Slowdive – Everything Is Alive

'Everything' you want from a shoegaze record is here....
Slowdive : Everything Is Alive
7.8 Dead Oceans
Slowdive : Everything Is Alive

When nineties shoegaze greats Slowdive reunited behind 2017’s self-titled album (QRO review), there was naturally a question whether the beloved cult band could live up to their past success – and thankfully they did. So, now comes the also-risky ‘sophomore reunion record’, where the newness of the reunion has worn off, and the group has to show they can keep doing what they do. Thankfully, Slowdive do that as well on Everything Is Alive.

Everything you want from a shoegaze record is here. Slowdive’s fuzzy, airy expanse permeates the album, but also the intimate feeling that it’s just you listening – indeed was just made for you. It particularly feels like a lighter release, even relaxed on songs such as “Kisses” and the closer “The Slab”. And Slowdive are the rare band where their instrumentals like “Prayer Remembered” and “Chained To a Cloud” are as good as their songs with vocals.

Shoegaze was ill-suited to be a big, popular sonic movement, but it is well-suited for cult appeal that will live long after any decade of origin. Welcome back, again, Slowdive, for Everything Is Alive.

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