SXSW 2023 Preview – Friday

Thank god it's a big Friday at SXSW '23....

SXSW 2023 Preview - Friday

The music industry has bounced back, and so has SXSW, returning to Austin, Monday-Saturday, March 13-18.

QRO’s big preview has also returned, taking in all the musical events, official & unofficial, free, RSVP, and more – included recommended.

(official unless otherwise indicated)


Thank god it’s a big Friday at SXSW ’23.



10609 Metric Blvd. Ste. 108 (free)
BIRP!/Sleeping Jesus
JW Francis
Sweet Talker
5:00pm Sleeping Jesus
6:00pm Far Caspian
Pearl Earl
Baseball Gregg

The 13th Floor, 711 Red River St. (free)
Third Man Records
6:00pm be your own PET
Olivia Jean
Danny Kroha & The Stools
2:00pm Peel Dream Magazine
12:30pm Miranda & The Beat
Luke Schneider

Jack White’s Third Man Records comes to SXSW.

601 Congress Ave. (RSVP)
Full Irish Breakfast
12:00pm Lauren Ann
12:35pm Sorcha Richardson
1:10pm Aoife Nessa Frances
1:45pm modernlove.
2:20pm Ailbhe Reddy
2:55pm milk.
3:30pm M(h)aol
4:05pm Somebody’s Child
4:40pm Junk Drawer
5:15pm Silverbacks
5:50pm The Scratch

Have a Full Irish Breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day.

All the Sudden, 906 Koerner Ln. (free)
Lyrics As Poetry
Living Hour
Georgia Harmer
Marce Lemon
Moriah Bailey
Ethan Azarian
Sarah Matthes
Little Mazarn
3:30pm Sara Noelle
Will Johnson
Lou Turner

Athleta, 4001 N Lamard Blvd. Ste. A (RSVP)
Women That Rock
12:30pm Sabrina Song
1:15pm Tamzene
2:00pm Scout Gillett
2:45pm Lou Roy
3:30pm Jaguar Jonze
4:15pm Dresage
5:00pm Moon Kissed

The Austin Beer Garden, 1305 W Oltorf St. (free)
Yard Dog Gallery
3:00pm Ethan Azarian
3:20pm Alice Spencer and Brian Beattie
4:00pm Jon Dee & William Graham
5:00pm Bob Schneider
6:00pm Casey Neill

Austin Eastciders, 4007 Commercial Center Dr #700 (unofficial)
Our Wicked Lady
7:30pm TVOD
9:00pm Miranda & the Beat
Shred Flintstone
Bugs int he Dark
3:15pm Razor Braids

The Ballroom (Back Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
2:15pm Better Than This
3:05pm Hey Thanks!
3:55pm 0 Miles Per Hour
4:45pm L E A
5:35pm Puppy Angst
6:25pm La Fonda

The Ballroom (Inside Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
3:30pm Rare Bloom
4:30pm Suck Brick Kid
5:30pm Razor Braids
6:30pm Virginity

The Ballroom (Skate Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
2:00pm Nominee
3:00pm Decent Criminal
5:00pm Rodeo Boys
6:00pm Keep Flying

Banger’s, 79 Rainey St. (free)
11:00am Western Express
3:00pm The Ransom Brothers
7:00pm Shadow Band

British Music Embassy @ The Courtyard, 208 W 4th St.
2:10pm Warmduscher
3:00pm Tyson
3:50pm Sans Soucis
4:40pm Hamish Hawk
5:30pm Dream Wife

Buford’s, 700 W 6th St. (free)
MIX 94.7
12:00pm Nicky Youre
12:30pm Hariz
1:00pm Edie Bens
1:30pm Loren
2:00pm Olivia Lunny
2:30pm Patrick Martin
3:00pm Charlotte Sands
3:30pm American Authors
4:00pm Brent Smith & Zach Myers (of Shinedown)

C-Boy’s Heart & Soul, 2008 S Congress Ave. (free)
SoCo Stomp
1:00pm Shooks
1:45pm Restos (formerly Western Youth)
2:15pm Tameca Jones
3:00pm Waco Brothers
3:30pm English Teeth presents “Damn the Pretenders” with 10 guest singers
4:30pm Kam Franklin (of the Suffers)
5:00pm Low Cut Connie
5:45pm Barfield
6:30pm Big Freedia

Capital Cruises (Hyatt Regency Dock), 208 Barton Springs Rd. (RSVP)
New Nashville/Bose
Them Vibes
The Accidentals
Shelly Fairchild
King Margo
2:30pm Tayls
Khyrs Hatch
Gabe Lee
Mike Miz
Molly Martin
Dillon Warnek
Nick Howard
Zach Meadows
Andre Coles

Carousel Lounge, 1110 E 52nd St. (unofficial)
Women In Music
Fox Violet
Erica Dawson

