” cruises on a soft midtempo bounce while static, squeaks, and ebbing electronic effects drift by in waves.  A digital violin provides a nice riff as the four-and-a-half minutes effortlessly fly by.  “Mayuri” is more intense as it features a harder beat, flourished by some massive number of synthetic cymbals.  An ice palace effect is created through hollow, echoing effects as various other familiar dancetronic noises hurdle by.  “Long Vacation” is the most eccentric of the three with erratic glitches swirling around subtle percussion and comes off as far more cerebral than the others.

Gold Panda’s Miyamae EP is a little gem and all of its complexities shine.  The electronic world would be lucky to get a full album of tracks even remotely similar to these.

MP3 Stream: “Back Home”

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