SXSW 2024 Preview – Tuesday

SXSW Music kicks into gear....

Austin’s massive South-by-Southwest returns, the Music portion running Monday-Saturday, March 11th-16th. Check out all the music, from official to unofficial, free to RSVP, and more, including recommended:

(official unless otherwise noted)

SXSW Music kicks into gear.

The 13th Floor, 711 Red River St. (free)
The Cosmic Clash/Play To the Plants
1:00pm – OnismE
2:00pm – Semihelix
3:00pm – Colatura
4:00pm – Lauren Lakis
5:00pm – Pink Fuzz

5th & West, 501 W 5th St. (RSVP)
Buddy Holly Education Foundation
Jack Harris
Edison Chair
Grace Pettis & Robbie Hecht
Sisi Berry

Austin Edge, 7412 Albert Rd. (RSVP)
Art Island
1:00pm – ORYA
3:00pm – TASHA
5:00pm – deep.velvet
7:00pm – High Waisted

Austin Visitor’s Center, 602 E 4th St. (free)
12:00pm – Conjunto Los Pinkys
2:00pm – Kate Priestly

Ballroom D, 500 Cesar Chavez St.
12:45pm – TENGGER

Cheer Up Charlie’s, 900 Red River St. (unofficial)
Just Jim

Coconut Club, 310 Colorado St. (free)

Continental Club, 1315 S Congress Ave. (free)
Patricia Vonne
12:00pm – Leti Garza
1:00pm – Liah Alonzo
2:00pm – Cecilia & The Broken Hearts
3:00pm – Cecilia and the Broken Hearts
4:00pm – Patricia Vonne
5:00pm – Mariachi Las Coronelas

The Coral Snake, 1910 E Cesar Chavez St. (unofficial)
Thunder Jackson

Embassy Suites, 300 S Congress Ave.
5:00pm – Strawberry Launch
6:00pm – Hembree

Fairmont, 101 Red River St.
5:00pm – breathe.
6:00pm – The Beatbox Collective

Far Out Lounge, 8504 S Congress Ave. (unofficial)
Covert Curiosity
Tagua Tagua
Glue Trip
3:00pm – Nabihah Iqbal
5:00pm – Marem Ladson
Cabeza De Chivo

Full Circle Bar, 1810 E 12th St. (free)
Jessica D’Lene
Kristopher August
Steph Kong
Karn K
Graham Lincoln
Barton Hallow
Alvin L. Gay
Fine and Dandy
Headlight Blind
Chuck Cares

Hilton, 500 E 4th St.
5:00pm – Hollows
6:00pm – Embla & The Karidotters

Hotel Vegas, 1502 E 6th St. (free)
SWASS Presents:
3:00pm – Necklace
3:40pm – Thirst for Love
4:30pm – Guiding Light
5:15pm – Outback
5:50pm – Touch Girl Apple Blossom
6:30pm – Haha Laughing
7:10pm – Mali Velasquez

Hotel Vegas at Volstead Lounge, 1502 E 6th St. (free)
2:00pm – Programmique
3:00pm – PONS
4:00pm – This is Lorelei
5:00pm – Venus Twins
6:00pm – Castle Club

Hotel Vegas Patio, 1502 E 6th St. (free)
2:00pm – Ada Oda
3:00pm – Farmer’s Wife
4:00pm – HINDS
5:00pm – Redbud
5:45pm – Gus Baldwin & The Sketch
6:30pm – BODEGA

Hyatt Regency, 208 Barton Springs Rd.
5:00pm – Alexander Biggs

Icenhauser’s, 83 Rainey St. (unofficial)
Gillian Jean Creative
2:00pm – Sullvn
3:00pm – dust
4:00pm – Asha Jefferies
5:00pm – Wishy
6:00pm – OK Cowgirl
7:00pm – TBA
8:00pm – Casii Stephan
9:00pm – TBA

International Day Stage, 611 E 6th St.
1:00pm – Prince Amine
2:00pm – Mina Okabe
3:00pm – The Beatbox Collective
5:00pm – Tramhaus
6:00pm – Bones and Jones

Lazarus Brewing Co., 1902 E 6th St. (free)
Music For Listeners
12:00pm – TBA
1:00pm – Valebol
2:00pm – The Whale
3:00pm – TBA
4:00pm – THC Trio
5:00pm – Richard Huntley
6:00pm – Kassa Overall

Meanwhile Brewing Co., 3901 Promontory Point Dr. (free)
Out by South East
3:00pm – Deniz Love
4:00pm – Glue Trip
5:00pm – Me Nd Adam
6:00pm – Arya

