Top 10 Music Lists That Piss People Off

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The music world is full of countless debates.  The simplest, easiest way for people to definitively come together is to rank greatness on a stat sheet.  This, of course, leads to all sorts of issues and arguments – and, if anything – proves that no "Top" list really ever works.  Year-end lists are constantly fought over and all-time lists are almost a joke.  Everyone seems to have their own list –  so when it comes time to discuss one, all hell breaks loose.

10. Hottest Male/Female

Only occasionally does this have anything to do with actual musical ability.  It has more to do with preference of blonde, brunette, or redhead – as well as proclivity to get nearly naked in public.  Challenging one's talent versus their attractiveness tends to degrade them and irritate their fans beyond words.  

9. Best Live Act

It all depends on what you want out of a concert.  Full-blown spectacle?  Intimacy?  On-stage sacrifice?  There's just no pleasing everyone.

8. Best Band of Any Year

The leftover debate of the Album of the Year discussions.  

7. Best British Band of All-Time

It seems every few months, some British publication comes out with a new list, and every time, some new buzz band is near the top.  Just like the whole Best Bands of All-Time list, the top candidates tend to be The Beatles and Rolling Stones.   But their generation is fading, and random well-hyped acts can show up at any time, since the British media has a tighter sphere of influence.

6. Most Influential Artist

This one's tough because the candidates are typically really old or even dead.  That means most people making the list never really experience the artists, as much as generalize them through modern artists.  And, how far back do you go?  The '60s? '50s?  '20s?

5. Best Guitarists of All-Time

What does this even measure?  Technical prowess?  Originality?  Longevity? 

4. Greatest Bands of All-Time

It helps to be around for a long time, put out a classic album or three, and be British so that you get more of a worldwide sphere of influence.  This typically excludes any solo acts, but someone will always feel obliged to acknowledge one or two just to heat things up.  

3. Best Songs of Any Year

These lists are usually topped by huge singles that have the tendency to rub people the wrong way after a certain period of time.  With megahits, there are three types of audiences:  the people that love the song, the people that catch on late, and the people who like it then hate it after too much exposure.  With this much dissidence on any given song, creating an accepted list of them is just about impossible.

2. Best Albums of Any Year

Everyone seems to have an opinion, even if they only listened to one album the whole year.  There are very few cases, if any, where an album is generally considered the best of the year, and far less when even individuals' Top 3s match up.  Simply too many genres and too many audiences for any real objectivity.  

1. Greatest Albums of All-Time 

While, for the most part of the last 50 years, the lists start off Sgt. Pepper's and Pet Sounds, it's a debate that's far from conclusive.  When someone considers the best albums ever, it's not their favorites, but what they consider the most important pieces of music to the world.  A debate over such small bodies of work over such a long period of time always gets heated.  It doesn't matter if you discuss it next to the fireplace with some brandy in a snifter, you'll probably get upset at some point during the argument. 

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