Governors Island

  • Governors Ball Recap

    Governors Ball

    It was set to be a whole day of peace, love and rock ‘n’ r...  Well not exactly, but Governors Island was hosting its first festival of the summer, Governors Ball.  The ferries were on the starting blocks,...

  • Governors Ball Preview

    Governors Ball Preview

    Off the southern tip of Manhattan, but closer to Brooklyn than Jersey (unlike poseurs Liberty & Ellis Islands...), Governors Island has struggled to raise its profile since the Coast Guard base there was closed in 1996 (hey, Smothers Brothers...

  • Gone to Governors

    Governors Island

    Note: After the inaugural 2010 ‘Gone to Governors’ season, the series of concerts did not return in 2011.  There are still occasional concerts/festivals on Governors Island, there were not at the space detailed below, as Governors Island underwent reconstruction.  However, in 2013 it the space opened once more for...