Fenster : Bones

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/fensterbones.jpg" alt="Fenster : Bones" /><br /> Fenster is that kind of fascinating band where different cultures mix together. ...
Fenster : Bones
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Fenster : Bones Fenster is that kind of fascinating band where different cultures mix together; here it is Jonathan’s Berlin and JJ’s New York mashed up, creating surprisingly complaisant and united sound.  Their debut album – Bones – had been recorded in Jonathan’s basement studio in Germany with their friend and producer, Tadklimp, and took a little over a week.

The music could be characterised as dreamy, low-key kind of pop.  Loads of layers, uncanny use of distortions, pulsing electric organ, clattering tambourine, thumping percussion combine into one, wistful sound.  Yet there is one massively important factor missing – diversity.  With twelve songs on the album, there is too much cohesiveness to differentiate where one songs end and the other begins, which makes it sound like one 40-minutes-long piece. 

One the other hand though, with enthralling vocals about ghosts, vampires and other creatures and intimate, cosy sound they are full of potential.  Songs, like "Golden Boy", where the murmur of the sea, howling wolf and birdsongs substitute the soundtrack or the closing "Gespenster" with stripped-down instrumentals are intriguing to say at least.  Unfortunately by lack of high-paced intervals to speed the tempo up a notch, all of them blur together and it’s difficult to say where the album reaches its crescendo. 

According to their official site the band had not even played a live show at the time of recording.  Therefore right now they have focuses on touring; they had been to America and have planned European tour as well. 

MP3 Stream: "Fantasy II"

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