The 1975 – Sex EP

As you might guess, The 1975 try to be sexy on their new album. It is The Sex EP, after all....
The 1975 : Sex EP
3.5 Vagrant

The 1975 : Sex EPAs you might guess, The 1975 try to be sexy on their new album.  It is The Sex EP, after all.

You could say they attack the subject chronologically.  “Intro/Set3” is what you listen to well beforehand, when it’s okay to be unfocused and scatterbrained.  “Undo” is a pleasant ‘90s R&B slow jam.  Not a ‘jam’ like the Allman Brothers would do, though.  Maybe this song is also for prior to sex, perhaps for the club?

The title track is a bombastic rocker with sub-The Airborne Toxic Event lead vocals.  Actually, whether the song is better or worse than TATE’s “Sometime Around Midnight” is ripe for debate.  It sounds like the singer at least gets to third base, so he can’t whine about his failure like Mikel Jollett did, and embarrass himself that way.  Instead, he has to do it by being a nuisance.  He whines melodramatically about all kinds of things, from the irrelevant to the trivial.

It just goes to show that if Mikel Jollett had taken home the girl who “holds her tonic like a cross,” whatever that means, that song would not have been any better.  He would have whined about it anyway!  He’s a whiner anyway!

That last sentence is a joke.  To get it, you must first listen to this song that QRO is telling you is not a good song to listen to.

Lastly, “You” is both the closer and the cuddler, meaning it’s the most dynamic, and the one song where you can’t tell from the first five seconds everything that’s going to happen in it.

Now, it seems plausible that someone would enjoy an EP of British emo in four different styles, and the band has made the recordings available for free on SoundCloud, so why not listen to that and decide for yourself?

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