Pearl Jam – Dark Matter

'Dark Matter' is more solid Pearl Jam....
Pearl Jam : Dark Matter
7.6 Republic

You already know Pearl Jam. You’ve known them since their early nineties grunge breakthrough to today’s uber-established dad-rock status. If you’re into them, you’re into them, following their releases & career like your dad might have followed The Grateful Dead. And they’ve stayed on the scene, no break-ups or tragic deaths. Dark Matter is more solid Pearl Jam.

Indeed, Dark Matter showcases much of what twenty-first century Pearl Jam is. There’s the strong push & activity at the start with “Scared of Fear” and “React, Respond”, while swaying mid-pieces such as “Won’t Tell” and “Upper Hand”. There’s even what sounds like explicit dad-rock love from frontman Eddie Vedder on “Something Special”. What your preference is probably varies depending on what you’re after, where you are in life, but you always get what you’re looking for in a new Pearl Jam record.

Massive veteran acts don’t need to reinvent themselves or stay uber-relevant (that was seemingly only reserved for David Bowie…) – they just need to keep delivering what has made them so long-loved. Few have been doing it as well, as long, as consistently, as Pearl Jam.

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