The Rosebuds : Night of the Furies

<a href="Reviews/Album_Reviews/The_Rosebuds_%3A_Night_of_the_Furies/"><img src="" alt=" " /></a> On The Rosebuds' third album, <i>Night of the Furies</i>, explore the tumultuous mythology of the Furies, four vindictive Roman goddesses who clean up...
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 On The Rosebuds’ third album, Night of the Furies, explore the tumultuous mythology of the Furies, four vindictive Roman goddesses who clean up unpunished sins.  Along this theme, the album blends a decadent disco vibe with modern dance and vocal tracks.   As the album progresses, it becomes increasingly debauched, as charming acoustic beats and soaring strings give way to a lustier, detached atmosphere.  Examining the dark side of moral forces through a pop lens, The Rosebuds create an album that’s both thought-provoking and carnally straightforward.

The husband-and-wife team of Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp came up with the idea for the album during a harrowing experience in a tropical storm and equated the rage of the onslaught with that of the Roman Furies.  Their take on story of the goddesses is built on vice, vengeance, melancholy, and beauty – the last one being the songs between mortal and a Fury.  Two of the more rhapsodic song on Night of the Furies are "Cemetery Lawn" and "Get Up Get Out".  Both involve high, drifting violins and dance-worthy beats.  The former has a rock beat while the latter is more disco.  Alongside the coasting, acoustic couchbeat of "My Punishment For Fighting", these songs create the highest point of the album in the first half.

The second half of the album is the darker side of the Night of the Furies, featuring shadier, more artificial ballads.  "When The Lights Went Dim" is an eerie, semi-industrial tune sung by Kelly.  "Hold On To This Coat" is driven by a synthetic high-hat/pulse-driven beat and lustful acoustic guitar.  The latter half of songs provides a nice balance to the more-decadent opening half.  

In a dark twist on what would have been cheery pop-rock, The Rosebuds create an interesting dynamic on Night of the Furies.  Overzealous fun and freedom are held in check by consequences.  Ominous effects give the album’s party vibe poignancy.  With their third album, The Rosebuds expand their own style of music and carve a new notch in indie pop, too.

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