Central Machine Works, 4824 E Cesar Chavez St. (free)
3:00pm Goons
4:00pm Retro Cowgirl
5:00pm Angel White
6:00pm Sir Woman

Cheer Up Charlie’s Indoor, 900 Red River St. (RSVP)
Winspear/Luminelle/POND Creative
12:00pm Joanna Sternberg
12:45pm S. Raekwon
1:30pm Sea Lemon
2:15pm Dream, Ivory
3:00pm Sadie
3:45pm Alaska Reid
4:30pm Barrie
5:15pm Patrick Holland

Cheer Up Charlie’s Indoor, 900 Red River St. (RSVP)
Winspear/Luminelle/POND Creative
12:30pm Why Bonnie
1:15pm BNNY
2:00pm Teethe
2:45pm Native Sun
3:30pm Model/Actriz
4:15pm Been Stellar
5:00pm Bonny Doon
5:45pm Enumclaw

Cherrywood Coffeehouse, 1400 E 38 1/2 St. (free)
Fur Will Fly
3:00pm CoLa
4:00pm Alexandra
5:00pm Desert Mambas
6:00pm Clarence James
7:00pm Bicycle Boy
8:00pm Brad Byrd
9:00pm Daydreamer

Chess Club, 617 Red River St. (RSVP)
12:30pm CIVIC
1:20pm Hotline TNT
2:10pm Poison Ruin
3:00pm Death Valley Girls
3:50pm Deaf Club
4:40pm Sick Thoughts
5:30pm Militarie Gun

Clive Bar, 609 Davis St. (official or RSVP)
Dr Martens
1:00pm Mauskovic Dance Party
2:00pm Enumclaw
3:00pm Dream Wife
4:00pm Ron Gallo
5:00pm Priyanka
6:00pm Balming Tiger

Community Concerts at Lady Bird Lake, Riverside Dr. & S 1st St. (official/free)
3:00pm Baba Kuboye
4:30pm AJ Smith
5:30pm The Zombies

Continental Club, 1315 S Congress Ave. (free)
Atomic Music Group
1:00pm Wealthy West
2:00pm Garrett T Capps
3:00pm Nik Parr
4:00pm Rosie Flores
5:00pm Dallas Burrow

Cooper’s BBQ, 217 Congress Ave. (free)
Total Access Recording/KLBJ
1:00pm Souls Extolled
2:00pm The Genders
3:00pm Pegzilla
4:00pm Live Another Day
5:00pm Londynne’s Falling

Embassy Suites Austin South Congress, 300 S Congress Ave. (official/free)
5:00pm 7ebra
6:00pm Rhinestone Pickup Truck

Empire Garage & Control Room, 606 E 7th St. (badge or RSVP)
Brooklyn Bowl/Consequence of Sound
1:00pm Goodnight, Texas
2:00pm The War and Treaty
3:00pm Devon Gilfillian
4:00pm Sir Woman
5:00pm Oh He Dead

End of an Ear Records (free)
2:00pm Algiers

Fair Market, 1100 E 5th St.
C4 Smart Energy
4:00pm Kydd Jones
7:00pm Bellah

Fairmont – Fulton, 110 Red River St. (official/free)
5:00pm Pearla
6:00pm Dana Gillespie

The Far Out Lounge, 8504 S Congress Ave. (free)
Acid Fest
12:00pm Texas Bob Juarez
12:50pm The Living Pins
1:45pm Rocking Chair Reality Room
2:40pm Lucifer Sams
3:30pm Cactus Flowers
4:20pm The Courettes
5:15pm BALTHVS

Flatstock Stage at Austin Convention Center, 500 Cesar Chavez St. (official/free)
4:00pm Luna Lee

Geraldine’s, 605 Davis St. (invite-only)
10:30am Sisi
10:50am Hayley Warner
11:10am Kaitlin Butts
11:30am Chance Peña
11:50am TALK
12:10pm Jack Barksdale
12:30pm Arcy Drive
12:50pm Baby Rose
1:10pm Your Grandparents
1:30pm Venbee
1:50pm Sunny War
2:10pm J Güero

Music rights management company BMI throws its annual Acoustic Brunch.