Palm Door on Sixth, 508 E 6th St. (SXSW Platinum & Music Badges only)
SXSW Music Opening Party
6:20pm – Pedal Steel Noah
8:20pm – The Beatbox Collective

Palm Door on Sixth Patio, 508 E 6th St.
Taiwan Beats
12:00pm – Wez Atlas
1:40pm – Subsonic Eye

Palm Door on Sixth Patio, 508 E 6th St. (SXSW Platinum & Music Badges only)
SXSW Music Opening Party
6:00pm – Juanpalitoschinos
7:00pm – Dende
8:00pm – Nabihah Iqbal

Parish, 501 Brushy St. (RSVP)
Working Families Party
Luna Luna
4:30pm – Yaya Bey

Sam’s Town Point, 2115 Allred Dr. (unofficial)
Reckless Kelly
Kaitlin Butts
Willis Alan Ramsey
Ramsay Midwood
Rattlesnake Milk
Jonathan Tyler
The Droptines
Jordan Matthew Young
Paige Plaisance
Aaron McDonnell
Sour Bridges
Hayden Redwin
Mason Lively
Caroline Grace
Rose Sinclair’s Cocktail Steel

The Side Bar, 602 E 7th St. (free)
1:30pm – TBA
2:30pm – chokecherry
3:30pm – The Vices
4:30pm – Bodega
5:30pm – TBA

Still Austin Whiskey Co., 440 E St Elmo Rd Suite F (RSVP)
1:00pm – The Tiarras
2:00pm – Ruthie Craft
3:00pm – Nicky Diamonds
4:00pm – Shelby Stone
5:00pm – West Texas Exiles
6:00pm – Farmer’s Wife
7:00pm – West 22nd
8:00pm – Alesia Lani
9:00pm – Midnight River Choir

Sunny’s Backyard, 3526 E 7th St. (unofficial)
Happen Twice
Wet Suit
Lo Gentry
About You
Annie Taylor
Flight By Nothing
John Scott

Tweedy’s Bar, 2908 Fruth St. B Unit 101 (free)
Howdy Gals/Happen Twice
12:00pm – Charlotte Bumgarner
12:30pm – Love Language
1:00pm – Laney Jones
1:30pm – Big Dumb Baby
2:00pm – Marem Ladson
2:30pm – Ok Cowgirl
3:00pm – Mei Semones
3:30pm – John Roseboro
4:00pm – Programmique
4:30pm – Telescreens
5:00pm – Nara’s Room
5:30pm – Worn-Tin
6:00pm – Smushie
6:30pm – Birthday Girl

Waterloo Records, 600 Lamar Blvd. (free)
1:00pm – Acantha Lang
3:00pm – Friko
5:00pm – Daniel Donato

The 13th Floor, 711 Red River St.
Post Electric & Friends
8:00pm – Do Nothing
9:00pm – Humour
10:00pm – Iona Zajac
11:00pm – Chartreuse
12:00am – Wyldest
1:00am – China Bears

800 Congress, 800 Congress Ave.
SPIN Magazine
7:00pm – Six-String Soldiers
7:30pm – Jörgen
8:30pm – Omni
9:00pm – David Shaw

Antone’s, 305 E 5th St.
iLL Manner Shows Southern Hospitality
8:00pm – jeanhorus
8:45pm – Astrokeyy
9:00pm – Q Carter
9:15pm – DreTheGr8
9:30pm – Coach Tev
10:15pm – Shirt Off Fe
10:30pm – LYNN
10:45pm – Krystall Poppin
11:20pm – xBValentine
12:05am – Young DEJI
1:15am – Splurge
1:30am – Kydd Jones
1:50am – DJ Beastie

Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater, 310 Willie Nelson Blvd.
Rolling Stone Future of Music
6:00pm – DJ Rosegold
7:00pm – Chase Shakur
8:40pm – Lola Brooke
9:40pm – Veeze
10:55pm – Teezo Touchdown

British Music Embassy at Sheraton (Downright Austin) Backyard, 710 E 10th St.
ATC Live
7:30pm – Angélica Garcia
8:10pm – Holly Macve
8:50pm – Fabiana Palladino
9:30pm – Faux Real
10:10pm – Lambrini Girls
10:50pm – VLURE
11:30pm – Divorce

Central Presbyterian Church, 200 E 8th St.
8:00pm – Sofi Paez
9:00pm – Lisa Morgenstern
10:00pm – Grandbrothers

Chess Club, 617 Red River St.
8:00pm – Gummy Fang
9:00pm – Rusty Dusty
10:00pm – Cast Of Thousands
11:00pm – DANA
12:00am – Good Looks
1:00am – Bee Bee Sea

