Coma Girls

  • Coma Girls : Skyboxer EP

    Coma Girls – Skyboxer EP

    Coma Girls, out of Los Angeles, sound like they are from California....
  • Coma Girls - Smoking Gun

    Coma Girls – “Smoking Gun”

    Coma Girls recently released two singles to their relatively new fame, and somewhat muted allaud, however, they are both finally out, as of December 2019, with EP Smoking Gun B/W Crown on the way, following a self-titled 2015 album, which pops and beach-jangles so well, the continuation on these...
  • Coma Girls - Crown

    Coma Girls – “Crown”

    A warm, but still brooding indie is out in Coma Girls new single, “Crown”, for EP Smoking Gun B/W Crown. It is all very intricate electronic jangle pop here, but all very familiar here too, with a melody sounding much like Pavement meets Ariel Pink, whom are both very...