High Noon, 2000 E Cesar Chavez St. (RSVP)
Paste Magazine
12:00pm – C K Talkington with Renee Zellweger
12:40pm – Sadurn
1:20pm – Far Caspian
2:00pm – Fruit Bats
2:40pm – Why Bonnie
3:20pm – Darling West
4:00pm – Cheekface
4:40pm – Eshu Tune (Hannibal Buress)
5:20pm – Death Valley Girls
5:55pm – McKinley Dixon
6:30pm – Ron Gallo

Hi Hat Public House, 2121 E 6th St. (free)
Matt Mossman
Jenny Hoyston’s Paradise Island
DD Dagger
Side Pony

Hilton Austin Lobby, 500 E 4th St. (official/free)
5:00pm His His
6:00pm Lauren Ann

The History Victory Grill, 1104 E 11st. (RSVP)
Mexican OT
Sally Sossa
D4M $loan
Rizzoo Rizzoo
Yung Martez
Yung AL
Sunni The Rapper
Texas Boyz
Rob Two
Kush Pack Kris
J-Rich Tha Don
Lil Nuu
Banco Ray
GBaby Chef
PME Deniro
KP Tha Profit
Thoweda Roses
Ape $terling
Mook Ali
Danyo G
Ric Da Great
Dre Lavelle
Zeeko Major

Hotel Indigo, 810 Red River St. (official/free)
5:00pm Will Varley
6:00pm Evan Bartels

Hotel San Jose, 1316 S Congress Ave. (free)
1:00pm Shadow Show
2:00pm Izzy Heltai
3:00pm Oracle Sisters
4:00pm the GOLDEN DREGS
5:00pm Blondshell
6:00pm Gypsy Mitchell
7:00pm Thee Sacred Souls
8:00pm The Nude Party

Hotel Van Zandt, 60 Davis St. (official/free)
5:00pm ASHY
6:00pm Shiela

Hotel Vegas, 1502 E 6th St. (free)
Space Agency/The Nothing Song
3:40pm Mihi Nihil
Pearl Earl
Strange Lot
Ryan Pollie
Thus Love
Living Hour
Big Mountain Country

Hotel Vegas, 1502 E 6th St. (official or RSVP)
The Austin Chronicle
Urban Heat
Being Dead
2:00pm Rattlesnake Milk
Kydd Jones

House of Commons, 2610 Rio Grande St. (RSVP)
Friend Oasis
11:00am Thanya Iyer
11:30am Mal Devisa
12:00pm Zenizen
12:30pm Jobber
1:00pm Snooper
1:30pm Sobs
2:00pm Sword II
2:30pm Knifeplay
3:00pm Their/They’re/There
3:30pm They Are Gutting a Body of Water
4:00pm Goon
4:30pm Sweet Pill
5:00pm Teethe
5:30pm Ratboys
6:00pm Weatherday
6:30pm Record Setter

Hyatt Regency Austin, 208 Barton Springs Rd. (official/free)
5:00pm The Wandering Hearts

Icenhauer’s, 83 Rainey St. (free)
Gillian Jean
12:00pm BALTHVS
1:00pm Crumbsnatchers
2:00pm Dresage
3:00pm Moon Kissed
4:00pm Super Plage
5:00pm Rikas
6:00pm Cowboy Diplomacy

Imogene + Willie Store, 1401 S Congress Ave. (unofficial)
3:20pm Peter One
4:00pm Izzy Heltai
5:10pm Bella White
7:00pm Devon Gilfillian

Inn Cahoots, 1221 E 6th St. (free)
1:00pm Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
2:00pm Sports Team
3:00pm The Moss
4:00pm Venbee
5:00pm Noisy

International Day Stage, 99 Trinity St.
1:00pm TmbaTa Orchestra
2:00pm Balimaya Project
3:00pm Obongjayar
4:00pm La Cuneta Son Machin
5:00pm Orions Belte

The Jackalope, 404 E 6th St. (RSVP)
Balanced Breakfast
12:00pm Xoë Miles / Heather Harvin / Luna Grey
1:00pm Balou / Trip Phontaine / Jet Couteur
2:00pm Chloe Tang
2:45pm 81355
3:30pm MANE
4:15pm Work Wife
5:00pm Havanna Winter
5:45pm Ask Carol

JNL Barbecue, 2027 E Cesar Chavez St. (RSVP)
2:00pm Heavy Daze
2:45pm Buckets
3:30pm Psychic Love Child
4:15pm Big Special
5:00pm Castle Club
5:45pm Bat Lips
6:30pm Kenton Mackay and the Sensors
7:15pm Panic Attack

Kitty Cohen, 2211 Webberville Rd. #3548 (free)
Graveface/Noisy Ghost PR
Kid Dakota
Basically Nancy
Hospital Ships
Joey Reyes
Sleep Over (DJ set)
Brothers Griiin

Kinda Tropical, 3501 E 7th St. (free)
3:00pm Ritmo Cascabel
4:00pm DJ Guira King
5:00pm Vanita Leo
6:00pm Bial Hclap

KMFA Event Space, 41 Navasota
12:00pm Shana Cleveland
1:30pm Kiwi Jr.
3:00pm DoomCannon
4:30pm Daniel Villarreal

The Lawn Food Truck Court, 2118 S Congress Ave. (free)
12:00pm DJ Shani
1:30pm DJ Montez
3:00pm DJ Regal Eagle
4:30pm David Glenn
6:00pm Evan Guerra

