<img src="" alt=" " />Chromeo's performance at Los Angeles' L.A. Live sparked News Year's Eve to an electrifying start. ...

Chromeo : Live

Chromeo’s performance at Los Angeles’ L.A. Live sparked News Year’s Eve to an electrifying start.  The fog machine and strobe lights cleared way for an hour-and-a-half set of electrico-funk, sending fans into dance frenzy.

Chromeo’s presence was marked by their keyboard stands of glowing manikin’s legs and David Machlovitch’s vibrant and crowd grabbing personality.  Their set consisted of pretty much every song from both She’s In Control and Fancy Footwork albums; sounding clean, crisp and to the record.  Chromeo’s set was a bit too long, as halfway through, one got it: they are great live performers. 


Patrick GemayelDavid MacklovitchOne would have to recommend seeing them live; as for a New Year’s celebration, it was more of a regular show.  The audience echoed Happy New Year’s to one another, yet the performers didn’t mention much of a decade celebration.

The opening act, Peanut Butter Wolf was a DJ set of an old-school hip-hop blends from Wu Tang, Tupac, Ice Cube etc.  Everyone knew the tracks as the beats struck chords of years past.


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