SXSW 2023 Preview – Wednesday

It's Hump Day at South-by-Southwest....

SXSW 2023 Preview - Wednesday

The music industry has bounced back, and so has SXSW, returning to Austin, Monday-Saturday, March 13-18.

QRO’s big preview has also returned, taking in all the musical events, official & unofficial, free, RSVP, and more – included recommended.

(official unless otherwise indicated)


It’s Hump Day at South-by-Southwest.



The 13th Floor, 711 Red River St. (badge or RSVP)
New Zealand
12:00pm Will Swinton
12:30pm South For Winter
1:00pm Blair Jollands
1:30pm Hans Pucket
2:00pm Pickle Darling
2:30pm ASHY
3:00pm Georgia Lines
3:30pm Foley
4:00pm JessB
4:30pm Lontalius

Ballroom D, 304 E Cesar Chavez St.
12:35pm Alexandra Whittingham

BLK Vinyl, 2505 E 6th St. (RSVP)
Weird Sister/Howdy Gals
Grace Gardner
Madison Baker
1:15pm Sug Daniels
Kind Keith
Heather Cook

British Music Embassy @ The Courtyard, 208 W 4th St.
2:10pm Jaz Karis
3:00pm Prima Queen
3:50pm Lime Garden
4:40pm Brooke Combe

C-Boy’s Heart & Soul, 2008 S Congress Ave. (free)
SoCo Stomp
1:00pm Greyhounds
1:45pm Hilary York
2:15pm Calder Allen
3:00pm Bonnie Whitmore & the Sad Girls
3:30pm Kalu & the Electric Joint
4:15pm The Last Jimenez
4:45pm Ben Kweller
5:45pm Lee Bains & the Glory Fires
6:15pm Ray Wylie Hubbard

Capital Cruises (Hyatt Regency Dock), 208 Barton Springs Rd. (RSVP)
New Nashville/Bose
Them Vibes
The Accidentals
Shelly Fairchild
King Margo
Khyrs Hatch
Gabe Lee
1:00pm The Minks
Mike Miz
Molly Martin
Dillon Warnek
Nick Howard
Zach Meadows
Andre Coles

All aboard the New Nashville boat!

Cheer Up Charlie’s Outdoor, 900 Red River St.
Jaded/Balming Tiger
2:00pm ena mori
3:00pm Yacko & Tuan Tigabelas
4:00pm sogumm
5:00pm 9m88
6:00pm The Chairs

Chess Club, 617 Red River St. (free)
Nicely Done
1:00pm Half Dream
2:00pm Gloin
3:00pm Laveda
4:00pm Brody Price
5:00pm Holy Wire
6:00pm Ryan Pollie

Cherrywood Coffeehouse, 1400 E 38 1/2 St. (free)
11:00am Free Spirits
12:00pm Snailmate
1:00pm Nicholas Johnson
2:00pm Sabrina Song
3:00pm Coral Moons
4:00pm Blue Tongue
5:00pm Q-Tip Bandits
6:00pm Allepakcok
7:00pm Dresage
8:00pm Revenge Wife
9:00pm The Melen Group

The Continental Club, 1315 S Congress Ave. (unofficial)
ZeroZero Music Group
12:15pm Jude Parrish
1:00pm Brooke Combes
1:45pm Dirty Shirts
2:30pm Django Walker
3:15pm Milk
4:00pm Folly Group
4:45pm Surfer Girl
5:30pm Night Cap

Cooper’s BBQ, 217 Congress Ave. (free)
Total Access Recording/KLBJ
12:00pm Olive Vox
1:00pm Noah Vonne
2:00pm Mor Flowrs
3:00pm Sons On Fire
4:00pm Hand Drawn Maps
5:00pm Yoker’s Hand

Do512 Lounge, 2208 S Lamar Blvd. (invite or win)
Total Access Recording/KLBJ
The Moss
Dumbo Gets Mad
Iguana Death Cult

Embassy Suites Austin South Congress, 300 S Congress Ave. (official/free)
6:00pm Blvck Hippie