Lazarus Brewing Co., 1902 E 6th St. (free)
Music For Listeners
12:00pm special guest
1:00pm special guest
2:00pm Crawlers
3:00pm Red Rum Club
4:00pm special guest
5:00pm RVG
6:00pm Jane Weaver

Long Play Lounge, 1910 E Cesar Chavez. (unofficial)
Jake Lloyd
Sam Pankey
Chief Cleopatra
Dancey Jenkins

Love, Tito’s Retail Store, 215 Lavaca St. (free)
1:00pm DJ Coy O Te
1:30pm Daniel Fears
2:30pm DJ ASH-MAR
3:30pm Griffin Robillard
4:30pm DJ Oryalau

Lucille, 77 Rainey St.
Sounds Australia
12:00pm TUSHAR
12:25pm Jamie-Lee Dimes
12:45pm Dean Forever
1:05pm River Boy
1:30pm MANE
1:55pm Ashli
2:15pm CIVIC
2:40pm Tulliah
3:00pm Annie Hamilton
3:25pm Nat Vazer
3:45pm Hope D
4:10pm Teenage Joans
4:30pm Cody Jon
4:55pm Brekky Boy
5:15pm Beks
6:00pm Party Dozen

The Lucky Duck, 1300 E 6th St. (free)
Glass Mansions
Christina Custode
Brother Spellbinder Orchestra
The AM
Ponderosa Grove
Evening Reset

Lustre Pearl, 94 Rainey St. (official or RSVP)
1:00pm DJ Mel
2:00pm Hannah Jadagu
3:00pm Curtis Waters
4:00pm Coco & Clair Clair
5:00pm Isabella Lovestory
6:00pm Sudan Archives

Mala Vida, 708 E 6th St. (RSVP)
Birds & Waffles
12:00pm Moody Jones
1:15pm Raecola
2:30pm Life On Planets
3:45pm Claude Von Stroke

Mohawk Indoor, 912 Red River St.
12:00pm Tommy Lefroy
1:00pm Devon Cole
2:00pm TALK
3:00pm Quarters of Change
4:00pm Abraham Alexander

Mohawk Outdoor, 912 Red River St.
12:30pm TBA
1:30pm Michelle
2:30pm The Nude Party
3:30pm Nicky Youre
4:30pm Indigo de Souza

Parish, 501 Brushy St. (RSVP)
12:00pm Warmduscher
12:45pm Rugburn
1:30pm Pendant
2:15pm Lifeguard
3:00pm Hey Cowboy!
3:45pm BNNY
4:30pm Why Bonnie
5:15pm Algiers

Peckerhead’s, 402 E 6th St. (free)
Beats and Lyrics
Erica Banks
Rizzoo Rizzoo
Lul Bob
Amy Luciani
Salma Slims
Roadrunner TB
Exotic Nino
Ed Dolo
Poison Ivi
Stunna Dior
OG Bobby Billions
Kiko Blac
Kayy Kilo
Baby Joker
Handsome Balla

Precision Camera & Video, 2438 W Anderson Ln. (RSVP)
2:00pm Ladyfang
3:00pm Deer Fellow
4:00pm Kairos
5:00pm Nitefire

Radio Coffee & Bear, 4204 Menchaca Rd.(free)
5:00pm Coral Grief
6:00pm Meerna
7:00pm HK Wigs
8:30pm Je’Texas

Radio Day Stage at Ballroom A – Austin Convention Center, 500 Cesar Chavez St.
Canada House
2:00pm Thee Sacred Souls
3:00pm Hermanos Gutiérrez
4:00pm Aoife Nessa Frances
5:00pm Debby Friday

Rozco’s Comedy Club, 1807 E 7th St. (RSVP)
Tiny Van
11:00am Brother Spellbinder
12:00pm Georgia Lines
1:00pm Anne Eliza
2:00pm The Foreign Resort
3:00pm Noah and the Loners
4:00pm Sabrina Song
5:00pm Kane Alvarado
6:00pm Saloon Dion
7:00pm Superblush
8:00pm Sid Simons
9:00pm Couch Prints
9:45pm LÓN

Saxon Pub, 1320 S Lamar Blvd. (free)
12:00pm Scout Durwood
12:15pm Chris Berado
12:45pm Scout Durwood
1:00pm Mary Scholz
1:35pm Holly Montgomery
2:00pm Rose’s Pawn Shop
2:35pm Chris Berardo
3:00pm Mustangs of the West
3:35pm Americana Song Circle
4:00pm Cimarron 615

