Rae Morris

Blackpool based singer/songwriter Rae Morris came to the Manchester Ritz on Friday, October 5th....
Rae Morris : Live

Rae Morris : Live

Blackpool based singer/songwriter Rae Morris came to the Manchester Ritz on Friday, October 5th.

Billie Marten

Billie MartenSupporting Rae Morris was the super talented dark folk songstress Billie Marten.  Marten stood central to the stage, in frequently dancing shades of blue and red, wearing denim jeans and bold boots.  The emotional content of her lyrics were striking, pouring her heart out on the stage in the dimly lit room, with poetic beauty and depth.

Favourite song had to be “Lion Heart” – listen below:


Rae Morris

Rae Morris’ most recent album, Someone Out There, was released last January, and she kicked off her set with its poignant track “Push Me to the Limit”, and produced some excellent electro pop tunes.

Morris gave a lot of banter on the stage, chatting about been up north again, and even acknowledged a German fan in the crowd who had been tagging his journey online as he travelled to get to the show! It was sweet for Morris to have recognized him and to give a little hello to him at this night’s show.

Ritz is an awesome venue for deeply intimate shows. It has a really good vibe and close-knit quality.

Favourite song by the crowd was “Do It”:


Set list

Rae MorrisPush Me to My Limit
Morne Fortuné
Physical Form
Do It
Wait for the Rain
Love Again
Dancing With Character
Dip My Toe
Under the Shadows
Rose Garden
Atletico (The Only One)
Lower the Tone
For You
Someone Out There

Rae Morris

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