Empire Control Room, 606 E 7th St. (RSVP)
Girl Ultra
Ariel & The Culture
3:00pm Divino Niño
DJ Helios
Luna Luna

End of an Ear Records, 4304 Clawson Rd. (free)
Secretly Distribution
1:00pm Moriah Bailey
1:45pm Constant Smiles
1:45pm Jackie Mendoza
1:45pm Mui Zyu

Fairmont – Fulton, 110 Red River St. (official/free)
6:00pm Alexia Bomtempo

Flatstock Stage at Austin Convention Center, 500 Cesar Chavez St. (official/free)
4:00pm Laura Pérez

GSD&M, 828 W 6th St. (RSVP)
Sonic Guild
Grace Sorenson
Jane Leo
Name Sayers
4:30pm Rattlesnake Milk
Sailor Poon
TC Superstar

Guero’s Taco Bar, 1412 S Congress Ave. (free)
ComboPlate Booking
2:00pm The Better Halves
2:30pm Curtis McMurtry
3:10pm Sara Curruchich
3:50pm JM Stevens
4:30pm Beaver Nelson
5:10pm Making Movies
5:50pm Leeann Atherton
6:30pm Raina Rose
7:10pm Nathan Hamilton

High Noon, 2000 E Cesar Chavez St. (RSVP)
Paste Magazine
12:00pm – Devon Gilfillian
12:40pm – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
1:20pm – Barrie
2:00pm – Kate Davis
2:40pm – Michigander
3:20pm – Trials of Cato
4:00pm – Thao
4:40pm – Miss Grit
5:20pm – SUSU
6:00pm – Alaska Reid
6:30pm – Brian Sella (of The Front Bottoms)

Paste Magazine has its SXSW sessions start at High Noon.

Hole In the Wall, 2538 Guadalupe St. (RSVP)
Chicken Ranch
12:00pm Siamese Bikes
12:00pm Cody Bolden
12:30pm Sasquatch Slim with Victor Bustos
1:00pm The Waymore
1:00pm “McMac”
1:35pm Ava Maybee
1:45pm Adwaith
2:10pm Caleb De Casper
2:30pm Sexual Jeremy
3:05pm The Bad Ends
3:15pm Brad Byrd
3:50pm Izzy Heltai
4:00pm Desert Mambas
4:20pm Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5
4:45pm Boscomujo
5:20pm CIVIC
5:30pm Venus Twins
6:00pm JM Stevens
6:15pm Dropper
6:45pm Peelander-Z

Hotel Indigo, 810 Red River St. (official/free)
5:00pm LÓN
6:00pm Georgia Lines

Hotel San Jose, 1316 S Congress Ave. (free)
1:00pm Charlotte Rose Benjamin
2:00pm Free Range
3:00pm Ratboys
4:00pm Bailen
5:00pm Why Bonnie
6:00pm The Lemon Twigs
7:00pm The Heavy Heavy

Hotel Van Zandt, 60 Davis St. (official/free)
5:00pm Son Rompe Pera
6:00pm Nemegata

Hotel Vegas, 1502 E 6th St. (free)
Run For Cover Records/Grillo’s Pickles
Trauma Ray
1:55pm Truth Club

Hotel Vegas Patio, 1502 E 6th St. (free)
Run For Cover Records/Grillo’s Pickles
Hotline TNT
3:00pm Portrayal of Guilt
The Infinity Ring

Hyatt Regency Austin, 208 Barton Springs Rd. (official/free)
5:00pm Andrea Magee
6:00pm His His

Icenhauer’s, 83 Rainey St. (free)
Gillian Jean
3:00pm Gen & The Degenerates
4:00pm Sleeping Jesus
5:00pm TBA
6:00pm Le Couleur
7:00pm Sweettalker
8:00pm Coral Moons
9:00pm Sea Moya

Inn Cahoots, 1221 E 6th St. (free)
2:00pm Me Nd Adam

International Day Stage, 99 Trinity St.
1:00pm Fuse
2:00pm Núria Graham
3:00pm Darling West
5:00pm Brekky Boy
6:00pm DYGL