Side Bar, 602 E 7th St. (RSVP)
12:00pm Mightmare
12:30pm Dead Billionaires
1:00pm Sarah Shook & The Disarmers
1:30pm Disco Doom
2:00pm Shutups
2:30pm Party Dozen
3:00pm Teenage Halloween
3:30pm Sting Pain Index
4:00pm TBA
4:30pm Miranda & The Beat
5:00pm THEMM!
5:40pm Kym Register + Meltdown Rodeo
6:10pm Near Beer

Spokesman on St Elmo, 440 E St Elmo Rd. A2 (free)
Showlist/Brain Productions/Still Austin Whiskey Co.
5:30pm Boy Golden
6:00pm Safer
8:00pm Sharkswimmer
9:00pm Work Wife

Stiles Switch BBQ, 6610 N Lamar Blvd. (free)
12:00pm Jason Kyle Wickens
1:00pm Matthew Cranley
2:00pm Daniel Miller
3:00pm Dean Ferrell
4:00pm Morgan McKay
5:00pm Joe Sullivan & Barry Hebert
6:00pm Curtis McMurtry
7:00pm Wicked River Band
8:00pm Emily Herring & Farm To Market

Still Austin Whiskey, 440 E St Elmo Rd. Suite F (free)
Hard Luck Recording Co.
1:00pm Prizefighter
2:00pm Dan Dyer
3:00pm Primo the Alien
4:00pm Robert Ellis
5:00pm Boy Golden
6:00pm Sports Team
7:00pm Katie Pruitt
8:00pm Rob Baird

Sunny’s Backyard, 3526 E 7th St. (free)
Lost Palace
The Jaws of Brooklyn
Chucky Blk
Michael Bain

The Sunset Room, 310 E 3rd St.
White Claw

Tweedy’s Bar, 2908 Fruth St. (free)
Alex Cósmico
Big Mountain County
Ritmo Cascabel

Waterloo Records, 600 N Lamar Blvd. (free)
11:00am Orchestra Gold
1:00pm Hermanos Gutiérrez
3:00pm The Deslondes
5:00pm CIVIC

Whole Foods Rooftop, 525 N Lamar Blvd. (free)
11:00am Jessica Carter Altman
11:35am Devon Thompson
12:05pm Philine Sonny
12:45pm Ponderosa Grove
1:25pm Frost Children
2:05pm Ric Wilson
2:50pm Núria Graham
3:30pm Balming Tiger
4:15pm Krooked Kings
5:00pm L.A. Edwards
5:45pm TALK
6:30pm Dream, Ivory
7:20pm Nappy Roots

Yeti Flagship on South Congress, 220 S Congress Ave. (free)
12:45pm Abraham Alexander
2:20pm Bella White



The 13th Floor, 711 Red River St.
8:00pm Gloria de Oliveira
9:00pm The Pleasure Majenta
10:00pm Jealous
11:00pm Sid Simons
12:00am Plattenbau
1:00am THUS LOVE

Antone’s, 305 E 5th St.
New West Records
8:00pm PJ Western
9:00pm The Bad Ends
10:00pm The Pink Stones
11:00pm Esther Rose
12:00am Jaime Wyatt
1:00am The Deslondes

Armadillo Den, 10106 Menchaca Rd. (RSVP)
Jam In the Van
4:30pm Dear Darling
5:30pm The Josephines
6:30pm Roanoke
7:30pm Trash Panda
8:30pm Zach Person
9:30pm The Heavy Heavy
10:30pm Matthew Logan Vasquez

Augustine, 86 Rainey St.
FAMA Collective
8:00pm La Marimba
8:50pm Ramona
9:40pm El Gran Poder De Diosa
10:30pm Paraísos
11:20pm Tangowhiskyman
12:30am RUBIO
1:10am mediopicky

The Austin Beer Garden, 1305 W Oltorf St. (free)
Yard Dog Gallery
7:00pm Wild Seeds
8:00pm Churchwood
9:00pm The Silos (performing Cuba)
10:00pm Jon Langford & The Far Forlorn
11:00pm Waco Brothers

Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater, 310 Willie Nelson Blvd.
Rolling Stone Magazine
6:00pm DJ Rosegold
7:00pm Coco & Clair Clair
9:30pm Koffee
10:30pm Coco Jones

The Ballroom (Back Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
7:15pm THICK
8:05pm Teenage Halloween
8:55pm The Ophelias
9:45pm Living Hour

The Ballroom (Inside Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
7:30pm Softcult
8:30pm Sweet Pill
9:30pm Their / They’re / There
10:30pm Pet Symmetry
11:45pm Wounded Touch
12:35am Deaf Club

The Ballroom (Skate Stage), 2906 Fruth St. (free)
8:00pm Tied Up
9:00pm Ratboys
10:15pm Sorry Mom

The Belmont, 305 W 6th St.
United Masters

British Music Embassy @ The Courtyard, 208 W 4th St.
BBC Introducing
8:00pm Edie Bens
9:00pm Kadeem Tyrell
10:00pm Crawlers
11:00pm Jessica Winter
12:00am English Teacher
1:00am Steam Down

