The Grates

<img src="" alt=" " />The bubbly & fun Grates came all the way from Down Under to throw a party at Pianos. ...

The Grates

How many concerts have you seen where the singer will find a strong looking man in the audience, sit on his shoulders, and twirl a ribbon while performing a song?  If you were at The Grates show at Pianos (QRO venue review) in New York on July 15th, you’ve now been to one. 

Visiting from Australia, the band is playing a weekly residency at Piano’s NYC.  They’re sound is bubbly and fun, as reflected on their two albums, Gravity Won’t Get You High and Teeth Lost, Hearts WonAlana SkyringTheir shows give off the same vibe.  The band is fronted by Patience Hodgson, a cute, energetic blonde clad in a cowgirl outfit, who almost never stops bouncing.  Venturing out into the audience on more than one occasion, Patience makes the show interactive.  Whether she’s asking individuals to howl, or a group of people to scream, the show was far from boring. 

The band also features drummer Alana Skyring, who played with a smile on her face the whole night.  It made it hard to believe when at one point she admitted she was nervous.  It was impossible to tell.  The band also featured guitarist John Patterson, and was the first live performance with Tyler Jontz, a New York bassist.

If you’d like a concert to change your life, there are two more shows on 7/22 (QRO event listing) and 7/29 at Piano’s (QRO event listing).  You will not regret it.

The Grates

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