SXSW 2023 Preview – Saturday

It's a big final day at SXSW '23....

SXSW 2023 Preview - Saturday

The music industry has bounced back, and so has SXSW, returning to Austin, Monday-Saturday, March 13-18.

QRO’s big preview has also returned, taking in all the musical events, official & unofficial, free, RSVP, and more – included recommended.

(official unless otherwise indicated)


It’s a big final day at SXSW ’23.



The Ballroom (Back Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
2:15pm Lyons & Co
3:05pm Further North
3:55pm Thanya Iyer
4:45pm Razor Braids
5:35pm Trash Panda
6:25pm Upchuck

The Ballroom (Inside Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
2:30pm Breed
3:30pm Better Than This
4:30pm 0 Miles Per Hour
5:30pm Virginity
6:30pm Bloomsday

The Ballroom (Skate Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
2:00pm KNDRX
2:30pm Tyler Sjostrom
3:00pm Kozak Sirohama
3:30pm Alwa Gordon
3:50pm JT Hiskey
4:00pm Ben Buck
4:20pm TMC the MC
4:40pm Pudge
5:00pm Mega Ran
5:25pm Jay Prob x Rocky Snyda
5:45pm Kosha Dillz
6:15pm Nappy Roots

Banger’s, 79 Rainey St. (free)
11:00am Calloway & The Prickly Pears
3:00pm Hogan Sullivan
7:00pm Ruthie Craft

British Music Embassy @ The Courtyard, 208 W 4th St.
2:10pm Strawberry Guy
3:00pm Tamzene
3:50pm Youth Sector
4:40pm Venbee
5:30pm Redolent

C-Boy’s Heart & Soul, 2008 S Congress Ave. (free)
SoCo Stomp
12:45pm Dale Watson and His Lone Stars
1:45pm Tomar & the FC’s
2:30pm Bukka Allen
3:00pm Julianna Riolino/Carson McHone/Daniel Romano’s Outfit
4:30pm Gypsy Mitchell
5:00pm Ian Moore
5:45pm Sarah Shook & the Disarmers
6:30pm Matthew Logan Vasquez

Cavalier and Fading Yellow House, 2326 Webberville Rd. (free)
Webberville Block Party
12:30pm DJ Ed Gonzalez
1:00pm The PA’s
1:45pm Timothy Eerie
2:30pm Dropper
3:15pm Fading Yellow
4:00pm Tomato Flower
4:45pm Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band

Cheer Up Charlie’s Indoor, 900 Red River St. (free)
Might Be Magic
Brett Johnson
Collin Bass

Chess Club, 617 Red River St. (RSVP)
12:30pm Nerve
1:00pm Scorched Earth
1:45pm Ninth Circle
2:30pm Fun House
3:15pm Soul Glo
4:00pm be your own PET
5:00pm Mexican Coke
6:00pm Fugitive

Community Concerts at Lady Bird Lake, Riverside Dr. & S 1st St. (official/free)
3:00pm HONK!TX

Continental Club, 1315 S Congress Ave. (free)
Mojo Nixon
9:00am then………….
10:00am Allen Oldies Band
11:00am Ross Cashiola
12:00pm Hector Tellez
1:00pm Folk Uke
2:00pm Jon Dee Graham
3:00pm Waco Brothers
4:00pm Binky Griptite Orchestra
5:00pm Mojo Nixon & the Toad Liquors

Curio’s Candleworks & Gallery, 3908 Menchaca Rd. (free)
Bad Ass Bitches
1:30pm John Taylor
2:15pm Boo85
3:00pm Saturnia Pavonia
3:45pm Gwen McMillin
4:30pm Amethyst Jonquille
5:15pm Digger of Dirt
6:00pm Paisley Fields
6:45pm Box Step
7:30pm The Velvicks

Embassy Suites Austin South Congress, 300 S Congress Ave. (official/free)
5:00pm Jake Whiskin