Brooke Rodd, 632 N Lamar Blvd. (free)
Panthr Music
Crashed & Burned
Jason and Brit
5:30pm Julie Doiron
Sean Barna
Garrett Gloom
Bret Roberts Trio

Carpenter Hotel, 400 Josephine St. (RSVP)
7:00pm The Heavy Heavy
Brooke Combe
9:30pm Devon Cole

Central Presbyterian Church, 200 E 8th St.
7:00pm Pearla
8:00pm Kate Davis
9:00pm Jane Weaver
10:00pm Peter One
11:00pm Abraham Alexander

Cheer Up Charlie’s Indoor, 900 Red River St.
Kill Rock Stars
8:20pm Joh Chase
9:20pm Roanoke
10:20pm Jad Fair and The Placebos
11:20pm Bitch
12:20am Shutups
1:20am Mightmare

Cheer Up Charlie’s Outdoor, 900 Red River St.
Kill Rock Stars
8:00pm Shelly Fairchild
9:00pm Seán Barna
10:00pm Mya Byrne
11:00pm Ron Gallo
12:00am Ryan Cassata
1:00am Shaylee

Chess Club, 617 Red River St.
7:00pm Spllit
8:00pm Lifeguard
9:00pm Mugger
10:00pm Poison Ruin
11:00pm Foyer Red
12:00am The Foreign Resort
1:00am Husbands

Continental Club, 1315 S Congress Ave.
Atomic Music Group
8:00pm Konrad Wert/Possessed by Paul James
9:00pm Summer Dean
10:00pm Tylor & the Train Robbers
11:00pm Jason D. Williams
12:00am Dale Watson

Cooper’s BBQ, 217 Congress Ave.
8:30pm Mariachi Las Coronelas
9:30pm Patricia Vonne
10:30pm The Tiarras
11:30pm Liah Alonso
12:30am Cecilia and The Broken Hearts

The Creek and the Cave, 611 E 7th St.
Spaceflight Records
8:15pm S.L. Houser
9:15pm Night Glitter
10:15pm Big Bill
11:15pm Otis Wilkins
12:15am Kalu & The Electric Joint
1:15am Garrett T. Capps & NASA Country

The Creek and the Cave Backyard, 611 E 7th St.
Spaceflight Records
8:00pm The Tender Things
9:00pm Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad
10:00pm Urban Heat
11:00pm Primo the Alien
1:00am Trouble in The Streets

The Drafting Room, 88 1/2 Rainey St. (official or RSVP)
Range Magazine
8:00pm Lex Leosis
9:00pm Snotty Nose Rez Kids
11:00pm Sylo
12:00am Chiiild
1:00am 80purppp

Elephant Room, 315 Congress Ave.
8:00pm Jonathan Suazo
9:00pm ChihiroYamazaki+ROUTE14band
10:00pm Graham Reynolds & The Golden Arm Trio
11:00pm Fergus McCreadie
12:00am Clarence Ward III & Dat Feel Good

Elysium, 705 Red River St.
Sounds from Japan
7:30pm VivaOla
8:05pm Wez Atlas
10:00pm NTsKi
11:00pm YU-KA
1:00am DYGL

Empire Garage, 606 E 7th St.
8:00pm Eshu Tune (Hannibal Buress)
9:00pm Kaelin Ellis
10:00pm Monophonics
11:00pm White Denim
12:00am Dead Inside (DJ set)

Esther’s Follies, 525 E 6th St.
8:00pm Oracle Sisters
9:00pm Georgia Lines
10:00pm milk.
11:00pm The Scratch
12:00am Lemonade Shoelace
1:00am The Purple Bee Experience

Flamingo Cantina, 515 E 6th St.
Island Wave
8:00pm ReggaeMusicAgain Collective
9:00pm Ahnansé
9:45pm Jimmy October
10:00pm MORTIMER
11:00pm Freetown Collective
11:45pm Kalpee
12:30am Blvk H3ro
1:00am ReggaeMusicAgain Collective

Half Step, 75 1/2 Rainey St.
Ari’s Take/Labelcoin
8:00pm Abigail Osborn
8:45pm Megan Davies
9:35pm Victoria Canal
10:25pm The Rare Occasions
11:15pm Annabel Lee
12:05am Indigo De Souza
1:05am Zella Day

Higher Ground, 720 Congress Ave.
8:00pm Clarence James
8:50pm Dende
9:30pm zzzahara
10:15pm Your Grandparents
11:00pm Foudeqush
11:45pm Alien Tango
12:30am Zach Witness

