Slash : Apocalyptic Love

<img src="" alt="Slash : Apocalyptic Love" /><br /> There are many people who often wonder to themselves why Slash hasn't made a decent record since <i>Appetite For Destruction</i>.<span>  </span><i>Apocalyptic...
Slash : Apocalyptic Love
6.0 Dick Hayd

Slash : Apocalyptic Love There are many people who often wonder to themselves why Slash hasn’t made a decent record since Appetite For Destruction.  His latest effort, Apocalyptic Love, will do nothing to change these feelings.  With the exception of his unwavering cult following, there are very few Slash fans who have an appreciation for anything he’s done post-Guns and Roses.  His music has the tendency to be bland and uninspired, riding solely on his virtuosity as a guitarist.  If you’re trying to make a great album, this just isn’t enough.

Sure there are a few good tracks.  “Far and Away” and “Carolina” are at least changes from the general “Fast and Hard” tempo of the album, coincidentally the title of the track that precedes “Far and Away”.  But the only song that could be considered even mildly catchy is “You’re a Lie”.

Myles Kennedy, Slash’s chosen vocalist for this project, is undoubtedly proficient, but in the world of modern hard rock, truly unremarkable.  There are far too many male vocalists who sound just like him.  Chris Cornell would have been a better choice.  Chris Cornell is always a better choice.

Slash’s guitar tone is standard issue Gibson Les Paul, which is no longer a badge of honor but a hallmark of mediocrity.  His playing is, needless to say, mind-bending, but one can only stomach so much heavy guitar work before it’s time to listen to Mumford and Sons (QRO live review) or Willie Nelson (QRO album review).

Honestly, the most appealing thing about Slash right now is the idea that perhaps one day he’ll finally calm down and release a blues album like every other heavy player that got old.  He’s difficult to hate, because of how instrumental his early work was in the shaping of so many childhoods and even musical identities, but his current work is nearly impossible to love. 

Based on the talent that went into the production of this album, even in the light of resounding musical failure, Apocalyptic Love gets a solid 6.0 rating.

MP3 Stream: “You’re a Lie

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