JNL Barbecue, 2027 E Cesar Chavez St. (RSVP)
New Colossus/Vancerts
2:00pm Tetchy
2:45pm Slow Fiction
3:30pm The Garrys
4:15pm Demob Happy
5:00pm Wynona Bleach
5:45pm Sorry Mom
6:30pm Teenage Halloween

JW Marriott – Edge Rooftop Bar, 110 E 2nd St. (official/free)
5:00pm David Quinn
5:00pm Emma Worley
6:00pm Dutch Criminal Record
6:00pm LÓN

Kinda Tropical, 3501 E 7th St. (free)
Force Field PR
3:00pm Waldo Witt
3:45pm Interplay
4:30pm Photo Ops
5:15pm foamboy
6:00pm Razor Braids

Lamberts, 401 W 2nd St. (unofficial)
12:00pm Rett Madison
5:20pm Peter One

Lazarus Brewing Co., 1902 E 6th St. (free)
Music For Listeners
12:00pm abracadabra
1:00pm Wynona Bleach
2:00pm English Teacher
3:00pm special guest
4:00pm special guest
5:00pm Thus Love
6:00pm special guest

The Long Play Lounge, 1910 E Cesar Chavez St. (unofficial)
I Hate Rock N Roll
3:00pm Wilderman
4:00pm Jonas Wilson
5:00pm Half Dream
6:00pm Meernaa

Love Well Records, 2105 Justin Ln. (free)
I Hate Rock N Roll
4:00pm Colin Swietek
4:45pm John Leitera
5:30pm Michael Hall
6:15pm Walter Salas-Humara

The Lucky Duck, 1300 E 6th St. (free)
Music Gorilla
3:00pm Teressa Mahoney
4:00pm Rock Euphora
5:00pm Jeremy Parson
6:00pm Rachael Sage
7:00pm Rick Eberie
8:00pm Noah & The Loners
9:00pm Enjoyable Listens
10:00pm Kenzo Cregan

Mohawk Inside, 912 Red River St. (RSVP)
M for Montreal/Resound/Brooklyn Vegan
11:15am Arny Margret
12:40pm Miss Grit
1:30pm Upchuck
2:20pm Bibi Club
3:10pm Girl Scout
4:00pm Sweet Pill
4:50pm Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Mohawk Outside, 912 Red River St. (RSVP)
M for Montreal/Resound/Brooklyn Vegan
12:00pm Choses Sauvages
12:50pm Model/Actriz
1:30pm Algiers
2:30pm be your own PET
3:20pm Militarie Gun
4:10pm Blondshell
5:00pm Indigo de Souza

Nickel City, 1133 E 11th St. (RSVP)
Because Music
3:00pm Myd
3:00pm Cerrone

Radio Day Stage at Ballroom A – Austin Convention Center, 500 Cesar Chavez St.
12:00pm iLe
1:00pm BALTHVS
2:00pm El Gran Poder De Diosa
3:00pm Letón Pé
4:00pm Ramona
5:00pm BIKE

Rozco’s Comedy Club, 1807 E 7th St. (RSVP)
Tiny Van
11:00am Revenge Wife
12:00pm BIKE
1:00pm Einstein the mastermind
2:00pm blvckhndz
3:00pm The Q-Tip Bandits
4:00pm Of the Roses
5:00pm Elephants in the Stormdrain
6:00pm Safer
7:00pm Drook
8:00pm HNRY FLWR
9:00pm Chris Wills
9:45pm THALA

Sagebrush, 5500 S Congress Ave. (unofficial)
9:00pm Joelton Mayfield
9:00pm RedBud
10:00pm Jacksonport
10:00pm Joelton Mayfield
11:00pm Jacksonport
11:00pm Sound of Honey
12:00am Tearjerk

Sahara Lounge, 1413 Webberville Rd. (free)
Texas Prison Education Initiative
5:00pm Slow Fiction
Rusty Dusty
Dizzy Brew
Pitmo Casabel
Work Wi-Fi
Judah & The Mustards
Nicky Christmas