Hotel Vegas, 1502 E 6th St.
The Nothing Song/Space Agency Booking
7:00pm Brad stank
8:00pm Laveda
9:00pm Bodywash
10:00pm Sea Moya
11:00pm Peel Dream Magazine
12:00am La Sécurité
1:00am Orchestra Gold

Hotel Vegas at Volstead, 1502 E 6th St.
Space Agency Booking
7:00pm Pol
7:50pm Alicia Clara
8:40pm Font
9:30pm Sword II
10:20pm Miss Grit
12:00am Le Couleur
12:50am Gargoyle

Hotel Vegas Patio, 1502 E 6th St.
Space Agency Booking
7:15pm Death Valley Girls
7:45pm Tropa Mágica
9:15pm Jembaa Groove
10:00pm Rogê
10:45pm Os Mutantes
12:15am Mauskovic Dance Band
1:15am Al Lover

Icenhauer’s, 83 Rainey St. (free)
Gillian Jean
7:00pm Andi
8:00pm Talker
9:00pm Noah Vonne
10:00pm Mutts
11:00pm Brother Moses

Inn Cahoots Outdoor, 1221 E 6th St. (official/free)
7:00pm Girl Scout
8:00pm Far Caspian
10:00pm The Lounge Society
11:00pm BALTHVS

The Iron Bear, 301 W 6th St.
8:00pm Casey MQ
9:00pm TALK
10:00pm Huntly
11:00pm Izzy Heltai
12:00am Medium Build
1:00am SURMA

Lamberts, 401 W 2nd St.
Odyssey Touring
8:00pm Rock Eupora
9:00pm Molly Martin
10:00pm Future Crib
11:00pm The Minks
12:00am Tayls
1:00am Thelma and The Sleaze

Las Perlas, 405 E 7th St.
Fierce Panda/End of the Trail
8:00pm N’famady Kouyaté
9:00pm Voka Gentle
10:00pm Ulysses Wells
11:00pm Dea Matrona
12:00am Salarymen
1:00am MOSES

Latchkey, 1308 E 6th St. (official or RSVP)
7:00pm Fragile Rock
7:35pm Lady Midnight
8:00pm Tyler Sjöström
8:35pm Lyons & Co.
9:10pm KNDRX
9:35pm Paperboy Prince
10:25pm Kosha Dillz
11:00pm Kalush Orchestra
11:30pm Nappy Roots

Lefty’s Brick Bar, 1813 C E 6th St.
Run for Cover Records
7:00pm Sadurn
8:00pm waveform*
9:00pm Runnner
10:00pm Portrayal of Guilt

Long Play Lounge, 1910 E Cesar Chavez. (unofficial)
6:00pm A Giant Dog
Transy Warhol

Low Down Lounge, 1412 E 6th St.
7:00pm Tough On Fridays
9:00pm O Tortuga
10:00pm Juani Mustard
11:00pm GHUM
12:00am Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Lucille, 77 Rainey St.
Gold Diggers/Aquarium Drunkard
8:00pm The Golden Dregs
9:00pm Aoife Nessa Frances
10:00pm Fruit Bats (solo)
11:00pm Bonny Doon
12:00am Pearl & the Oysters
1:00am Orions Belte

Mala Vida, 708 E 6th St. (official or RSVP)
11:35pm Quin NFN
12:00am Conway the Machine
Sauce Walka
Money Man
Payroll Giovanni
Lil Yee
Allstar Jr
Lil Bean

Mohawk Outdoor, 912 Red River St.
8:00pm Modern Love Child
8:10pm Connor McLaren
9:50pm K.Williams
10:30pm Lauren Martinez
11:10pm Ben Kweller
11:50pm Wild Child
12:40am Fishbone

Only at SXSW would Ben Kweller play the same stage as Fishbone.

Moody Amphitheater @ Waterloo Park, 500 E 12th St.
Billboard/Samsung Galaxy
7:00pm Gabby Got It
8:15pm Eladio Carrión
9:30pm Feid

The North Door, 908 E 5th St.
RnB Forever
8:00pm ella ella
8:50pm JC
9:15pm Phil J
9:40pm V. Rose
10:05pm Byron Juane
11:40pm Kenyon Dixon
12:00am Jade Novah
1:00am Dende
1:30am ella ella

Oskar Blues Brewery, 10420 Metric Blvd. Ste. 150 (free)
8:00pm Orions Belte

Parish, 501 Brushy St.
Mint Talent Group
7:30pm Surfer Girl
8:10pm Sego
8:55pm The Wandering Hearts
9:40pm modernlove
10:35pm Walker Lukens
11:00pm Orions Belte
12:00am Demob Happy
1:00am The Bright Light Social Hour

Parker Jazz Club, 117 W 4th St.
8:00pm Moritz Fasbender
9:00pm Eydís Evensen
10:00pm Brighde Chaimbeul
11:00pm Dhruv Sangari and The National Sufi Ensemble
12:00am Atlas Maior

