Real Estate – In Mind

One should applaud the acts that can pull off compelling sweetness...
Real Estate : In Mind
7.9 Domino

Real Estate : In Mind


Too often, sweet, enjoyable sounds don’t feel challenging enough. There’s something about making music that isn’t in your face, which makes one think of Muzak. The softer side of the seventies still hangs over soft music, and to be fair, a lot of times, that music isn’t impressive in the least, about as good as background wallpaper. Which is why one should applaud the acts that can pull off compelling sweetness, such as Real Estate on In Mind.

Admittedly definitely keeping in the groove of earlier records like 2014’s Atlas (QRO review) and 2011’s Days (QRO review), despite being Real Estate’s first album with new lead guitarist Julian Lynch, one isn’t looking to this group for surprises. Instead, they do what you expect quite well, from the meandering early pieces like “Darling” and “Serve the Song” to the relaxed sixties/seventies pop/rock of “White Light”. Other than the catchier “Diamond Eyes”, which perhaps the record could use more of, it is the “Same Sun”, but still definitely shines.

In Mind isn’t going to get your heart pounding or your feet racing, but it is another quite nice release from a quite nice band doing quite nice things.

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