Supergrass : Diamond Hoo Ha

<img src="" alt=" " />Brit-rock vets re-expose their raw side with tremendous execution on their sixth album. ...
Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha
8.5 Astralwerks

Supergrass : Diamond Hoo HaBrit-rock vets re-expose their raw side with tremendous execution on their sixth album.  Largely full of high-powered, heavily distorted cuts, Diamond Hoo Ha freely spews energy while cruising on the band’s purely authentic swagger.  Every song has an attractive intensity while the band delivers some of their best pop, punk, and everything in between in years.

Supergrass’s knack for accelerated, catchy tunes has allowed them to produce albums that are as fire-eyed as they are polished.  Diamond Hoo Ha is perhaps their most complete collection to date, with tracks from head to toe sharing the same vigor while displaying a variety of Brit-pop/rock techniques.  The opener features a razor-sharp guitar riff and rust-covered stomp.  “Bad Blood” translates that sound into a more anthemic rock track before “Rebel In You” lets loose and becomes the album’s first pop gem.  “Return of Inspiration” is a squirrelly, but sparkling, pop ballad that owes a lot to its guitar hook & bouncing rhythm.  “Rough Knuckles” is a more frenzied rock track that has one of the most rib-sticking choruses on the album and their careers.

Helping to give the popped-up British rock movement of the 90’s major legitimacy, Supergrass has been consistently strong for over a decade since.  Diamond Hoo Ha might just be their best release to date, with its top-notch flow and over-qualified craftsmanship.  The skill and rhythm are equally high this time around.

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