Wet Leg – Live

Seemingly overnight late last year, Heather Chambers & Rhian Teasdale, a.k.a. the Isle of Wight’s Wet Leg, became the buzziest band in the world....
Wet Leg : Live
Wet Leg : Live

Seemingly overnight late last year, Heather Chambers & Rhian Teasdale, a.k.a. the Isle of Wight’s Wet Leg, became the buzziest band in the world with hit “Chaise Lounge” (QRO review), with everyone and their sister in love. They came to America for a packed-to-the-back industry show at the small Mercury Lounge (QRO live review), they played Late Night with Seth Meyers, they got interviewed by Vogue. But could they keep it up? Well, they’re back in the States, they played Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and their NYC show at the bigger Music Hall of Williamsburg (QRO venue review) was bumped up another notch to the massive Brooklyn Steel (QRO venue review), for another giddy, sold-out event on Thursday, March 10th – and their self-titled debut full-length isn’t even out yet!

Heather Chambers

It was kind of a risk, upgrading to an even bigger venue (and NYC’s not the only place on their U.S. tour that that’s happened), as one did wonder whether Wet Leg had the songs to fill out the show. They certainly had the fans to fill out the place, sold out again with a crowd you couldn’t get through to find friend or family, and there wouldn’t be a place for you to stand there if you did. And unlike a lot of other buzzy bands who only draw from the same narrow youth range that will quickly either forget, or will get old & only think of you as nostalgia for when they were young, there was more of an age range at Brooklyn Steel, from excited kids up front to those who hadn’t been to something like this in a decade or two.

Rhian Teasdale

Admittedly, both Wet Leg and fellow youngster opener Lowertown (QRO photos) started later than designated, unusual for the usually punctual Steel, and there was no encore from the headliner. But with a closer like “Chaise Lounge”, you can’t go anywhere better from there. They do have a new album coming (Wet Leg out April 8th ?), so did have more songs than your one-hit wonder. There was the nicely laid-back & wry “Supermarket”, the poppy & upbeat “Loving You”, and wonderful band & crowd scream at the end of “Ur Mum”. The audience was definitely up for hearing songs that they’d never heard before, though understandably more in a listening mode than rocking like for the ‘old’ numbers. And there was still a party for released singles like “Too Late Now” (QRO review) and the night’s one-two ending of “Angelica” (QRO review) & “Chaise Lounge”.

strap-less Chambers

Chambers & Teasdale were once again in high spirits, as were their capable backing band (drummer Henry Holmes had just returned after missing the last few performances due to illness). Chambers’ guitar strap broke right as she started the night’s opener, “Being in Love”, something that greatly amused Teasdale. They did spinning arounds at the start of “Too Late Now”, and rolled around on the floor during the more psych “Oh No”. A fan even threw a bra on stage, again delighting Teasdale. And she ended the night by giving the sage advice, “Life’s a journey. It’s not about the destination. It’s about… the snacks in between.”

From New York, Wet Leg’s tour takes them down to Austin’s South-by-Southwest, where they’ll be playing a bunch (QRO SXSW preview), likely to more packed houses and big smiles. But will there be free beer?

Wet Leg

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