Empire Garage & Control Room, 606 E 7th St. (RSVP)
Brooklyn Bowl/Consequence of Sound/Relix
1:00pm Brigitte Calls Me Baby
2:00pm Why Bonnie
3:00pm Barrie
4:00pm Sir Woman
5:00pm The Nude Party

Fair Market, 1100 E 5th St.
C4 Smart Energy
2:00pm DJ Hella Yella
7:00pm Plastic Picnic

Fairmont – Fulton, 110 Red River St. (official/free)
5:00pm Baba Kuboye
6:00pm Brass-A-Holics

The Far Out Lounge (Inside Stage), 8504 S Congress Ave. (RSVP)
2:30pm Personal Trainer 
3:30pm Plastic Picnic
4:45pm Sorry Mom
6:00pm Fake Fruit
7:15pm Big Bill
8:00pm Iguana Death Cult

The Far Out Lounge (Outside Stage), 8504 S Congress Ave. (RSVP)
2:00pm Thus Love 
3:00pm The Moss
4:00pm Ron Gallo
5:20pm Dream Wife
6:15pm Civic
7:30pm Money Chicha
9:00pm The Mauskovic Dance Band

Hilton Austin Lobby, 500 E 4th St. (official/free)
5:00pm Caballo Prieto Azabache
6:00pm Emma Worley

Hotel San Jose, 1316 S Congress Ave. (free)
1:00pm The Push & Shove
2:00pm Texas String Assembly
3:00pm Peter One
4:00pm Olivia Jean
5:00pm Balming Tiger
6:00pm Monophonics
7:00pm The War And Treaty
8:00pm Sir Woman

Hotel Van Zandt, 60 Davis St. (official/free)
5:00pm DJ Rakimbeau

Hotel Vegas, 1502 E 6th St. (free)
3:40pm Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
Soul Glo
Black Mercy
2:00pm CIVIC
Waste Man
2:50pm TVOD
4:30pm Portrayal of Guilt
Orchestra Gold
5:20pm Hello Mary

Hyatt Regency Austin, 208 Barton Springs Rd. (official/free)
5:00pm Johnny Chops
6:00pm Kadeem Tyrell

Icenhauer’s, 83 Rainey St. (free)
Gillian Jean
1:00pm Tim Snider & Wolfgang Timber Duo
2:00pm Goon
3:00pm TBA
4:00pm Jessica Carter Altman
5:00pm Nia
6:00pm Tayls

Inn Cahoots, 1221 E 6th St. (free)
2:00pm San Gabriel
3:00pm Jane Leo
4:00pm Flora and Fawna
5:00pm Daiistar

International Day Stage, 99 Trinity St.
1:00pm Beverly Kills
2:00pm Oracle Sisters
3:00pm Germein
5:00pm The Scratch
6:00pm Alien Tango

JNL Barbecue, 2027 E Cesar Chavez St. (RSVP)
2:00pm Joey Z
2:45pm Born Twins
3:30pm Tounges Of Fire
4:15pm Venus Twins
5:00pm Dropper
5:45pm Bondbreaker
6:30pm Avalanche Party
7:15pm Party Van

JW Marriott – Edge Rooftop Bar, 110 E 2nd St. (official/free)
5:00pm Paisley Fields
6:00pm ASHY

The Lawn Food Truck Court, 2118 S Congress Ave. (free)
12:00pm MadCoins
1:30pm B-Stee
3:00pm Mitchell James w/ DJ Regal Eagle
4:30pm GNiice
6:00pm DJ KICKIT

Lazarus Brewing Co., 1902 E 6th St. (free)
Music For Listeners
12:00pm special guest
1:00pm special guest
2:00pm special guest
3:00pm special guest
4:00pm Kiwi Jr.
5:00pm The Golden Dregs
6:00pm special guest

Lolo’s Wine Bar, 1504 E 6th St. (unofficial)
Aquarium Drunkard
1:00pm Peter One
Cactus Lee
Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears
6:00pm Peel Dream Magazine
Future Museums
Skyway Man

Love, Tito’s Retail Store, 215 Lavaca St. (free)
1:00pm Angel Estrada
1:30pm Devon Gilfillian
2:30pm Madison Baker
3:30pm Kolezanka
4:30pm Tsi Tsi

Luck Ranch (unofficial)
Cha Wa
Ivan Neville & Friends
The Soul Rebels
Low Cut Connie
Tommy McLain & C.C. Adcock
Big Freedia

New Orleans comes to Luck Ranch on Saturday.