Coconut Club, 310 Colorado St.
8:00pm – 5.Slow
9:00pm – My Cousin Vinny
10:00pm – Hierba Malita
12:00am – P0110
1:00am – Nurrydog

Coconut Club Rooftop, 310 Colorado St.
All The Vibes
7:00pm – All The Vibes DJs & MCs
9:00pm – American Grime
9:00pm – DeanKelly
9:40pm – Aleighcia Scott
10:40pm – VITAL POWERS
11:20pm – Big Zeeks
11:40pm – C4
12:00am – All The Vibes DJs & MCs
12:00am – DJ Jamie Dred

Come and Take It Live, 2015 E Riverside Dr. (unofficial)
Disaster Booking
Never Rest
Houses We Die In

Continental Club, 1315 S Congress Ave.
8:00pm – Wonderly
9:00pm – Lindsay & Brad
10:00pm – West Texas Exiles
11:00pm – Restos
12:00am – Harvest Thieves
1:00am – San Saba County

Cooper’s BBQ, 217 Congress Ave.
8:00pm – Logan Crosby
9:00pm – Pendulum Hearts
10:00pm – TBA
11:00pm – Cactus Lee
12:00am – Embla and the Karidotters
1:00am – Mason Lively

The Coral Snake, 1910 E Cesar Chavez St. (free)
Fake Dad
Party Nails
His His
Boy Sim
Paxton Smith

Cuatro Gato, 310 Colorado St.
8:00pm – Una Canción Bonita
9:00pm – Victoria Bigelow
10:00pm – Jhama
12:00am – Super Duty Tough Work
1:00am – San Gabriel

Elysium, 705 Red River St.
Inspired By Tokyo
8:00pm – luvis
9:00pm – Wez Atlas
10:00pm – The fin.
11:00pm – Helsinki Lambda Club
12:00am – kudaranai1nichi
1:00am – DOMICO

Empire Control Room, 606 E 7th St.
High Road Touring
7:30pm – Arny Margret
8:30pm – Kathleen Edwards
10:30pm – Jobi Riccio
11:30pm – Sugadaisy
12:30am – Ethan Tasch

Empire Garage, 606 E 7th St.
High Road Touring
8:00pm – Sugadaisy
9:00pm – Forest Claudette
10:00pm – Cardinals
11:00pm – Lamont Landers
12:00am – Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol

Flamingo Cantina, 515 E 6th St.
8:00pm – SON BAYOÚ
9:00pm – DENDÊ & BAND
10:00pm – Los Choclok
11:00pm – Los Gran Reyes
12:00am – The Tiarras
1:00am – The Cumbia Movement

High Noon, 2000 E Cesar Chavez St. (unofficial)
Happen Twice
JW Francis
Subsonic Eye

Hotel Vegas, 1502 E 6th St. (unofficial)
8:50pm – O.
9:40pm – HiTech
10:30pm – Sex Mex
11:20pm – Vision Video
1:10am – Mary Shelley

Hotel Vegas at Volstead Lounge, 1502 E 6th St. (unofficial)
Underground Voices SX Edition
7:30pm – Sign ups
8:00pm – Open Mic
9:00pm – Tre Six
9:30pm – Open Mic
10:00pm – Ry Harper
10:30pm – Open Mic
11:00pm – OBM Bleeda
11:30pm – Open Mic
12:00am – Orian
12:30am – Open Mic

Hotel Vegas Patio, 1502 E 6th St. (unofficial)
7:15pm – Godcaster
8:00pm – Tear Dungeon
8:45pm – Porcelain
9:30pm – Blank Hellscape
10:15pm – FUCK MONEY
11:15pm – The Spits
12:15am – Sextile (DJ set)

The Iron Bear, 301 W 6th St.
8:00pm – Seán Barna
9:00pm – Brennan Wedl
10:00pm – Melissa Ferrick
11:00pm – Creekbed Carter Hogan
12:00am – Paisley Fields
1:00am – Brooke Eden

La Factoria, 422 E 6th St.
8:00pm – Benjamin Walker
9:00pm – Valebol
10:00pm – TEARS
11:00pm – Pehuenche

Las Perlas, 405 E 7th St.
DistroDirect Selects
8:00pm – William Singe
9:00pm – Keenan Te
10:00pm – Yb.
11:00pm – Miss Kaninna
12:00am – breathe.
1:00am – ORION

Low Down Lounge, 1412 E 6th St.
7:00pm – Rain on Fridays
8:00pm – Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers
9:00pm – The Oxys
10:00pm – Miranda and the Beat
11:00pm – Lord Friday The 13th
12:00am – Library Card

