Chromeo : Live in Miami

<img src="" alt="Chromeo : Live" />A casual Tuesday night at the Fillmore on Miami Beach saw tons of people of all ages came to watch the electro duo...
Chromeo : Live

Chromeo : Live


A casual Tuesday night, September 20th, at the Fillmore on Miami Beach saw tons of people of all ages came to watch the electro duo Chromeo.  After waiting a little while for them to set up, Chromeo finally walked out on stage to booming bass, blinding flashing strobe lights, and of course they’re theme song chanting, “CHROMEO-OH-OH.”

They began their set with one of their most well known pieces, “Fancy Footwork”.  During the first couple of songs the crowd was very relaxed, but no one seemed to be having a blast just yet.  After about three or four songs in they took a small break to interact with the crowd, and talk a bit about their very own first show in Miami.  After Dave ‘Dave 1’ Macklovitch spoke a few words, they introduced the next song, which seemed to make things a bit more alive.  The more songs Chromeo, played the better their set became.

During “Tenderoni” is when things started becoming more active.  The crowd started chanting, dancing, singing along and even recording them on their phones. Dave 1had started playing the band’s small drum set, which they both loved playing through out the show.  Those drums really added a fresh live sound, and not to mention it was entertaining to watch Dave go crazy playing them and throwing drumsticks into the crowd.  The more songs they played, the more active and alive Chromeo became, which influenced the audience to let loose.  At one point Dave 1walked to the end of the stage towards the crowd and played his guitar inches away from fans, while Patrick ‘P-Thugg’ Gemayal jammed out in his area.  In the middle of the show there was a quick break where P-Thugg randomly started singing to the crowd in his auto-tuned voice, “What’s up Miami?”  It made us all laugh; it was good to know they have a sense of humor.

ChromeoOnce the music started again, they kept playing all of their hit songs such as “Needy Girl”, “Night by Night”, and then “Mama’s Boy”, which the crowd went crazy for when they heard the opening piano.  At the end of their show the crowd wanted an encore and let be known by singing Chromeo’s theme song.  Of course the group didn’t let their fans down; they came right back out and played the song I had been waiting for all night, “Don’t Turn the Lights On”.  After jamming out to that last song, they ended the night with paying a tribute to the late DJ Mehdi by performing his “I Am Somebody”, which they were featured on.  During that song Dave 1stepped into the crowd while singing and touched everyone’s hands, let people sing into the mic, and at one point took sunglasses off someone’s head, put them on and then kept them on!  If you thought he would return them, he never did; it was a quite shockingly funny.  Chromeo’s show was a fun experience and anyone who likes Chromeo to go watch them live sometime.  They put on a show that is hyper enough for you to dance, but calm enough for no one to get hurt in a mosh pit or anything of that sort.

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