The Side Bar, 602 E 7th St. (free)
12:15pm Joudy
12:50pm special guest
1:25pm special guest
2:00pm Lee Bains + The Glory Fires
2:35pm Cathedral Ceilings
3:10pm Near Beer
3:45pm Buckets
4:20pm THEMM!
4:55pm Hello Mary

Stiles Switch BBQ, 6610 N Lamar Blvd. (free)
12:00pm Charlie Weyler
1:00pm Jack Nelson
2:00pm Brainhalo
3:00pm Brandon Luedke & Jonathan Garcia
4:00pm Wes Barlow
5:00pm Susan Hickman
6:00pm Kane Alvarado
7:00pm Bo Luna
8:00pm Jesse Duke

Sunny’s Backyard, 3526 E 7th St. (free)
Brad Byrd
Mt. Grey
Con Man
Cheeky Orange
Sweet Talker
The Grand McMahan Band
The Sewing Club
Desert Mambas

Swan Dive, 615 Red River St.
Canada House/Telfilm Canada
12:50pm The Garrys
1:15pm The Hypochondriacs
1:40pm Skye Wallce
2:05pm Living Hour
2:30pm JayWood
2:55pm Boy Golden
3:20pm Begonia
3:45pm Haley Blais
4:10pm Savannah Ré
4:35pm Soran
5:00pm Snotty Nose Rez Kids

Waterloo Records, 600 N Lamar Blvd. (free)
1:00pm The Zombies
3:00pm Enumclaw
5:00pm Ron Gallo

Wax Myrtle’s, 506 San Jacinto Blvd. Suite WM (RSVP)
Innovation Bridge Europe
6:00pm Balaklava Blues

Whisler’s, 1816 E 6th St. (free)
6:00pm Merles

The White Horse, 500 Comat St. (free)
People Are Beautiful
2:00pm Sunjammer
3:00pm Jane Weaver
4:00pm A Giant Dog
5:00pm Garrett T. Capps & NASA Country
6:00pm Carson McHone
7:00pm Daniel Romano’s Outfit

Yeti Flagship on South Congress, 220 S Congress Ave. (free)
12:00pm Zoe Ko
12:45pm Enumclaw
1:30pm Hayes Warner
2:20pm San Gabriel
3:20pm Krooked Kings
4:20pm Ruby Red
5:20pm Snooper



The 13th Floor, 711 Red River St.
keeled scales
7:20pm Rae Fitzgerald
8:10pm Renée Reed
9:00pm Moriah Bailey
10:00pm Twain
11:00pm MEERNAA
12:00am Why Bonnie
1:00am Good Looks

3TEN Austin City Limits Live, 310 Willie Nelson Blvd. Ste. 1A
7:30pm Venbee
8:15pm Nicky Youre
9:00pm Justine Skye
10:05pm bbno$

Antone’s, 305 E 5th St.
C3 Management
7:15pm Calder Allen
8:00pm ROMES
8:45pm Michigander
9:45pm Brian Sella (The Front Bottoms)
10:45pm Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
11:45pm Flamingosis

Armadillo Den, 10106 Menchaca Rd. (RSVP)
Jam In the Van
6:00pm Katie Toupin
7:00pm Sego
8:00pm The Wandering Hearts
9:00pm The Nude Party
10:00pm Bright Light Social Hour

Augustine, 86 Rainey St.
Good Karma Club
8:00pm NOISY
9:00pm Tommy Lefroy
10:00pm renforshort
11:00pm Youth Sector
12:00am Warmduscher
1:00am Crawlers

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing, 1305 W Oltorf Rd. (unofficial)
Warren Hood
Joker’s Hand
Mor Flwrs

Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater, 310 Willie Nelson Blvd.
Rolling Stone Magazine
6:00pm mediopicky
7:00pm Dawer x Damper
7:50pm iLe
8:40pm Villano Antillano

The Belmont, 305 W 6th St.
DEL Records/Marca Única
8:00pm Rudy Rios
9:00pm Diamante Perez
9:30pm Luna Luna
10:05pm Shrt_Lyf
10:40pm Leonilo Jaimes
12:00am Eslabon Armado
12:45am BoBundy
1:15am Rudy Rios