Mohawk Indoor, 912 Red River St.
Give A Note Foundation + Artist For Artist
8:20pm – Ken Yates
9:10pm – Susannah Joffe
10:00pm – Mei Semones
10:50pm – Varju
11:40pm – Sycco
12:30am – DBMK
1:20am – Me Nd Adam

Mohawk Outdoor, 912 Red River St.
Give A Note Foundation + Artist For Artist
8:00pm – Jeshi
8:50pm – The Dumes
9:40pm – Provoker
10:30pm – Bootsy Collins & Pepperminte Patti Co-Host w/ special guests FANTAAZMA, Henry Invisible, Young James Brown
11:30pm – Slick Rick The Ruler
1:00am – Just Blaze

Palm Door on Sixth, 508 E 6th St.
Taiwan Beats
8:20pm – Porij
9:40pm – Mong Tong
11:40pm – Gummy B
1:00am – Fire EX.

Palm Door on Sixth Patio, 508 E 6th St.
Taiwan Beats
9:30pm – Majin
10:50pm – Chih Siou
12:10am – The Dinosaur’s Skin

Parkside, 301 E 6th St. (RSVP)
Italian Trade Agency
Aurora D’Amico
Plastic Palms

Rozco’s, 1805 E 7th St.
Ecco Drop
8:00pm – COASTCITY
9:00pm – Mariangela
10:00pm – Bebo Dumont
11:00pm – J Noa
12:00am – BODINE
1:00am – Orión García

Sam’s Town Point, 2115 Allred Dr. (unofficial)
10:00pm – The Swindlers

Saxon Pub, 1320 S Lamar Blvd.
8:00pm – Trannie Anderson
9:00pm – Walt Wilkins
10:00pm – Delaney Ramsdell
11:00pm – Brad Byrd
12:00am – Dusty Bo
1:00am – Max Diaz

Seven Grand, 405 E 7th St.
8:00pm – Vulva Voce
9:00pm – Dream Nails
10:00pm – Cosmo Pyke
11:00pm – Slow Fiction
12:00am – King Nun
1:00am – Lottery Winners

Shangri-La, 1016 E 6th St.
Budapest Showcase Hub x HOTS
7:15pm – HIEN
8:10pm – ZÓRA
9:10pm – Karin Ann
10:10pm – Carpetman
11:00pm – Jazzbois

Speakeasy, 412 Congress Ave.
8:00pm – João Brasil
9:00pm – RUBIO
10:00pm – Marcelo D2
11:00pm – Venesti
12:00am – Bia Ferreira
1:00am – Cabeza de Chivo

Speakeasy Ballroom, 412 Congress Ave.
Collimation House
Heather Victoria
Lucas Rizzotoo

Stubb’s, 801 Red River St.
8:05pm – Stephy Lee
8:35pm – Maya Sampleton
9:10pm – Nemegata
9:50pm – tony22
10:30pm – Uncle Roy & Spice
11:10pm – JahleelFaReaL
11:45pm – Luna Luna
12:30am – Bambi

Swan Dive, 615 Red River St.
Mothland & Fair Enough & M for Montreal
8:00pm – N Nao
9:00pm – Alix Fernz
10:00pm – Hot Garbage
11:00pm – Population II
12:00am – Crabe

Swan Dive Patio, 615 Red River St.
Canada House
8:15pm – Doohickey Cubicle
9:15pm – Hotel Mira
10:15pm – maxime.
11:15pm – Babe Corner
12:15am – Le Couleur

Valhalla, 710 Red River St.
8:00pm – Salsa Windfall
9:00pm – JOSEON
10:00pm – Shelf Lives
11:00pm – Stuck in the Sound
12:00am – West 22nd
1:00am – The Vices

Vaquero Taquero, 603 Sabine St.
Chopstars/Blaxy Susan
8:00pm – Denzel Davis
8:40pm – AEY!Plus
9:00pm – 2 $olid Deezy
9:15pm – The Chopstars
10:30pm – ReddTaughtYou
10:50pm – Ariel Chantel
11:10pm – Juanito AZ
11:30pm – Spottie WiFi
11:45pm – DJ Slim K
12:00am – DJ Hollygrove
12:15am – JET THE 3RD
12:35am – DJ Candlestick
1:20am – DJ XO (XO Think He Allat)

Victorian Room at The Driskill, 604 Brazos St.
The Broadside Hacks Folk Club
8:00pm – Daisy Rickman
9:00pm – Arielle Soucy
10:00pm – Folk Bitch Trio
11:00pm – The New Eves
12:00am – Lady Apple Tree
1:00am – Shaina Hayes

And a handy map of the participating venues: