Phoenix – Alpha Zulu

Diving even more into synths, 'Alpha Zulu' still retains that Phoenix wonderfulness....
Phoenix : Alpha Zulu
7.7 Glassnote
Phoenix : Alpha Zulu

Like many beloved aughts indie-rock acts, Versailles’ Phoenix moved into synths as the next decade wore on, and if that meant they were further from the perfection that was 2007’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (QRO review), 2017’s Italy-influenced Ti Amo (QRO review) was still a highly enjoyable record. Diving even more into synths, Alpha Zulu still retains that Phoenix wonderfulness.

There are a lot of synths on Alpha, from the titular opener to the glowing closer, “Identical” (QRO review). But they aren’t the harsh EDM club-thumping beats, or even saccharine modern pop, but varied. There is a big Phoenix celebration with “Tonight” (featuring Ezra Koenig) and the brightness of “Identical” & “Season 2”, but also the dark evening discotheque in “After Midnight” and “All Eyes On Me”.

It’s never going to be the aughts again, you’re never going to be in your twenties again, and synths are as ubiquitous as guitars now. So, just enjoy a band from back then using the keys the right way right now.

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