British Music Embassy @ The Courtyard, 208 W 4th St.
8:00pm SOAK
9:00pm Folly Group
10:00pm GIRLI
11:00pm Low Island
12:00am Dream Wife
1:00am Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Carousel Lounge, 1110 E 52nd St. (free)
5:00pm DJ Scott Gardner
6:00pm TBA
7:00pm The Soulphonics
8:00pm The Krayolas
9:00pm The Mullens
10:00pm The Del-Vipers
11:00pm The Mal Thursday Quintet

Central Presbyterian Church, 200 E 8th St.
7:00pm Mal Devisa
8:00pm Satya
9:00pm Aoife Nessa Frances
10:00pm Núria Graham
11:00pm Indigo De Souza

Cheer Up Charlie’s Indoor, 900 Red River St.
Jaded/Balming Tiger
7:30pm Lunadira
8:30pm HIEN
9:30pm Liu Lee
10:30pm NET GALA
11:30pm Seesea
12:45am C3LINA

Cheer Up Charlie’s Outdoor, 900 Red River St.
Jaded/Balming Tiger
7:00pm Asian Glow
8:00pm CIFIKA
9:00pm LØREN
10:00pm Shye
11:00pm Lil Cherry & GOLDBUUDA (SAUCE CARTEL)
12:00am Tohji
1:00am Balming Tiger

Chess Club, 617 Red River St.
8:00pm High.
9:00pm Kindsight
10:00pm Death And Vanilla
11:00pm Font
12:00am Living Hour
1:00am Bnny

Coconut Club, 310 Colorado St.
Resident Advisor
8:00pm Lucía Beyond
9:30pm Sines
11:00pm Debit

Coconut Club Rooftop, 310 Colorado St.
Resident Advisor
8:00pm Peligrosa
10:00pm Paurro
12:00am Rosa Pistola

Continental Club, 1315 S Congress Ave.
Traffic Music/Mars-Label Group
8:00pm Jack Barksdale
9:00pm Jon Muq
10:00pm Lisa Morales
11:00pm Jane Leo
12:00am El Hula featuring Blair Jollands and Rose Spearman
1:00am Geto Gala featuring Jake Lloyd & Deezie Brown

Cooper’s BBQ, 217 Congress Ave.
8:15pm Rett Madison
9:20pm Micah Edwards
10:30pm Steve ’n’ Seagulls
11:30pm Del Castillo
12:40am Chris Duarte Group

The Creek and the Cave, 611 E 7th St.
So Young
8:00pm Hello Mary
9:00pm Humour
10:00pm Been Stellar
12:00am Lime Garden
1:00am Sports Team

The Creek and the Cave Backyard, 611 E 7th St.
Captured Tracks/Sinderlyn
8:00pm Patrick Holland
9:00pm Scout Gillett
10:00pm Locate S,1
11:00pm The Lemon Twigs
12:00am THUS LOVE
1:00am JayWood

Cuatro Gato, 310 Colorado St.
8:00pm Time Zones
9:00pm Aguava
10:00pm Arroyo Low
12:00am AIDA

The Drafting Room, 88 1/2 Rainey St.
59 X Records
8:00pm Salarymen
9:00pm The Carolyn
10:00pm Viper Club
11:00pm Krooked Kings
12:00am popsiclestickairport
1:00am Carver Commodore

Elysium, 705 Red River St.
Italians Do It Better/Holodeck
8:00pm Causeway
8:45pm Normal Echo
9:30pm JOON
10:30pm Jessica Winter
11:30pm Automelodi
1:10am Desire (DJ set)

Empire Control Room, 606 E 7th St.
Toro Music/Wonderlandia/Guerrera PR
8:00pm BENÚ
8:50pm Shadia Maraby
9:40pm Immasoul
10:30pm Robbie Vida x Buay Press
11:20pm Ir-Sais
12:10am Los Dioses Del Ritmo
12:50am Tostao

Empire Garage, 606 E 7th St.
Vibe/Def Jam Recordings
8:00pm GO DJ JB
8:30pm D Sturdy
9:00pm Marqus Clae
9:30pm Pap Chanel
10:00pm Lil Migo
11:00pm Swavay
11:45pm Armani White
12:30am Jadakiss

Vibe Magazine & Def Jam Recordings celebrate 50 years of hip-hop.