The Lucky Duck, 1300 E 6th St. (free)
Tea Aguilar
Lea the Leox
5:00pm David Shabani
Emanuel Casablanca
The Lost Millions

Mohawk Indoor, 912 Red River St. (RSVP)
Bad Kids/Resound
Sweet Pill
Their / They’re / There
Burnt Skull
Exotic Fruit

Mohawk Outdoor, 912 Red River St. (RSVP)
Bad Kids/Resound
Fat Tony
Strange Joy
3:00pm Portrayal of Guilt

Neon Grotto Rooftop, 318 Colorado St. (unofficial)
Lizette Roman

Parish, 501 Brushy St. (RSVP)
Hattie B’s/Oh Boy Records/Like You Mean It
Tré Burt
Kelsey Waldon
3:30pm Tommy Prine
Riley Downing
Emily Nenni
Gabe Lee
2:00pm Izzy Heltai
Josie Toney
Volunteer Department
Like You Mean It Records Family Band

The Rustic Tap, 613 W 6th St. (unofficial)
1:00pm The Minks
4:30pm Rochelle & The Sidewinders

Radio Coffee & Bear, 4204 Menchaca Rd. (free)
4:00pm Dog Island
5:00pm Tearjerk
6:00pm Virginia Creeper
7:00pm Good Field

Rozco’s Comedy Club, 1807 E 7th St. (RSVP)
Tiny Van
11:00am Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps
12:00pm MANE
1:00pm i.V KiNG
2:00pm stay on mars
3:00pm Sweet talker
4:00pm Terra Coast
5:00pm Dresage
6:00pm Mel
7:00pm The Pinkerton Raid
8:00pm Big Special
9:00pm Nicholas Johnson
9:45pm NEEVE

San Jac Saloon, 300 E 6th St. (unofficial)
2:15pm Mary Scholz
3:00pm Chris Berardo
3:45pm Rose’s Pawn Shop
4:30pm Mustangs of the West
6:45pm Cimarron 6:45

Scholz Garten 1607 San Jacinto Blvd. (RSVP)
Spaceflight Mission
3:00pm Meernaa
3:30pm Garrett T Capps & Nasa Country
5:00pm Shinyribs

Shiners Saloon Indoor, 422 Congress Ave. (unofficial)
2:30pm Arbordae
3:30pm Max Knouse
5:00pm Avalanche Party
6:30pm Red Rum Club

Shiners Saloon Rooftop, 422 Congress Ave. (unofficial)
2:00pm Orchestra Gold
3:05pm MANE
4:20pm Wynona Bleach
5:20pm Child Seat
6:20pm Quarters of Change

Spokesman on St Elmo, 440 St Elmo Rd. A2 (free)
Pressing Matterz
Acclimated Assassin
The Point
Black DaVinciii
Bridger Prix
Willis Nillis
Heavy the Bluebird
Low-Pressure Salesman
Doctor Guaca
Full Phonetic
Altoon C

Stiles Switch BBQ, 6610 N Lamar Blvd. (free)
12:00pm Nate Nelson & State Street Band
1:00pm Nichole Wagner
2:00pm Colton French
3:00pm Mike Donnell
4:00pm John Egan
5:00pm Pushwater
6:00pm Brooke Graham
7:00pm Collapsing Stars
8:00pm The Reed Brothers

Still Austin Whiskey, 440 E St Elmo Rd. Suite F (free)
New West Records
1:00pm Say Zuzu
2:00pm Sunny War
3:00pm Deslondes
4:00pm Emily Nenni
5:00pm Chicksaw Mudd Puppies
6:00pm Town Mountain
7:00pm Pink Stones
8:00pm Esther Rose

