<img src="" alt="Rubblebucket : Live" />Brooklyn-based dance band Rubblebucket hit the Soda Bar stage in San Diego. ...
Rubblebucket : Live
Rubblebucket : Live

Brooklyn-based dance band Rubblebucket hit the Soda Bar stage in San Diego on Saturday, November 5th with “Worker” from their album Omega La La (QRO review).  The band’s badass brass front line punched horn blasts over a dreamy and funky rhythm section.  On “Breatherz (Young as Clouds)”, the horn section (which includes lead singer Kalmia Traver on baritone sax) showcased their vocal harmonies.  Following rousing applause, Traver thanked the audience stating, “This is our first time here [in San Diego]!”

RubblebucketThen, with eyes clinched tight under an expressive brow, Traver led her seven band mates through an inspired cover of the Beatles’ “Michelle”.  During the hypnotic groove of “Triangular Daisies”, Traver’s hair-knot bobbed on her head as she flailed around, dancing with the audience.

When the first funky chords to the group’s single “Silly Fathers” were strummed, bodies began pogoing toward the ceiling.  Traver wanted more: “I don’t think there is enough dancing going on.  Make this a big dance orgy!”  Then, with a trombone solo that would have made Fred Wesley proud and enough cowbell to satisfy BÖC (or Christopher Walken), Rubblebucket pushed the crowd to ecstasy.

Traver wrapped the night with the announcement, “We have CDs and hot pants!  Let’s drink tequila!”

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