• CMJ 2010 : Day Two Recap

    CMJ 2010 : Day Two Recap

     Didn't do much during the daytime, but lit up the evening of CMJ Day Two at PureVolume House. ...
  • CMJ 2010 : Day One Recap

    CMJ 2010 : Day One Recap

     Day One of CMJ started slow, but seriously peaked thanks to initials like MOG & YTL. ...
  • CMJ 2010 Preview

    CMJ 2010 Preview

    CMJ 2010 Preview

    Post-Williamsburg explosion, post-economic implosion, NYC alternative music doesn't quite know where it is in 2010 - like so much in this world right now.  What Big Apple indie does have going for it is another year of the CMJ...

  • CMJ 2009 Recap

    CMJ 2009 Recap

    CMJ 2009 Recap 

    Going in, CMJ 2009 looked like a weak year, thanks to the weak economy providing a weak line-up of weak showcases & weak bands with weak schwag.  But that let one focus on what there that was good, stop...
  • CMJ 2009 Day 5 Recap

    CMJ 2009 : Day Five

     The worst weather of CMJ also brought some of the best showcases & bands to close out the festival. ...
  • CMJ 2009 Day 4 Recap

    CMJ 2009 : Day Four

     Though the weather got colder, the music stayed pretty hot on Day Four. ...
  • CMJ 2009 Day 3 Recap

    CMJ 2009 : Day Three

     After two rather unpromising days of CMJ, Day Three was a major improvement, thanks to singer/songwriters. ...
  • CMJ 2009 Day 2 Recap

    CMJ 2009 : Day Two

     The Bowery area once again dominated on a once-again underwhelming CMJ Day Two. ...
  • CMJ 2009 Preview

    CMJ 2009 Preview

    CMJ 2009 Preview

    It's that time of year again, New York City: CMJ!  The acts might have dipped, the venues might be even more spread out, and the damn 'conomy might have cut down on the free booze/food/schwag (only one day of...