Sunny’s Backyard, 3526 E 7th St. (free)
JW Francis
Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad
Stella & The Very Messed
Letting Up Despite Great Faults
Capture Phase
2:45pm Sleeping Jesus
Dewey Ivy
Subpar Snatch
The Khost

The Sunset Room, 310 E 3rd St.
White Claw
4:00pm Abraham Alexander

Tweedy’s Bar, 2908 Fruth St. (RSVP)
New Now
2:00pm The Sharp Pins
2:30pm Free Range
3:00pm Donkey Basketball
3:30pm Godcaster
4:00pm Noah Roth
4:30pm Knifeplay
5:00pm Hemlock
5:30pm Lifeguard
6:15pm Friko
7:00pm Peel Dream Magazine
7:30pm TV Buddha
8:15pm Fujiko

Whisler’s, 1816 E 6th St. (free)
1:00pm Feral Four



The 13th Floor, 711 Red River St.
8:00pm Immaterial Possession
9:00pm Muck and the Mires
10:00pm Miranda and the Beat
12:00am GEWALT
1:00am BALTHVS

Antone’s, 305 E 5th St.
Lafayette Sheauxkaze
8:00pm Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas
9:00pm Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys
10:30pm Keith Frank & Soileau Zydeco
12:00am The Debtors
1:00am JaRon Marshall

Armadillo Den, 10106 Menchaca Rd. (RSVP)
Jam In the Van
6:00pm Modernlove
7:00pm The Vandoliers
8:00pm The Pink Stones
9:00pm Black Joe Lewis
10:00pm Devon Gilfillian

Augustine, 86 Rainey St.
8:00pm LUCIIA
8:25pm Erykah Officer
8:55pm Byron Juane
9:25pm Benji.
9:55pm Sophia Galaté
10:25pm Isaia Huron
11:00pm James Vickery
11:40pm Dende
12:30am DJ KEV

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing, 1305 W Oltorf (unofficial)
5:00pm Cotton Mather
6:00pm Metrocade
7:00pm Mother Neff
9:00pm About You
10:00pm Mamahawk

Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater, 310 Willie Nelson Blvd.
SXSW 2023 Music Closing Party – Aimi
Duke Dumont

The Ballroom (Back Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
7:15pm Jon Wiilde
8:05pm Talker
8:55pm Strange Joy
9:45pm Brooklane

The Ballroom (Inside Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
7:30pm Be//gotten
8:30pm Keep Flying
9:30pm Suck Brick Kid
10:30pm Wounded Touch
11:30pm Portrayal of Guilt
12:20am They Are Gutting A Body of Water
1:10am Glare

The Ballroom (Skate Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
7:10pm Sad Park
8:00pm Jobber
9:00pm Runnner
10:15pm HARBOUR

British Music Embassy @ The Courtyard, 208 W 4th St.
BBC Introducing
8:00pm Heartworms
9:00pm Queen Millz
10:00pm Sports Team
11:00pm The Orielles
12:00am Robocobra Quartet
1:00am VLURE

Central Presbyterian Church, 200 E 8th St.
7:15pm Housekeys
8:15pm Christopher Willits
9:15pm Laraaji & Joe Patitucci with Plants

Cheer Up Charlie’s Indoor, 900 Red River St.
House of Lepore
8:00pm Hyperpop Palace

Cheer Up Charlie’s Outdoor, 900 Red River St.
House of Lepore
8:00pm Lavender Thug
9:00pm Diamond Dior Davenport
9:15pm SMV
10:00pm BabiBoi
10:30pm Sevndeep
11:00pm Dai Burger
11:30pm Cookiee Kawaii
12:00am House of Lepore
12:00am House of Von Dutch
12:00am Old Navy
12:00am Thee International House of Juicy Couture
12:00am The Majestic KiKi House of Moschino

Chess Club, 617 Red River St.
8:00pm Big Special
9:00pm TVOD
10:00pm Glass Mansions
11:00pm Snooper
12:00am Die Spitz
1:00am THICK

