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Beloved acts reuniting can be a disappointment....
Ride : Weather Diaries
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Ride : Weather Diaries


Beloved acts reuniting can be a disappointment. When Liam Gallagher broke up his forgotten post-Oasis group Beady Eye, the reunion people hoped for wasn’t of the Gallagher brothers, but that of another nineties British great, shoegaze makers Ride, as Beady guitarist Andy Bell was finally free. And that reunion has happened, with a new record, Weather Diaries, that is exactly what you’re looking for from the new old Ride, if not more.

Starting with the nice atmospheric pressure of opener “Lannoy Point”, Weather is definitely a return for Ride. The album sways from the more hopeful & sunny (“All I Want”, “Cali”) to the sad and delicate (closing two “Impermanence”, “White Sands”), plus the strong David Foster Wallace-name-checking road-gaze “Lateral Alice”. However, this is definitely a shoegaze record like you remembered.

Shoegaze only had a brief limelight, and largely limited to Great Britain, but the sound has found a second life in this everything-old-is-new musical world. Ride more than deserve to get back on the horse.

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