Songs About Vegetables

<p><a href="Features/Features/Songs_About_Vegetables/"><img src="" alt=" " /></a> </p><p>Growing up, just about everyone hates vegetables.  Eventually, we all grow out of it, and some of us even become vegetarians.  Who knew? ...

 Cracker – "Sweet Potato"
"Be my sweet potato, Be my honey lamb…"

The Shins – "Know Your Onion"
No actual lyrics involving onions

The Beach Boys – "Vegetables"
"I'm gonna be round my vegetables,
I'm gonna chow down my vegetables,
I love you most of all,
My favorite vege-table"

Feeder – "Rhubarb"
No rhubarb-related lyrics

Nirvana – "Beans"
"Beans, beans, beans
Jesse ate some beans
He was happy, happy, happy
And he ate some beans"

Cibo Matto – "Artichoke"
"My heart is like an artichoke"

Bright Eyes – "Carrot Diamond"
"Cause the carrot's gonna dangle"

Minus the Bear – "Potato Juice and Liquid Bread"

The Young Knives – "Half Timer"
"A celery
You need a
A celery
If you want to fit in"

Matt Pond PA – "The Lettuce"

Stereolab – "Emperor Tomato Ketchup"

The Coral – "Song of the Corn"
"Folks sing a song, song of the corn"

Regina Spektor – "Reading Time With Pickle"
"A jar of pickles catches the eye
Make eye contact with a solitary pickle"

Teenage Fanclub – "The Cabbage"

Yo La Tengo – "The Asparagus Song"

Pavement – "Carrot Rope"
"Be patient and I'll let you see my
Carrot rope, feed my thrill" 


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