Esther’s Follies, 525 E 6th St.
Leafy Outlook
8:00pm M Field
9:00pm Majozi
10:00pm MSAKI
11:00pm Beatenberg
12:00am Blxckie
1:00am Manny Walters

Flamingo Cantina, 515 E 6th St.
SXSW Reggae
8:00pm Lion Heights
9:00pm Ha’angana
10:00pm Lady Stone
11:00pm Roots From The Clay
12:00am dem roots music
1:00am Micah Shalom

Half Step, 75 1/2 Rainey St.
8:00pm Revival Season
9:00pm Annie Hamilton
10:00pm The Natural Lines
11:00pm Ladaniva
12:00am Miss Grit
1:00am Circa Waves

Higher Ground, 720 Congress Ave.
8:00pm Espee
9:00pm teej
10:00pm Lonny
11:00pm Sevyn
12:00am AUTOBAHN

Hole In the Wall, 2538 Guadalupe St. (RSVP)
Chicken Ranch
7:00pm Makeshift Tapedeck
7:45pm Dave Hill
7:45pm Tosha Hill
8:30pm The Brown Goose
8:30pm Justin Webb
9:00pm Souls Extolled
9:15pm Broken Gold
9:45pm Walter Daniels
10:00pm Tom Markey
10:45pm Transy Warhol
11:30pm Near Beer
11:30pm Danny & The Stools
12:00am Chris Canterbury
12:15am Kentaro Saito’s Project Bazooka
1:30am Godcock!

Hotel Vegas, 1502 E 6th St.
7:30pm Heavy Meddo
8:40pm Immersion + Matt Schulz
9:30pm Thor Harris
10:20pm Nanocluster [Immersion + Thor Harris + Matt Schulz]
11:10pm Water Damage
12:00am Constant Smiles
1:00am Voka Gentle

Hotel Vegas at Volstead, 1502 E 6th St.
7:00pm GHUM
8:00pm GracieHorse
9:00pm Helen Ganya
10:00pm Alien Tango
11:00pm VooCha (Melissa E. Logan of / Chicks on Speed) w/ Gaisma & Yohanna Logan
12:00am lovetempo

Hotel Vegas Patio, 1502 E 6th St.
7:00pm Trucha Soul
8:45pm La Cuneta Son Machin
9:30pm Diana Burco
10:15pm Money Chicha
11:00pm El Combo Oscuro
11:45pm Superfónicos
12:30am J Güero
1:15am Son Rompe Pera

The Iron Bear, 301 W 6th St.
8:00pm True Body
9:00pm Patriarchy
10:00pm SINE
11:00pm Mass Minor
12:00am Hope
1:00am GEWALT

Kingdom, 103 E 6th St.
Because Music/Deezer
8:00pm Brandt Brauer Frick
9:00pm Cerrone
11:00pm Myd

Lamberts, 401 W 2nd St.
8:15pm Casey Neill & The Norway Rats
9:20pm Germein
10:30pm Katie Toupin
11:40pm AJ Smith
12:40am Cotton Mather

Las Perlas, 405 E 7th St.
8:00pm Ava Vegas
9:00pm Couch Prints
10:00pm 7ebra
11:00pm Sabrina Song
12:00am Girl Scout
1:00am Beverly Kills

Latchkey, 1308 E 6th St.
Punk Black
7:30pm Mirror Lake
8:15pm cinnamon babe
9:00pm Lesibu Grand
9:45pm Pussy Gillette
11:15pm We Don’t Ride Llamas

Lefty’s Brick Bar, 1813 C E 6th St.
MNRK Music Group
7:00pm Will Varley
7:50pm RVG
9:30pm Ailbhe Reddy
10:20pm Dream, Ivory

The Long Play Lounge, 1910 E Cesar Chavez St. (unofficial)
I Hate Rock N Roll
7:00pm Kuffki
8:00pm Suzanne Santo
9:00pm Emily Breeze
11:00pm Elijah Ford
12:00am Late Kids

