• 80/35 Festival 2012 Preview

    80/35 Festival 2012 Preview

    Since 2008, downtown Des Moines (where the I-80 meets the I-35) has played host to a diverse line-up of alternative acts and more as close as the weekend can get to the Fourth of July, bringing the music to your favorite state in the heartland (producing presidential primary upsets,...
  • 80/35 2011 Festival Recap

    80/35 2011 Festival Recap

    On the whole, 80/35 delivered a solid two-day festival to a Des Moines crowd looking for a bit of variety in a lineup....
  • 80/35 2011 Festival Preview

    80/35 2011 Festival Preview

    80/35 2011 Festival Preview

    Iowa, and even biggest city Des Moines, has long had trouble getting bands, despite the state's historic reputation for hospitality, as acts preferred to stick to the bigger cities in neighboring states, such as Chicago & Minneapolis.  Iowa...