Spoon – Lucifer On the Sofa

Spoon occupy a very nice spot in indie-dom....
Spoon : Lucifer On the Sofa
8.2 Matador
Spoon : Lucifer On the Sofa

Spoon occupy a very nice spot in indie-dom. They’re big, but they’re not disconnected stadium size. They’ve got a long history, but not going back so far as to have had their heyday in yesteryear. They’ve got great albums, but none that are the obvious best, to which all others will forever stand in the shade of. They’re from Austin, which combines both Middle America and left-wing college town. And they’re just so damn cool on new record Lucifer On the Sofa.

Like their last two releases, 2017’s Hot Thoughts (QRO review) and 2014’s They Want My Soul (QRO review), Spoon exude a confident sound even when they’re not making confident songs. The titular closer manages to pull that off even when singing about what remains of a lost relationship, or in the way “My Babe” is both laid back and emotional. There’s also the more straightforward cool of “The Hardest Cut” (QRO review), while “On the Radio” is a great old school tribute to the old school radio.

Spoon have become one of the most reliable bands in indie-rock, always releasing a great record, yet never overwhelming or becoming truly repetitive. They’re a go-to for hipsters, and for hipsters to play for non-hipsters. And they’re just so damn cool.

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