Low Down Lounge, 1412 E 6th St.
7:00pm TUSHAR
8:00pm Hans Pucket
9:00pm BIKE
10:00pm Dea Matrona
11:00pm Big Mountain County
12:00am je’Texas

Lucille, 77 Rainey St.
Laneway Festival
8:00pm CODY JON
9:00pm Floodlights
10:00pm Sunflower Bean
11:00pm Death Valley Girls
12:00am Protomartyr
1:00am Teenage Joans

Australia’s Laneway Festival comes to SXSW.

Mala Vida, 708 E 6th St. (official or RSVP)
IMGN/Warner Music Group
7:30pm Elena Rose
8:30pm RINI
9:30pm PHEELZ
10:30pm Tiago PZK

Mohawk Indoor, 912 Red River St.
Sentric/Rough Trade Publishing/Academy Fight Songs
8:10pm Joudy
9:10pm Ok Cowgirl
10:10pm M(h)aol
11:10pm Teenage Halloween
12:10am Barrie
1:05am Red Rum Club

Mohawk Outdoor, 912 Red River St.
Sentric/Rough Trade Publishing/Academy Fight Songs
8:00pm Friko
9:00pm Divino Niño
10:00pm THICK
11:00pm be your own PET
12:00am Superchunk
1:15am Algiers

As Superchunk would say, I Hate Music (QRO review).

Neon Grotto Rooftop, 318 Colorado St.
Neon Nights
8:00pm PINES
9:00pm ella ella
10:00pm Suxxy Puxxy
12:00am Girl Ultra (DJ set)

The North Door, 908 E 5th St.
7:55pm Diamond Dior Davenport
8:00pm Lavender Thug
9:00pm TURITO (fka Y2K)
9:300pm p1nkstar
10:10pm QUANNA
10:50pm Jonny Jukebox
11:30pm Thelonious Love
12:20am Vertarias
1:10am BabiBoi

Parish, 501 Brushy St.
BMI Sonidos
8:00pm El Dusty
8:30pm Caravanchela
9:30pm Neysa Blay
10:30pm Jona Camacho
11:30pm Estereomance
12:30am Girl Ultra
1:10am El Dusty

Parker Jazz Club, 117 W 4th St.
ATX Composers
7:30pm Density512
8:45pm Austin Unconducted
10:00pm Graham Reynolds
11:15pm Invoke
12:30am Mother Falcon

Pershing, 2415 E 5th St. (RSVP)
SPIN Magazine
11:00pm Blondshell
Urban Heat
Chulita Vinyl Club

Revival Coffee, 1405 E 7th St.
Que Ent.
8:15pm riela
8:45pm Marcos G
9:20pm Bebo Dumont
10:00pm Foudeqush

San Jac Saloon, 300 E 6th St. (unofficial)
5:00pm Tyler Brandon Duo
9:00pm Angelynn

Saxon Pub, 1320 S Lamar Blvd.
8:00pm Rob Cannillo
9:00pm Camping with Beavers
10:00pm South For Winter
11:00pm Johnny Chops
12:00am Karen Jonas
1:00am Jason Farlow & The Last Real Circus

Sellers Underground, 213 W 4th St.
Jazz re:freshed Outernational
Jazz re:freshed (DJ)
8:00pm Marcus Joseph
9:00pm Yazmin Lacey
10:00pm Camilla George
11:00pm Balimaya Project
12:00am DoomCannon
1:00am Steam Down

Seven Grand, 405 E 7th St.
8:00pm TITA
9:00pm Kate Davis
10:00pm Devon Gilfillian
11:00pm Baby Rose
12:00am Overcoats
1:00am Iguana Death Cult

Shangri-La, 1016 E 6th St.
The Spanish Wave
7:00pm NOIA
8:00pm Ghouljaboy
9:00pm Rakky Ripper
10:00pm Maestro Espada
11:00pm Caballo Prieto Azabache

