Walk the Moon : Walk the Moon

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/walkthemoonwalkthemoon.jpg" alt="Walk the Moon : Walk the Moon" /><br /> Enjoy "Anna Sun" and enjoy <i>Walk the Moon</i>. ...
Walk the Moon : Walk the Moon
7.4 RCA

Walk the Moon : Walk the Moon


Having the ‘Song of the Summer’ can be a double-edged sword, especially for a new band.  Yes, it’s great, amazing even, to have such a bounty of coverage, but it also brings the band dangerously close to being a ‘one-hit wonder’.  This hot, hot summer, one of the hottest songs out there is “Anna Sun” by Cincinnati’s Walk the Moon, an infectious electro-dance/pop number you’ve likely already fallen in love with.  So how does the rest of their self-titled album fare?  Well, none of the other tracks are “Anna Sun”, but there’s some strong – and even sexy – numbers on it.

Walk the Moon is an electro-dance/pop album like “Anna”, but the group does vary things up somewhat.  The first non-“Anna” song that grabs your ear is “Lisa Baby”, which sees Walk the Moon get sexier, but still upbeat, and “Jenny” makes that Walk even better.  However, the slow and near a-cappella “Lions” is a misstep.  But the songs most like “Anna” largely hold up, such as “Tightrope”, “Fixin'”, and closer “I Can Lift a Car”.

Walk the Moon the band & Walk the Moon the album are going to be most closely associated with “Anna Sun” for a long time, perhaps forever, but lots of acts are still most associated with their breakthrough number, yet still have a long and successful career – it is how you first heard of them.  So enjoy “Anna Sun” and enjoy Walk the Moon.

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