Continental Club, 1315 S Congress Ave.
8:00pm William Harries Graham
9:00pm Jon Dee Graham
10:00pm Kami Lyle
11:00pm Dana Gillespie
12:00am Warren Hood
1:00am Marshall Hood

Cooper’s BBQ, 217 Congress Ave.
8:15pm Rett Smith
9:20pm Coyle Girelli
10:20pm Restos
11:20pm Mando Saenz
12:30am San Saba County

The Creek and the Cave, 611 E 7th St.
Baby’s All Right/Sunflower Bean
8:00pm Strange Ranger
8:50pm THUS LOVE
9:40pm Malice K
10:30pm Hello Mary
11:20pm Model/Actriz
12:10am Sunflower Bean

The Creek and the Cave Backyard, 611 E 7th St.
Baby’s All Right/Perfectly Imperfect
7:00pm Eera
9:20pm Club Eat
10:00pm Damon R.
11:00pm Blaketheman1000
11:50pm The Hellp
12:45am Isabella Lovestory
1:15am The Life

The Drafting Room, 88 1/2 Rainey St.
8:00pm Darling West
9:00pm Ask Carol
10:00pm Geskle
12:00am Queen Serene
1:00am Blvck Hippie

Electric Church, 5018 E Cesar Chavez St. (unofficial)
Glaze Magazine
1:00am Daiistar
Peel Dream Magazine
Mary Cherry

Elephant Room, 315 Congress Ave.
8:00pm Colin Houlihan’s Utopia Quartet
9:00pm DoomCannon
10:00pm Jeff Lofton
11:00pm Big Wy’s Brass Band
12:00am Brass-A-Holics

Elysium, 705 Red River St.
8:00pm VCTMS
9:00pm Escuela Grind
10:00pm Soul Glo
11:00pm Militarie Gun
12:00am The Callous Daoboys
1:00am Creeping Death

Empire Garage, 606 E 7th St.
Brooklyn Bowl/Consequence of Sound
8:00pm Arcy Drive
9:00pm The Moss
10:00pm Ron Gallo
11:00pm Thee Sacred Souls
12:00am Low Cut Connie

Esther’s Follies, 525 E 6th St.
8:00pm Pelvis Wrestley
9:00pm TC Superstar
10:00pm Personal Trainer
11:00pm Augustine
12:00am Lord Friday the 13th
1:00am Fragile Rock

Fairweather Cider Co., 10609 Metric Blvd. #108 (unofficial)
Angel Estrada
Censored Dialogue
Female Gallery
Monarch the Poet
Papi Culo
Pure XTC
Royal She

Flamingo Cantina, 515 E 6th St.
Futuristic Femmes/Tavia MD Agency
8:00pm DJ Goddess
9:00pm Ivey Amour
9:20pm 2flaw$y
9:40pm Zelly Vibes
10:00pm Glockianna
10:20pm Luck
10:40pm bbymutha
11:00pm Detroit Barbie
11:20pm Brooklyn Queen
11:40pm Sandflower
12:00am EnzyRose
12:20am Cha’keeta B
12:40am Pap Chanel
1:00am Amy Luciani

Half Step, 75 1/2 Rainey St.
8:00pm DJ Willtothe
8:15pm Big Haze
8:30pm Rob Taylor
8:45pm Diego Fresh
9:00pm Alonda Rich
9:15pm Nikki Natural
9:30pm Mehgan James
9:50pm AdELA
10:10pm Ms Madli
10:50pm Jay-Way
11:15pm Steven Malcolm
11:50pm Cure For Paranoia
12:40am The WRLDFMS Tony Willams
1:30am Jim-E-O

High Noon, 2000 E Cesar Chavez St. (RSVP)
Rambler Sparkling Water
5:00pm Eagle Claw
6:00pm Infinite Hiss
7:00pm Alex Maas
8:00pm Kevin McKinney
9:00pm White Denim
10:00pm Carrot T. Gaps & The Space Foos