Sheraton BackYARD, 702 E 10th St. (official/free)
The Breaks (Hosts)
7:05pm DJ Yupthtsher
7:35pm Bianca B-Lo
8:15pm J Rich Tha Don
8:35pm Kina Love
8:55pm Skylar T
9:15pm LHF Lil Ke
9:35pm J. Mill
9:55pm Stasseny
10:25pm Skateland
10:55pm Tribe Mafia
11:30pm Alesia Lani

Speakeasy, 412 Congress Ave.
Everything R&B
7:00pm DJ Ace
8:00pm Ojerime
8:30pm Kadeem Tyrell
9:00pm Shae Universe
9:30pm Mnelia
11:00pm James Vickery
11:30pm Jaz Karis
12:00am Bellah

The Stay Put, 73 Rainey St.
We Were Never Boring
7:00pm Enzo Baruffaldi
8:00pm Prim
9:00pm Big Cream
10:00pm Fake Fruit
11:00pm KOKO MOON
12:00am Her Skin
1:00am The Wends

Stephen F’s Bar, 701 Congress Ave.
8:00pm Veronica Fusaro
9:00pm Anna Salman
10:00pm Constant Follower
11:00pm Laura Pérez

Stubb’s, 801 Red River St.
8:00pm Peter One
9:00pm Hermanos Gutiérrez
10:00pm Christian Bland & The Revelators
11:00pm The Zombies

It’s the “Time of the Season” with iconic sixties pop act The Zombies.

Swan Dive, 615 Red River St.
Six Shooter Records
8:00pm N’famady Kouyaté
9:00pm T. Thomason
10:00pm Skye Wallace
11:00pm Mauvey
12:00am Boy Golden
1:00am William Prince

Swan Dive Patio, 615 Red River St.
BreakOut West
8:15pm Haley Blais
9:15pm The Garrys
10:15pm Mariel Buckley
11:15pm Snotty Nose Rez Kids
12:15am Begonia
1:15am Vox Rea

Tellers, 607 Trinity St. (RSVP)
The Sound Gallery

Tweedy’s Bar, 2908 Fruth St. (free)
10:30pm Funhouse
11:00pm GEDA
11:30pm Mary Jane Dunphe
12:00am Hotline TNT

Valhalla, 710 Red River St.
Rocky Road Touring
8:00pm Devon Thompson
9:00pm Jack Valero
10:00pm Saint Leonard
11:00pm Lorelei K
12:00am Sabrina Ellis
1:00am Kristeen Young

Vaquero Taquero, 603 Sabine St.
8:00pm DJ Candlestick
8:20pm AV713
8:35pm PDG Jiggy
8:50pm Ace Park
9:10pm Dom Frisko
9:25pm Jay Gunna
9:40pm Lil Pat The Nicest
9:55pm Rayface
10:05pm DJ Ktone
10:25pm Jimmy Bolt
10:40pm Spottie WiFi
10:55pm BSGG Lil Man
11:10pm Aaron Page
11:25pm Stockz
11:45pm Infamous Thierry
12:05am ESG
12:25am Lah pat
12:45am OG Ron C
1:05am That Mexican OT
1:25am DJ X.O.
1:45am Erica Banks

The Velveeta Room, 521 E 6th St.
Tiger Bomb Promo
8:00pm Gay Meat
9:00pm Dead Gowns
10:00pm Kolezanka
11:00pm Softee
12:00am Truth Club
1:00am Dropper

The Venue ATX, 516 E 6th St.
8:00pm Crank Caviar
8:00pm Frank “Scooby” Sirius
9:30pm Chris “Rapper Dude” Black
11:00pm Weensey
12:30am Anwan “Big G” Glover

Victorian Room at The Driskill, 604 Brazos St.
8:00pm Bona Fide
9:00pm Strawberry Guy
10:00pm Criibaby
11:00pm ASHY
12:00am Hayley Warner
1:00am poolblood

Wax Myrtle’s, 506 San Jacinto Blvd. Suite WM
Innovation Bridge Europe
8:00pm Le Ren
9:00pm Philine Sonny
10:00pm SURMA
11:00pm GIUNGLA

And a handy map of the participating venues: