The Head & The Heart

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The Head and the Heart : Live

The Head and the Heart : Live


The Head and the Heart made their first tour stop in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Sunday, September 21st at the beautiful Meyer Theatre. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, the band was formed only five short years ago! Their self-titled first record rocketed them into success and it hasn’t slowed down; they have been gaining a steady amount of popularity, allowing them to play the bigger, iconic venues they are currently headlining.

The show got off to a great start with the opening act, Belle Brigade. This band is lead by siblings Ethan Gruska and Barbara Gruska, from Los Angeles. With Barbara on the drums, this band truly was a treat to watch; excellent female drummers are always a bit rare. Their remarkable harmonies and eclectic musical style kept the crowd on their toes – sometimes ‘80s rock inspired, sometimes folk, sometimes bluesy; they were a perfect appetizer for The Head and the Heart, who shares the same genre-transcending musical style.

Jonathan RussellThe Head and the Heart charged the stage and opened with an almost choreographed clapping and swaying number, complete with timed lighting. Their energy was infectious, but the crowd stayed seated, much to the band’s surprise. It wasn’t until they started playing their most notable song, “Lost In My Mind”, that the crowd stood and sang along. With this show being the first of the tour, they encountered a few minor hiccups in tempos and timing, particularly in the song “Shake”, but quickly recovered and made up for it with their incredible bass hooks and fun harmonies. They played a perfect blend of slow and up-tempo tunes from both records, a perfect set list for the long-time fan.

Charity ThielenThe Head and the Heart ended their initial set with “Rivers and Roads”, leaving the audience breathless until they came back for their encore. Jonathan Russell, who plays guitar and sings vocals for the band, came out alone and performed “Oh My Dear” to a perfectly silent, intent crowd that erupted when the song finished. They picked up the pace one last time with “Summertime”, sung by Charity Thielen (vocals and violin). Then finally closed out the show with their hit “Down In the Valley”, a perfect ending to a truly wonderful show.

The Head and the Heart

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