Hotel Vegas, 1502 E 6th St.
Anniversary Group/No Gold
7:00pm Patrick Holland
8:00pm Party Dozen
9:00pm Motherhood
10:00pm DYGL
11:00pm BOYO
12:00am Estereomance
1:00am Godcaster

Hotel Vegas at Volstead, 1502 E 6th St.
Anniversary Group/No Gold
7:00pm Shoeb Ahmad
7:50pm otay:onii
8:40pm ZENIZEN
9:30pm Amber Arcades
10:20pm Rainbow Chan
11:10pm Tomato Flower
12:00am babybaby_explores
12:50am Ariel & The Culture

Hotel Vegas Patio, 1502 E 6th St.
Anniversary Group/No Gold
7:00pm Gus Englehorn
7:45pm Jane Weaver
8:30pm Luna Luna
9:15pm Being Dead
10:00pm Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band
10:45pm zzzahara
11:30pm Thala
12:15am Pearl & the Oysters

Icenhauer’s, 83 Rainey St. (free)
Gillian Jean
7:00pm Mae
8:00pm Westerner
9:00pm Bluphoria
10:00pm Sisi
11:00pm Remy Reilly
12:00pm Sabrina Song

Inn Cahoots Outdoor, 1221 E 6th St.
Sound of Ukraine
7:00pm SpivOberta
7:50pm Igor Grohotsky
9:20pm Balaklava Blues
10:10pm KAZKA
11:10pm Kalush Orchestra

Fly the blue & yellow for Ukraine!

The Iron Bear, 301 W 6th St.
Graveface Records
8:00pm Hospital Ships
9:00pm Dreamend
10:00pm Shouldies
11:00pm Basically Nancy
12:00am Kid Dakota
1:00am Brothers Griiin (DJ set)

Knomad Bar, 1213 Corona Dr. (free)
Odyssey Touring
6:00pm Melissa Bryan
7:00pm Ashleigh Daniel
8:00pm Erin Walter
9:00pm Jus Rus
10:00pm Randy Langford
11:30pm James Hearne

Lamberts, 401 W 2nd St.
Odyssey Touring
8:15pm Andrea Magee
9:20pm Grace Pettis
10:30pm Colin Gilmore
11:30pm West Texas Exiles
12:40am Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

Las Perlas, 405 E 7th St.
8:10pm Pink Nasty Meets El Cento
9:10pm frogi
10:10pm layzi
11:10pm Manny Walters
12:10am Her Skin
1:10am fuvk

Latchkey, 1308 E 6th St.
Fisk Records
7:00pm Utley3
7:50pm The Eric Hisaw Band
8:40pm Larry Seaman
9:30pm Little Wilderness
10:20pm The Rite Flyers
11:10pm The Hide Outs

Lefty’s Brick Bar, 1813 C E 6th St.
Very Necessary
7:00pm Mason Flynt
7:05pm CODEE
7:20pm Wiardon
7:50pm D.Harmon
8:35pm Dutchboy
8:55pm Lil HBK
9:10pm The Teeta
9:30pm Keno Bryant
10:00pm Kai Ca$h
10:20pm SAUVE
10:35pm Yung Bambi

Long Play Lounge, 1910 E Cesar Chavez St. (unofficial)
Nicely Done
Wes Denzel
8:00pm Future Crib
Gold Connections
Sammy G
11:00pm Dead Gowns
Katy Rea
1:00am Scout Gillet

Low Down Lounge, 1412 E 6th St.
7:00pm Night Cap
8:00pm GOON
10:00pm Caballo Prieto Azabache
11:00pm Schatzi
12:00am Razor Braids

Lucille, 77 Rainey St.
Eleven8/DJ Hella Yella
General Mealz (Host)
8:05pm DJ Kay Call
8:45pm DJ Tazia Alexa
9:30pm DJ Square
10:15pm DJ Does IT All
11:00pm DJ Hella Yella
11:45pm Maiya Papaya
12:30am Bar1ne
1:15am The Chopstars