Revival Coffee, 1405 E 7th St.
Addy the Baddy (Host)
BrandNameShay (Host)
7:10pm DJ Rakimbeau
8:15pm SCHUY
8:30pm Lovey The Don
8:45pm Demi Grace
10:00pm LolaBunz
10:30pm AJ, the One
10:45pm OG MarlynMonROLLUP
11:15pm QUANNA
11:30pm bbymutha
11:45pm Maiya The Don

Saxon Pub, 1320 S Lamar Blvd.
8:00pm Fastball
10:00pm Lizzie & The Makers
11:00pm Buenos Diaz
12:00am Trash Panda
1:00am Drama Club

Sellers Underground, 213 W 4th St.
Alcopop! Records
8:00pm Dutch Criminal Record
9:00pm CHERYM
10:00pm Loose Articles
11:00pm Cheekface
12:00am CHROMA
1:00am Prima Queen

Seven Grand, 405 E 7th St.
Fierce Panda Records/End of the Trail
8:20pm Moon Panda
9:20pm Big Special
10:20pm Noah And The Loners
11:20pm Solar Eyes
12:20am Enjoyable Listens
1:20am Wynona Bleach

Shangri-La, 1016 E 6th St.
Burning Records Music Group/Dirty Looks
7:00pm Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC
7:20pm Felix Fast4ward
7:45pm Adrienne Mack-Davis
8:10pm Moses Rockwell
8:45pm Illingsworth
9:10pm J-Live
10:00pm Deca
10:25pm Homeboy Sandman
11:00pm Open Mike Eagle
11:35pm Quelle Chris

Sheraton BackYARD, 702 E 10th St. (official/free)
Austin Music Foundation: ATX Gen Next
7:00pm Sami & The Engine
8:00pm Poet Hawkins
9:00pm The Dead Coats
10:00pm Jake Lloyd
11:00pm El Combo Oscuro

Shiner’s Saloon, 422 Congress Ave. D (unofficial)
Future of Music
Red Rum Club
5:20pm Child Seat
7:00pm Texas String Assembly

Soho Lounge, 217 E 6th St. (unofficial)
Beer n Tacos
Tay Money
Gloss Up
Lil Harold

Speakeasy, 412 Congress Ave.
8:00pm King Stingray
9:00pm Tuyo
10:00pm Ramon Chicharron
11:00pm Monophonicos
12:00am Balaklava Blues
1:00am La Cuneta Son Machin

Spokesman on St. Elmo, 440 E St Elmo Rd A2 (free)
6:00pm Safer
9:00pm Sharkswimmer
9:00pm Work Wife

The Stay Put, 73 Rainey St.
northstar/247 Artists
8:00pm Love Day
8:45pm TheGr8Thinkaz
9:30pm Low.bō
10:00pm Buppy.
11:10pm DJ Cymba
11:40pm Mother Nature
12:05am sbk

Stephen F’s Bar, 701 Congress Ave.
8:00pm Emma Worley
9:00pm Shaina Hayes
10:00pm Brendan Abernathy
11:00pm Julie Doiron

Stubb’s, 801 Red River St.
DJ Five Venoms

Swan Dive, 615 Red River St.
Fire Talk Records
8:00pm Puppy Angst
9:00pm Friko
10:00pm Frost Children
11:00pm Bnny
12:00am Strange Ranger
1:00am Mandy, Indiana

Swan Dive Patio, 615 Red River St.
The Line of Best Fit/Amuse
8:00pm Mind’s Eye
9:00pm Snøw
10:00pm Blondshell
11:00pm Dream Wife
12:00am Enumclaw
1:00am Been Stellar

Tellers, 607 Trinity St. (RSVP)
The Sound Gallery

Valhalla, 710 Red River St.
Chicken Ranch Records
8:00pm Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5
9:00pm Broken Gold
10:00pm The Waymores
11:00pm JM Stevens
12:10am Caleb De Casper
1:00am Peelander-Z

Vaquero Taquero, 603 Sabine St.
Bayonet and Father/Daughter Records
8:00pm S. Raekwon
9:00pm Pickle Darling
10:00pm mui zyu
11:00pm Bloomsday
12:00am Annie Blackman
1:00am Kibi James

The Velveeta Room, 521 E 6th St. (badge or RSVP)
Scruff of the Neck
8:00pm Bilk
9:00pm IST IST
10:00pm THE HARA
11:00pm GIRLI
12:00am Lime Garden
1:00am Avalanche Party

Victorian Room at The Driskill, 604 Brazos St.
Folk Alliance
8:00pm Joy Clark
9:00pm OKAN
10:00pm Jake Blount
11:00pm Sara Curruchich
12:00am Elephant Sessions
1:00am The Accidentals

And a handy map of the participating venues: