The Struts – Pretty Vicious

The Struts make a strutting return to the big stage with 'Pretty Vicious'....
The Struts : Pretty Vicious
7.6 Big Machine
The Struts : Pretty Vicious

The Struts know who they are, from their name on down, literally strutting rock stars that verge into winking knowingness like seventies big glam-rock never ended. Obviously not for everyone, for those who are into it, it’s a hell of fun ride, like on Pretty Vicious.

Eschewing the guest stars of prior, COVID-era full-length Strange Days (QRO review), Pretty is unabashed Struts, starting with the kick-ass opener “Too Good At Raising Hell”. Yes, it’s big party-rock in songs like that and “Rockstar”, but also the classic rock torch songs such as the wrought “Bad Decisions” and piano ballad closer “Somebody Someday”. There are up-rock anthems in “I Won’t Run” and “Gimme Some Blood”, and even a nicely funkier piece with “Better Love”.

If you miss the seventies, or missed the seventies, that era of music is back in many ways, it’s big strut back in The Struts (notably, and thankfully, without that era’s very pre-#MeToo ways) on Pretty Vicious.

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