Mala Vida, 708 E 6th St.
Grillz by Scotty
7:30pm DJ Wangz
8:20pm D-Lo G
8:35pm Treeland
10:00pm Fendi Da Rappa
10:15pm Jay Amari
10:30pm Infamous Thierry
10:45pm Akeem Ali
11:30pm Pretty Boy Zay
12:00am Drumma Boy
12:15am Rabbit “Mr. Do It”
12:45am Scotty ATL
1:00am DJ SCREAM
1:30am Bun B

Mohawk Indoor, 912 Red River St.
New West Records
8:00pm Say ZuZu
9:00pm Chickasaw Mudd Puppies
10:00pm Sean THOMPSON’S Weird Ears
11:00pm Brody Price
12:00am Teddy & The Rough Riders
1:00am Banditos

Mohawk Outdoor, 912 Red River St.
New West Records
8:30pm Robert Ellis
9:30pm Emily Nenni
10:30pm Sunny War
11:30pm Town Mountain
12:30am The Nude Party

Moody Amphitheater @ Waterloo Park, 500 E 12th St.
Billboard/Carnival Cruise Line
7:00pm Logan Garrett
9:30pm Kx5 [Kaskade x deadmau5]

Kaskade teams up with deadmau5 on the decks.

The North Door, 908 E 5th St.
8:20pm SouthSide Hippie
8:50pm Mike Melinoe
9:20pm Mama Duke
9:55pm Stephy Lee
10:30pm Kydd Jones
11:20pm Thelonious Love
12:10am Magna Carda
1:10am Blackillac

Parish, 501 Brushy St.
Beer n Tacos
8:00pm GO DJ JB
8:35pm 49DMAN
8:50pm Big Blanco
9:05pm Master Yeti
9:35pm Runway Richy
9:50pm Mauie
10:05pm S.U.R.F
10:25pm Erica Banks
10:45pm Marqus Clae
11:05pm That Mexican OT
11:25pm Kodie Shane
11:45pm Trae Tha Truth
12:05am DJ Drama + Generation Now
12:35am Conway the Machine
1:05am DJ PAUL

Parker Jazz Club, 117 W 4th St.
8:00pm Alexis Bomtempo
9:00pm Vander Group

Revival Coffee, 1405 E 7th St.
The Smoke Out
7:00pm J Soulja
7:25pm King Hester
7:40pm Kade Fresco
7:55pm Yung Bryse
8:10pm DreTheGr8
8:25pm Lowkey Cody
8:40pm Cush With a C
9:00pm Ken LaFlaire
9:20pm Willo
9:40pm RiRiches
10:10pm Sunni Tha Rapper
10:30pm BALE
10:55pm 7098
11:20pm Whookilledkenny
11:40pm Y2

Saxon Pub, 1320 S Lamar Blvd.
8:00pm Roger Alan Wade
9:00pm Mary Scholz
10:00pm Rose’s Pawn Shop
11:00pm Kelley Mickwee
12:00am GYASI

Sellers Underground, 213 W 4th St.
Awesome Friends
8:00pm Jake Whiskin
9:00pm Junk Drawer
10:00pm Saloon Dion
12:00am Low Island
1:00am Panic Shack

Seven Grand, 405 E 7th St.
8:00pm Dorio
9:00pm Free Range
10:00pm Plastic Picnic
11:00pm Poppy Jean Crawford
12:00am Rikas
1:00am Winona Forever

Shangri-La, 1016 E 6th St.
7:00pm The Color Brown
7:55pm Hermanos Quimica
8:50pm Bial Hclap
9:50pm K-efe
10:45pm mediopicky
11:50pm HORUS

Sheraton BackYARD, 702 E 10th St. (official/free)
Latin Music Coalition Austin/EQ Austin
7:00pm Michi Sanz
8:00pm Destiny Navaira
9:00pm Como Las Movies
10:00pm Shiela
11:00pm Shrt_Lyf

Shiners Saloon Indoor, 422 Congress Ave. (unofficial)
8:00pm Tamzene
9:00pm Soma Jerome
10:00pm Hatewalker
11:00pm Hot Shot Kixxx
12:15am Flight By Nothing
1:15am Fabrik

Shiners Saloon Rooftop, 422 Congress Ave. (unofficial)
7:40pm Texas String Assembly
9:00pm Slick
10:20pm Keeper
12:00am Blevins
1:00am Mango Carson/Unspoken

Soho Lounge, 217 E 6th St. (unofficial)
DJ Holiday
ATL Jacob
Erica Banks
Trinidad James
Armani Caesar
Young Lyric
Akeem Ali
Baby Joker
8:00pm Sally Sossa
Anti Da Menace
King Obi
Lil Crank
Runway Richy

Speakeasy, 412 Congress Ave.
11:20pm Moody Bank$

Speakeasy Ballroom, 412 Congress Ave.
8:00pm NOOK Turner
8:25pm Stasseny
9:00pm Mojoe
9:40pm xBValentine
10:15pm LaTasha Lee
11:00pm Riders Against the Storm
11:45pm Balimaya Project
12:30am JessB
1:15am Samm Henshaw

Spokesman on St. Elmo, 440 E St Elmo Rd A2 (free)
7:00pm The Pink Stones
8:00pm Corduroi
9:00pm Slurp the World

The Stay Put, 73 Rainey St. (official or RSVP)
8:00pm Ruby Red
9:00pm Rett Madison
10:00pm Medium Build
11:00pm MIHI NIHIL
12:00am Cowboy Diplomacy
1:00am Krooked Kings

Stephen F’s Bar, 701 Congress Ave.
8:00pm Thin Lear
9:00pm Plàsi
10:00pm Tulliah
11:00pm T. Thomason

Stubb’s, 801 Red River St.
DJ Five Venoms

Swan Dive, 615 Red River St.
The Color Agent
8:30pm GeeXella
9:30pm Poe Leos
10:10pm Lil Texxan
11:50pm Revii
1:00am JESSWAR

Swan Dive Patio, 615 Red River St.
Now Wave
8:00pm Loose Articles
9:00pm Prima Queen
10:00pm The Golden Dregs
11:00pm Night Tapes
12:00am Hamish Hawk
1:00am Warmduscher

Tellers, 607 Trinity St. (free)
Trap Beckham
Trindad James
Mykko Montana
Drumma Boy
Dave From the Grave
Money Bo
Famous Kid Brick
Pilly Mae
Cartel Sosa
Pre Pluto
So Candy
Honch Truth
B Wee
High Key Doll
Ric No Trick
Leeko Way
Trap Yayo
SK Kel
Damari Davis
Bri X
Cool Tye
336 Mazi
Cool Phil
Get Money George
Cobi Mixed That
Runway Richy
Dom 2K
King Pin
TJ Chapman
Miistro Freeyou
Thee Goddess
Tonya Terelle
Dats Justice

Valhalla, 710 Red River St.
Planetary Group
8:00pm Floodlights
9:00pm Softcult
10:00pm Mightmare
11:00pm CIVIC
12:00am King Stingray
1:00am Shutups

Vaquero Taquero, 603 Sabine St.
8:00pm Big $wift
8:15pm KFlex
8:40pm Heembeezy
10:00pm lil seeto
10:20pm 22Gfay
10:35pm OT7 Quanny
10:50pm R3 Da Chilliman
11:05pm GB aka Ghetto Boy
11:20pm SSRich33 & Verde Babii
11:35pm BBG Steppaa
11:50pm FNF Chop
12:05am Kai Bandz
12:20am DB.Boutabag
1:10am DJ Sonz

The Velveeta Room, 521 E 6th St.
The Loyalty Firm
8:00pm Semihelix
9:00pm 1st Base Runner
10:00pm my education
11:00pm Lola Tried
12:00am Pearl Earl
1:00am Kay Odyssey

Victorian Room at The Driskill, 604 Brazos St.
8:00pm Olive Klug
9:00pm Belén Cuturi
10:00pm Brad Byrd
11:00pm Evan Bartels
12:00am Goodnight, Texas
1:00am His His

And a handy map of the participating venues: